Optional Profession : Mentalists

  Mentalist is an optional path for character creation that retains some of the original features from Zebulon’s Guide, but with some overhauling of the system. The major changes are outlined below:

  Characters must have 75 Logic or higher to create a Mentalist character. During character creation, Mentalists can choose all four Mentalist PSAs or two Mentalist PSAs and one outside PSA. Mentalists who choose the “2 Mentalist, 1 Outside PSA” method can still choose skills from the other two Mentalist PSAs but only at out-of
profession cost. Mentalists who choose the “all 4 Mentalist PSAs” method can choose skills outside the Mentalist PSA, but only at out-of-profession cost.

  Enlightened characters choose one PSA from the Mentalist profession and two PSAs from other areas. They can never learn any Mentalist skills from the other three Mentalist PSAs, but they can use XPs normally to pick skills and raise levels from their chosen Mentalist PSA. Enlightened characters, like Mentalists, must have a Logic score at character creation of 75 or higher.

  All other characters can never choose Mentalist skills.

PSA’s: Psychoenergist, Psychomaterialist, Empath, Telepath

 Channeling I 
 Channeling II 
 Heal Others 
 Heal Self 
 Heal Self Fully 
 Teleportation: Limited 
 Teleportation: Unlimited 
 Trance I 
 Trance II
 Analysis I
 Analysis II 
 Telepathy: Aliens 
 Telepathy: Animalse
 Telepathy: Character 

(Note: the second name in parentheses is the slang term for such a specialist.)

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