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A Bounty On Death

Cover page and place holder text.

Alpha Section: Introduction

This module is a starting adventure for beginning characters starting on Pale after the First Sathar War and during the reconstruction. Its a possible prequel adventure for the Volturnus series.

STOP! If you are going to be a player in this adventure, do not read any further. The rest of the material is for the game referee only.

Alpha Subsection 1: Module Briefing
This module is designed for 3-7 characters. The module will presuppose that the classic Alpha Dawn rules are being used though this is not to restrict the referee from using other rule sets or fan revisions. It's simply that the Alpha Dawn rules are well known and represent a base line to convert from.

In the course of the module the player characters will encounter, fight and hopefully overcome a variety of sathar creatures. In the process the players will learn about this menace to Frontier civilization. Through their experiences they will learn a base line knowledge of how to defeat the various sathar threats which might stand them in good stead for future adventures in the Frontier.

Generate player characters by the method outlined in the Alpha Dawn book. Provided in the module is Appendix A "Suggested Backgrounds." This is optional but is designed to help root the characters in the setting an provides a small advantage based on the character's background. These backgrounds are merely examples of what is possible and the referee has the option to allow alternate backgrounds.

Player characters begin with standard clothes, an ID card, a chronocom, 250cr + d100cr, and one free tool kit or a skein suit for characters with military PSA. They have not had a chance to spend their money yet. Characters from Pale automatically start with a civilian grade parka and snow pants and are well aware of the dangers of the cold.

Both the referee and the players should be familiar with the hazards of extreme cold, see Appendix D "Hostile Weather". Be sure to remind the players that a good parka and snow pants will be a must for survival in this module.

Alpha Subsection 2: Player's Briefing
Read the following to the players.

The war with the sathar has been over for a while now. During the reconstruction of Pale jobs were plentiful and easy to come by. However, the tide has turned and unemployment has been on the rise. The bread lines are filling up with veterans and construction workers. You could go on the dole as well but what you really crave is some excitement and adventure.

Was it while riding the monorail or using a public rest room where you saw the ad? You're not sure but somehow you found your way to this interview. Sitting across the table is a grizzled old bounty hunter, Carlos Kildare and something tells you that this guy is what they call a "character." Yet that doen't matter because he has work for you and a few others. He needs a crew to man his tracked Snow Panther. The quarry is quick deaths, the sathar attack creature let loose on Pale during the war and the bounty is 1000cr per head.

You know that the ranks of the bounty hunters have thinned over the past few years due to the thinning of the quick death population. Yet Kildare has a plan to strike deeper into the out back than most bounty hunters travel, seeking fresh hunting grounds. This may allow you to see one of the frozen battle fields from the war with derelict hulks of tanks abandoned where they were destroyed.

Kildare is wearing clothing that looks as like remnants of a militia uniform which probably means he fought in the war. He seems to know what he's talking about concerning killing quick deaths and has stories about the sathar.

You've heard in the past that this sort of work pays very poor daily wages. What really catches your attention is Kildare's offer to share the bounty instead of pay a wage. He'll take a double share and everyone who signs on gets a single share. The offer must mean that Kildare is currently short of cash or that he's trying to avoid paying a wage during the long trip to the hunting grounds. None of that matters though as you already know what you're going to do. You may have been too young to fight in the war but here's a chance to sort of participate in that just once removed and the pay could be good. Real good.

The interview concludes with a toast and the yazirian bourbon goes down like lava and lights a fire in your belly. Yeah, you're going to do this.

Beta Section: A Trip to Kumoo's Army Surplus Store

Place holder text.

Adventure Writing Worksheet

Taken from Alpha Dawn Expanded Game Rules pages 56-57.

1. Theme

Choose a Theme or basic story and the goal for the adventure
  • What has happened before that led to this adventure? 
  • What must the characters do to complete their job? 
  • What sorts of obstacles will the players face during the adventure? 
Possible themes are exploring new worlds, obtaining information, retrieving a stolen item, catch criminals, rescue someone, mad scientist, and etc.

2. Settings

This includes not just places but animals, robots, guards in those places. What can be learned and or accomplished at each setting?

