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November 4, 2007 - 2:18pm
Refer to: Starship Pilots - Begining skill set.

We can start the discussion here and update the document as we progress.

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November 4, 2007 - 10:01pm
Interesting.  I would add information for this particular skill being a prerquisite for the classic Knight Hawks piloting skill... or at least some sort of alternate prerequisite set.
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November 5, 2007 - 7:33am
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Corjay (not verified)
November 5, 2007 - 9:34am
CleanCutRogue wrote:
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Yeah, you definitely need to redefine prerequisites if you're going to develop a new piloting skill. You may also need to redefine the KH piloting skill itself.

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w00t (not verified)
November 6, 2007 - 7:17am

I've broken down the cost to gain Level 1 Pilot according to the KH rules. This is to open up the table for discussion. PCs with Tech skills can pilot jetcopters, hover craft and the like. At what point could they pilot a small fighter?

AD Skill Technician 6
Computer 2
Level 1 XP
4 (8)
4 (8)
Level 2 XP 8 (16)
8 (16)
Level 3 XP12(24)
Level 4 XP16 (32)
Level 5 XP 20 (40)
Level 6 XP 24 (48)
AD Total XP84
Pilot Level 1 XP
106 XP

Typical module XP gain is between ____ ?

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w00t (not verified)
November 7, 2007 - 2:00pm

anyone gonna comment / work on this?
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Shadow Shack
November 9, 2007 - 6:55pm

See also

By my breakdown system, a Technical PSA character can acquire the pre-req piloting skills with a mere 18XP and the Pilot LVL:1 skill with another 10XP per the KH tables, for 28XP total
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