CON list

Courtesy of wikipedia.

MOBICON - Mobile, Alabama, in May

Phoenix Con Games

BlizzCon - Anaheim, California, in October
ConQuest SAC - Sacramento, California in March
ConQuest SF Pacificon Game Exposition - San Francisco, California in September
DunDraCon - San Ramon, California, in February
Games Day - Los Angeles, in May
Gamex - Los Angeles, California, in May
Gateway - Los Angeles, California, in September
KublaCon - San Francisco, California, in May
OrcCon - Los Angeles, California, in February
PolyCon - San Luis Obispo, California, in June
Protospiel West - Santa Monica, California, in January

GenghisCon - Denver, Colorado, in February
Mile Hi Con ( - Denver, Colorado, in October

AnonyCon - Stamford, Connecticut, in December
ConnCon - Stamford, Connecticut, in March
ConnectiCon - Hartford, Connecticut, in July

MegaCon - Orlando, Florida in February

DragonCon - Atlanta, Georgia, in August
Atlanta Game Fest - January 18-20, 2008, Atlanta
Momocon - Atlanta, Georgia, in March, free admission

Snake River Con - Idaho Falls, Idaho, in late June -

CAPRICON - Annual SF & Gaming convention (since 1980) in the NorthWest suburbs of Chicago, in February. -
Chi-Tag - Schaumburg, IL, in November. It targets mainstream America, trying to "turn them on" to games. -
CODCON - Annual gaming convention held in mid-April at the College of DuPage in the Western suburbs of Chicago.
DUCKON - DucKon is an annual fund-raising convention in the Western suburbs of Chicago, in November. It supports the Golden Duck Awards for Excellence in Children's Science Fiction given at WorldCon each year.
Games Day - Chicago
KITCON - Twice-yearly game day held by the EAGLES gaming club in Elgin, IL.
Windy Con - Annual SF & Gaming convention (since 1973) held in the Chicago area on the weekend closest to Veteran's Day.
WOLFCON - Gaming Convention in Chicago, held on Thanksgiving Weekend (Friday & Saturday)

PentaCon - Fort Wayne on the first weekend of November
GallowsCon - Northwest Indiana Gaming Convention, GallowsCon is typically held in Merrilville or Valparaiso
Gen Con - Indianapolis in August

Gamicon - Eastern Iowa in February
MAGE Con Fall - Sioux City in September
MAGE Con Spring - Sioux City in April
Fields of Honor - Des Moines in September

ConGlomeration - Louisville, April

Crescent City Con
Mecha Con
Numa Rei no Con
Babel Con

PortConMaine - Maine

Euro Quest - Timonium, focus on Eurogames
D-Day Timonium, tournament for boardgame Breakout Normandy
Game Days - Baltimore, in May
In Canada, the venue is the Metro Toronto Convention Center located in downtown Toronto.

Enlightenment - Timonium, tournament for boardgame Age of Renaissance
TriaDCon - Boardgames, Wargames, and Miniatures
Winter Activation Meeting (WAM) - Tournaments for card-driven wargames

Intercon - Chelmsford, in early March
TotalCon - Mansfield, in February
Vericon - Cambridge, in late January or early February

Marmalade Dog - Kalamazoo, Michigan, in March
Protospiel - Ann Arbor, Michigan, in July. Specifically for game designers.
StarCon - at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, in March.
U-Con - Ann Arbor, Michigan, in November
UberCon - Livonia, Michigan, in April.
Penguicon - Troy, Michigan, in April.
AmberCon - Livonia, Michigan, in March.

Con of the North - Twin Cities, Minnesota, in February (around President's Day Weekend)
Minnesota Gamers Convention - St. Paul, in November
D-Con - Duluth, Minnesota, in May (around Memorial Day Weekend)

Coast Con

MisCon Missuola MT, over memmorial weekend

Nuke-Con Omaha, NE, in the Fall around the first of October

ConQuest VEGAS Las Vegas, NV, late in April, before the GAMA Trade Show.

New Hampshire
OGC Manchester, NH, in July

New York
Council of Five Nations Schnectady, NY, in October
SIMCON Rochester, NY at the University of Rochester. Held in late March or early April.
ARCON Oswego, NY at SUNY Oswego. Held in April or May.

New Jersey
DEXCON East Brunswick, NJ
Dreamation East Brunswick, NJ
PrinceCon In Princeton. One of the oldest in the United States, approaching its 32nd year.
UberCon In Edison, NJ. This multi-genre gaming con will have its 9th installment in November 2007.

North Carolina
Mace High Point, NC
Southern Front Raleigh, NC
Stellarcon High Point, NC
TrinocCon Raleigh, NC

BASHCon - At the University of Toledo, in late February. Student-run.
Capcon - Columbus, typically in May.
Origins Game Fair - Columbus, in late June or early July
Con on the Cob - Akron, held in Novemember (Run by Andy Hopp)

Game Storm - Portland, Oregon, in March
AmberCon NorthWest - Portland, Oregon, in November

Cold Wars - Lancaster County, in March
Diplocon - Franklin and Marshall College, in November
Fall In! - Adams County, in November
Historicon - Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in July
MEPACon - Scranton, Pennsylvania in March/April and October/November
World Boardgaming Championships - in Lancaster, PA in August
GASPCon - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in November

Rhode Island
TempleCon - Providence, in February

South Carolina
Waterloo - Tournament in Greenville, SC for boardgame Napoleonic Wars
RoundCon - Annual Gaming Convention held during the spring in Columbia, SC

ConNooga - Chattanooga, TN, in February
Hypericon - Nashville, TN
LibertyCon - Chattanooga, TN, in July
Game Fest South - August 14-17, 2008, Chattanooga, TN
MidSouthCon - Memphis, TN
Kajonk-a-Con - Knoxville, TN, in October

ChimaeraCon - San Antonio, Texas, in March
Millennium Con - Austin, Texas, in November
OwlCon - Houston, Texas, in February
ProtoCon - College Station, Texas, in September
Quakecon - Dallas, Texas, in August

Carnage Con - Fairlee, in November
Lore Con - South Burlington, in April

PrezCon - Charlottesville, in August
MAGfest - Vienna, in January

ConQuest NW - Seattle, Washington, in February
Dragonflight - Seattle, Washington, in August
Penny Arcade Expo - Seattle, Washington, in August

Washington, D.C.
D&D Experience - In February. This event (called Winter Fantasy previous to 2007) is mostly for the RPGA, but includes many events for DDM

West Virginia
White Tower Gaming Convention - Triadelphia, held three times annually during January, April, and October.

Fire and Ice - Sheboygan, in February
Rising Phoenix Con - Milwaukee, in May
Plattecon - UW Platteville Platteville WI, in March