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Description: This is just the future setting for the campaign mentioned in the House Rules Wiki.

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One hour.

That was all it took for the Juggernaut Fleets to destroy the Federation and for the long night of the New Frontier to rise from its ashes.

Now, twenty years later, the worlds of the Free Alliance and the Star Forces—the descendant of Star Law—continue the fight to preserve the ideas and institutions of the Frontier against the brutal dictatorship of the UPF which seeks only to remake the Frontier over into its image.

The struggle has been long and desperate, but, as the soldiers of the New Frontier have found out, it is in the darkest night that ideals of the Knight Hawk shine brightest....
Set n f.y, 95, Phoenix Dawn is a dark future campaign setting of my own design(the Dawn in the title does not imply officialness in any way, it's just the title fit, that's all)

Any who wants to is free to contribute.