3. Events

Once you have the theme and the settings the adventure should be divided into several smaller challenges that the players must overcome. Each challenge must be placed in a specific setting. Each event should provide an obstacle to overcome, a lesson to be learned or an opportunity to gain something that will aid in reaching a goal. Events should be exciting and provide a puzzle to overcome with wits.
  • Decide what purpose the event will fulfill. Is it an obstacle to fight or overcome? A puzzle to solve? A chance to gain something helpful? Or an event to add excitement? 
  • Determine all the elements needed in the event. Will the player characters encounter NPCs creatures, robots, foul weather, physical obstacles or security systems? 
  • Decide how NPCs, creatures or robots will react to the player characters, and actions they will take. 
Note: Random events should be written when the adventure is written.

Determine order of planned events though this order does not have to be strictly adhered to.

4. NPCs and Creatures

Record all information needed for the NPCs and creatures to be encountered. Determine the purpose of each NPC and creature in the adventure, making sure the purpose fits the adventure. Equip NPCs with what they need.

5. Special Rules

Do any of the events involve special situations not covered by the standard game mechanics? If so write down the special rules to cover those situations. Try to keep the special rules simple and record them for latter use so that you are consistent.

6. Write a Script

Record everything you need to know or share with the players for an event.

Read your script several times putting yourself in the position of a player trying to move through the adventure. Check to see if challenges are too easy or to hard, try different choices but make sure the events will challenge the PCs.

7. Maps 

Biostat Chips Gone Bad

Colonists are run through their final medical exam and given a does of antibiotics. Inside are tiny nanites that use material ingested (dirt and stuff) to assemble a chip that attaches to the cordial stem and builds neronets through the brain.  These chips are used to monitor the populations health. 

Now, colonists are dieing. The chips are malfunctioning causing blackouts, disorientation and sometimes death.

Caught between a rock and a laser

This adventure assumes the players have been caught and forced to fight in the arena or volunteered to fight for a cause. In either case the adventure should run the same.

Imagine a roman-style arena. Stands to seat thousands, dirt or sand floor, small buildings and platforms to hide, etc.

The arena is littered with weapons and defenses, some are in open sight, others are hidden.
Powered items have limited SEU, the players shouldn't know how long an item's power source will last. 
You can draw out the arena and decide where items are or determine what % chance a character has of finding an item. For instance, there is a 40% chance a character will find an item on the following table. If the roll includes a "0" the character has found two items. 

Sample Item Table (I need to make a d100 table)

1d10 - ITEM
1 - laser pistol with 4 SEU
2 - blasthammer (Issue #13, p6)
3 - skiensuit jacket will absorb 20 pts of interia damage
4 - auto pistol with 2 clips (no burst mode)
5 - electric sword with 10 SEU
6 - sonic devestator with 1 shot
7 - tangler grenade
8 - spear
9 - shock gloves with 10 SEU
10 - roll twice

Larger Arenas may include vehicles and different types of terrain. Mix up such areas with traps, pits, water areas, dry land, mazes, etc. 

Cerebral Imprint

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A creature found on this moon imprints a sensation on all targets within 5 meters. Anyone imprinted becomes irritable and grouchy, and prone to violence for the next 24 hours. During this duration, the Referee can force a player to make a WIL check, (INT in Star Frontiers) to avoid taking a violent action relevant to what might be bothering him - even slightly. 

This creature was responsible for the fall of a civilized sentient race - will your characters survive?

Rumors Table

  1. It is believed the creature was imported from another world, but where?

Adventure Ideas

Some Survivors 
There is a group that survived and remains underground. They lost most of their tech knowledge and have a few working systems that maintain the colony below the surface.
There is a group that watched the havoc on the surface of the planet. They remained in space and struggle to survive attempting to build a dome colony on one of the moons, using the systems only gas giant for ship fuel and mining the asteroid belt for precious materials. Two ag ships barely make enough food for the survivors. 

Complete Annihilation 
Everyone on the planet died, either from an imprint that left them violent or they were a victim of someone effected. Two craters on the planet are the remnants of the last stand between the last remaining factions of this civilization. 

In either case their will be a lot of stuff on the planet. 

Lots of ruins and places to explore. But what of the cerebral creatures?

Yazirian Immunity
The way yazirian body chemistry interacts with their brains immunizes them from this creatures imprint. When a yazirian is in battle rage, this immunity stops working. 

Will the yazirian character remain cool while other crew members are going crazy? 

