Vursk Atlas: Clarion

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September 7, 2009 - 5:57am
Excerpt from my Warriors of White Light 2 game background-mix of canon and GM creation.

Clarion has 12 great cities with populations in the tens of millions

Valentina is the throne city. The Royal Palace sprawls over square kilometers and the Royal Guard is headquartered here.

Landing- major petroleum refining center and site of Landing Park, the location of the first landing by colonist on Clarion. AIPS's Clarion headquarters is located here as the mega corp dominates the petroleum industry. Several home grown corporations via for market share as well.

Port Royal is The Royal Marine base on the surface of Clarion, the site of the Osprey museum, the RM Historical Center, as well as the Royal Marine Academy. Port Royal is a major star port in its own right with high volumes of commerce passing through.
The Marine base has officer and enlisted clubs but the truly popular off duty locations are the Raptor's Roost (bar and dance club) and Gimpy's (run by a retired RM NCO, Gimpy's maintains a quiet neighborhood style bar & grill atmosphere catering to RM NCO's).

Moline is the largest city and headquarters of Eversafe Enterprises.

Lapin is an anachronism being a resort community dedicated to the ancient art of snow skiing even in this day and age of grav skiing. Princess Vallencia is major patron of the sport and a frequent visitor in Lapin.

Roskov Mountains are the low range of mountains with rich quantities of uranium that made Clarion rich. Large portions have been set aside as Crown Reserve but much is controlled by AIPS mega corp via a subsidiary corporation: Roskov Development Corporation. RDC has been turning out huge profits producing fuel for atomic drives.
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