A Bounty on Death

Code of Conduct for game play

1. Keep things somewhere between PG 13 and R in content, probably closer to PG 13 
2. Be aware that there are both male and female players in this game when it comes to sexual language 
3. Have fun but not in a way that detracts from another player’s fun 
4. Actions have consequences and I try to impose them based off what I’ve seen and lived through in the real world. That said I have never Gamemastered a total party kill “TPK” but I will not stop one if colossally bad decision making brings it about  
5. As specified in Pathfinder no player on player fighting or working against party goals, ie getting the party arrested & etc 
6. Private warnings than banning
7. Because the game master prefers this to other options he expects honor system and “gentlemen’s rules”