Lead Rot

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March 27, 2009 - 7:43am
The Dealing with Lead Rot PDF is now up. I wrote it only after putting myself through the process of cleaning some minis. What a tedious hour and a half to clean to scout ships and a 5 piece Sathar ship. I'll work up a new tutorial on assembling, basing, and painting ship models as I put those 3 ships through the process next.

FYI: I dont claim to be the worlds authority on lead rot and I did email the curator at the warfare center responsible for the Navy's ship models and asked her opinion of my proposed strategy for conserving my TSR miniatures. She didn't think I'd be very successful but I've gone ahead anyway as doing nothing was unpalletable to me.

I'd be very interested in trying the electro plating solution that the Navy discovered but that is another skill set I'd need to learn. ship minis would probably not suffer too much from the slight loss in surface detail from electro plating.
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