NOTE: Medical types should be able to synthesize an antidote from yazirian blood for the crew. The same antidote could be used against the creature to suppress the imprint ability. 

Freeze Fields
The imprint can be suppressed or nullified if the creature is placed in a freeze field.

Plot Hooks

  • Wartech Bio Weapons Division R&D are hiring teams to extract several of these creatures for testing in their labs.
  • Failed Gear - One of the freeze fields looses power and release the creature. 
  • This is a test, this is only a test - One of the crewmen (assumed to either be an NPC or the company that hired the PC's insist he tag along) has been sent to help capture the creatures. During the voyage back he immunizes himself (perhaps he is the only one with a synthesized drug) and release one of the creatures recording the results on the crew. 


This special helmet when worn protects against mental powers at level 2. 
Cost: 5,000 CR 
Mass: 1kg 

PsychSuitThis special suit when worn protects against mental powers giving the wearer a +25% WIL check. This suit cannot be worn with other protective suits. 
Cost: 15,000 CR 
Mass: 1kg

Computer, let us go.

While on a scientific research mission far away from civilization a ships void capabilities are damaged and all communications with the frontier has been severed. To far to travel the crew rigs a cryo-stasis chamber, points the ship towards the nearest frontier world and instructs the ship to accelerate until all fuel is exhausted. 

While in stasis the computer system monitoring the crew becomes susceptible to emotions from living beings and begins to build a consciousness. 

The drifting ship crosses paths with the character ship, should they investigate they find the crew in stasis. Examining the computer records they find a most peculiar ship computer who (yes i said who) refuses to revive the crew. The computer believes it's existence will be terminated when the crew awakens. 
  • Come, sleep - character can enter the stasis and talk to the crew and computer.
  • The ships robots are under the control of the computer.
  • The ship has minimal power.
  • The computer will kill a crew member if her demands are not met. (Continue to power the ships system and her, leave the crew alone.)
  • The crew will live for approximately 538 years in stasis.

Cyber Gorge

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Jaccobe Larame is a robotics expert. His questionable attitudes towards robots sent him to the unemployment line. Using his surperb skills and the last of his savings, Jaccobe purchased a plot of land near the Northern Territory bordering a wildlife perserve. There he hired loggers to spec out, log and build a human western settlement reministant of a long forgotten planet.

While construction was commencing Jaccobe spent his time travelling to the Port Loren Library searching for information on languages, traditions and technology a few hundred years after the discovery of black powder.   

Once the research was complete he purchase parts and equipment and set all his efforts to building human-looking robots. He made bad guys, a sheriff, bar tenders, cattle men, sheep herders, steeds, ect.. He programed "slang" into the robots language, robots often say words whos meaning is lost to the general public. For 10 credits a patron can purchase a datapad with the layout of Cyber Gorge, translation text (cowrobot to pan-gal), etc.

Cyber Gorge is a entertainment theme park that spans hundreds of kilometers. 

Some of the buildings have holo-projectors that project images of ghostly townsfolk. An elderly man sits at a piano whipping up a diddy, suddenly he evaporates into thin air. The piano keeps playing.

Plot Hook Ideas

Silver Death Cult - With their hatred for robots (non-organics) they would not want people entertained by inferiors and must be stopped. Their motivation to cause trouble is simple but they can be ruled out quickly after they launch an attack on the park or its support infrastructure.

Rogue Mechanon(s) - Naturally they'll be suspected and Star Law of course tracks the movements of all mechanons in civilized space. However the ambassador should not be the culprit as ambassadors are not chosen out of a hat and the official stance of Mechano's government is a desire to join the UPF. 

However it would be more likely that one of his retinue could be rogue. It could be that the ambassador is a deep cover rogue and allowed the actual rogue (orthodox) to be in his retinue with full knowledge but still maintaining his plausible deniability. He cant actively support the rogue lest he blow his cover. Mechanon rogue is a likely suspect and could be the suspect but just as likely the rogue can be stopped but evidence shows he's not the cause 

Industrial espionage/ Sabotage by a competitor - Star Play doesn't want a new start up corporation gaining market share in the resort market where they enjoy virtual monopoly.

Disgruntaled VP who has been shouldered aside and credit for Cyber Gorge has gone to another who is now an EVP

Devolving AI

  • ENTERTAINMENT - This could simply be entertainment for the Player's.
  • OWNER MISSING - Jaccobe has been missing for several weeks, his son is worried and has contact the party to help find him. The main bad guy robot is upset that one of his henchmen was reprogrammed and has seized Jaccobe. He is now guarded in a cave on the property. The sheriff has been trying to round up a posse to find him but nobody in town is willing to risk their life, (the sheriff does not have any deputes). The sheriff deputizes the party to find Jaccobe. (Note: the robot should be treated as-if he was alive since you can't really tell that he isn't.)
  • HACKER - Someone has reprogrammed the bad guy robots to ride into town and take credit chips and valuables from the patrons. The patrons think this part of the "fun" of Cyber Gorge and typically go along with the "show". At the end of day the patrons expect their belongings back which of course does not happen. They are upset must be calmed or there will be a real riot in town. Some may even take up arms and form a posse of their own while the sheriff tries to restore order. 
  • AI GONE WILD - The bad guy robots were programmed a little to authentic and have hurt a few patrons. Jaccobe has deactivated them and stored them in their hideout until he can determine what to do. He has reprogrammed a few of the citizen robots to be "bad guys" but their not doing a realistic job. A freak electrical storm reactivates the bad guy robots and they are on a rampage, stealing vehicles and heading for the city. What can you do to stop them?
  • ROBOT GONE BAD - Cyber Gorge was an overnight success. People came from all over the frontier to experience a different kind of "frontier". A few months after the opening Jaccobe noticed the robots becoming less "stiff" and more "free-flowing", he didn't have to tweak them to make them more realistic. Each week they became almost sentient-like. Pleased with his work he experimented by wiping the memory unit of one of the bad guy bots and connected a robotic pattern recorder. 

    The gorge is running smoothly and is 99.9% robotic, from the ticket sellers to the robotic crowd control, the only organic is Jaccobe himself. 


Those Aren't Cattle
The cattle are real, in fact their transplants from [[Torrent: Dinosaur Planet]]. Enjoy throwing a herd of these at your players. 

Content of Star Frontiersman project

Armagor (Ceratops)


Armagor (Ceratops)

TYPE: Large Quadruped Herbivore
MOVE: Fast
IM/RS: 4/40
DAMAGE: 4d10 Gore, Trample
SPECIAL ATTACK: Charge at full speed
SPECIAL DEFENSE: Armor, Needler weapons do not penetrate hide
DESCRIPTION: An armagor is over 1 metric ton and a thick skin covers the armagor's body protecting it from all manner of attack. It has a single horn on its snout that it uses to gore anything it perceives to be a threat. Quick-tempered, the armagor can run around 60 kph and is exceptionally territorial. Only a mateable armagor can get in the vicinity.
Used with permission from

Theme Park Layout

These facilities are located several kilometers away from the theme parks main attractions. 

Automated Robotic Factory BC2

Controlled by an AI this small facility repairs, assembles and repairs robots. One robot can be assembled in an eight hour period. The AI is built into the computer system which runs independently of the parks main servComp located at Cyber Gorge Offices (basement of the sheriff's building)

A separate set of tracks leads from the main facility, robots are delivered by train. 

1.) AI, Moder-Tech
Holo-projectors are located throughout the building. XJC appears as a middle-age human male with dark black hair, some gray is streaked on the sides above the ear. He wears simple slacks, a black long sleeved turtleneck shirt and a white lab coat. He is polite, quiet and direct when spoken to.

2.) Comms Facility 
Dish allows 100km range, system is tied to planetary comms network. This facility also hosts the buildings intercom system and is the central communications hub for the area of the park.

3.) Factory Facility
This factory is able to manufacture the parks robots. 

4.) Garage
Adequate parking for the parks explorer or up to two cyclejets. (1 VC4 or two VC2 vehicles)
-- Access: n/a

5.) Office
Two medium offices take up a small portion of this building. One office has a deskComps, small library of ancient history and culture, fridge and easy chair. The other office has a desk and chair. Both have comms terminal connected to building comm system are located near the front of the facility. 

6.) Power Center
Located behind the building an attached shed houses a Type-1 generator used as backup power. 

7.) Robotics Lab
Part of the facility that repairs or upgrades the parks robots. There is enough room for one organic robotics technician although the lab's current roboticists is GD1N or GeeDeeWon. It keeps busing repairing the parks robots. 

8.) Robot Charging Bay
This bay allows up to four RC3 sized robots to charge, additionally a scanner system connected to the buildings computer system run diagnostics while robots are charging. It tracks damage and maintenance schedules. 

Warehouse BC2

This fairly large building contains parts for most of Cyber Gorge. Form train parts, furniture supplies, robotic parts, power systems, building hardware, electrical hardware, etc. this building hosts it all. A single robot keeps track of inventory and ordering of material from several vendors located on-planet.

1.) Comms Facility 
10km range, system is tied to robotic factory comms system. There are two intercoms in this building, the front door and docking area. 

2.) Lumbar Yard
A large yard hosts the parks wood used for repairing or craft new historical buildings.

3.) Robot Charging Bay
This bay allows up to two RC4 loaderbots to charge, additionally a scanner system connected to the comms facility reports diagnostic statistics to the AI in the robotic factory. 

4.) Robotic Staff
A few loaderbots unload material from the train and stack it inside the warehouse. 

5.) Warehouse
Up to ten cargo-units of material can be stored here. 

Wood workshop BC1

A small building used to craft and repair furniture. Behind the building is a lumbar yard, ----------------------------------------
Two robots work here, they are obviously robots but wear ancient clothing like all other Cyber Gorge robots. 

Mess Hall BC1

A small building contains kitchen facilities, privy, small entertainment area and a few scattered cots for organics to rest. Typically unused since organics are not needed in this part of the theme park. A single grouchy robot continually cleans the facility even if no body has used it in days or weeks. 

Clothing Factory BC1

This building is used to make the clothing for the theme park. Supplies are kept in the warehouse.

The main park facilities are located near the front of the property. Buildings that have modern functions are still made to look old fashioned. Beyond the wood doors lie security doors typical of the modern architecture. 

A replecant train that uses a mixture of parabatteries and steam for locomotion travels several kilometers from the Cyber Gorge boundry lines. It picks up patrons at the park entrance and delivers them to the main attraction, downtown Cyber Gorge. Patrons can ride the train around the park or take it to Sweet Hallow, a small city on the western end of the park.


Dry Goods

Sheriff Offices and Jail

Cyber Wipe

 Bill:  Imagine a planet where a biological disease wiped out humans (or aliens, or whatever) and all that remains is robots with AI
 me:  happens all the time
 Bill:  lol
 me:  Imagine a planet where a cyber disease wiped out all the robots and AI and all that remains are biologicals
 Bill:  lol
it all started with a virus written by a hacker
and every attempt to remove it infected the computers and technology of the technologist trying to fix it
and thus began the cyber epidemic
as technologists tried to solve it, it absorbed the software on their computers and robots and vehicles and adapted, creating new virus strains
soon, man was reduced to bicycles and police had to use old-fashioned projectile pistols

CYOA - Child of Kurabanda

You are an orphan marooned in the Zebulon system on Volturnus. Your parents were explorers killed in a mud slide near the forest where you were rescued by the Lohbor family of Clan Laphy. 

Background Material
Spawn of Zebulon, The mysterious Kurabanda, Star Frontiersman Issue #7

(This is where the story starts with a brief background and 2-3 options)

  1. Part of a hunting party, you are lost
  2. You are given the right of manhood and must complete the hunt to become a member of the family.

Early Frontier (w00t)

This document cover the early Frontier during the Age of Colonozation and before Sathar War I. Inspiration is largley taken from TomV's  Frontier Timeline, Issue #16-p34

Early Frontier Star Map
(This map is read-only, you can download a copy or if you have a Google account you can "make a copy" and edit, add, change anything you want. Below is a smaller version)
Early Frontier Map by w00t

Fist Full of Air or Deep Pockets

This planets high gravitational pull has lead to deep pockets dotting the surface that retain breathable air produced by a fungus. On the surface of the planet, air is scarce, a character not in a vacsuit could run out in a hurry. 

Forbidden Moon

Refer to: WIP Forbidden Moon Fiction 01

Forbidden Moon
A Mysterious Call For Help

Security Chief Muldoon rubbed his eye spots and stretched his three arms and three legs while arching his torso against the computer chair in his cabin. He let the chair snap upright, grimaced, and then straightened his Medical Services Organization uniform.

The white uniform bothered him as it was a great way to stand out in the wrong environment. If he was honest with himself the truth was he missed his Royal Marine uniform. After all, where they were headed, Station Romeo Alpha 047, was on a frozen moon and white was excellent camouflage. He supposed it was the stupid short sleeves of the MSO uniform that really bothered him; as they clearly revealed the implanted holo tattoo of a lion holding the Royal Marine crest with the motto “Obviam Nox Noctis” seemingly floating on his skin. The tattoo tended to constantly draw his attention since his retirement as well the attention of everyone else around him. With the ship being a MSO rescue scout he could easily get the holo tattoo implant removed in minutes but that would be an admission that the tattoo was really a problem and beside he was too proud of his former career to do that.

The rest of the crew could suck vacuum if they didn’t like his tattoo. After all this was a civilian organization and despite the prig’s of a captain’s delusions of still being in Space Fleet, no one stood on formality anyway. Plus he hadn’t been chosen as security chief for nothing and there was no doubt he was the single most dangerous individual on board, retired marine or not. Frag headed former Space Fleet captains didn’t even count let alone the rest of the civilians. He nodded to himself deciding that maybe he should get two more holo tattoos on his other arms and spit in anyone’s eye who complained.

Muldoon rubbed his eye spots again to re-focused on his computer screen. He’d let his thoughts wander and it wasn’t any wonder since he reviewed all available data on this mission for the infinite time and still drawn a blank. The original call for medical re-supply and possible med-evac was all too brief and vague and every other sub space communication over the intervening two weeks had maddeningly gone into too little detail. So they really had little idea about what was really wrong and that worried the master chief in him. It also didn’t set well with him to be told by Mr Space Fleet that his job was only to keep the ship safe and secure. What did Captain McAllister think asking questions about a possible threat was? idle chit chat?

Muldoon sighed and keyed the play back on the original message with the sound muted, studying the expressions of the face on the screen. Like all dralasites he was able to detect lying due to physiological changes in the skin and face of the one lying but it didn’t work so well with recorded images. Still, his gut told him the director of Science Station Romeo Alpha 047 was not being completely honest or at least he was failing to tell everything that he knew. Muldoon shook himself, he wasn’t getting any answers staring at the video logs yet again.

He pushed up from his chair and decided to quietly sneak onto the bridge and take his station at the laser battery controls before Mr. Space Fleet made a point of calling general quarters just before dropping out of void. No up tight Space Fleet puke who had captained a desk for eight years prior to getting this gig was going to school him on protocol. None of the medical staff paid any attention to the fuss over military protocol and he suspected they were half amused by the pissing contest between the captain and the security officer. All in all Muldoon had the honor of the Royal Marines to uphold and everyone knew Space Fleet sucked vacuum compared to the Royal Marines of Clarion.

Muldoon was irritated. They had transited into system Xiu 55618 without event. He had taken immense pleasure at rattling the Captain when McAllister had idly suggested to the astrogator that they should sound the GQ alarm for void transit and Muldoon purposely misinterpreted that as an order to do it himself. Mr. Space Fleet had failed to notice him at his station for nearly forty minutes or even that he had brought the astrogator a cup of coffee. Captain McAllister had jumped clear out of his chair at the blare of the alarm with a distinct look of panic that caused Muldoon to suspect that the captain’s prior combat experience had required the changing of his shorts after it was over.

Now the science station had fobbed them off, claiming the need to button up as the moon passed behind its gas giant for the projected storms during that event. Yet it was clear that they had nearly two hours before they lost communication and that time could be put to good use finding out what was going on. Yet the captain being heated over his embarrassment had gone along with the station’s excuse and denied Muldoon his opportunity to ask questions. Muldoon knew both of them were being petty now but he didn’t care. The panic on the captain’s face had been too precious and beside, now the captain had a taste of what he’d been doing to the civilian crew.

For once the captain decided to forgo the GQ alarm and simply use the intercom to warn the crew of the orbital insertion maneuvers. Muldoon smirked at that while setting up his gunnery station’s tie-in to the radar and scanners using Royal Marine procedures. It wasn’t so much of a snub against Space Fleet as it was comforting to follow the procedures he could have done in his sleep after doing them for twenty years.

The captain executed the final deceleration burn putting them into orbit and zero gravity. Muldoon didn’t relax with him and the astrogator preferring to stick to marine procedure and confirm their orbital proximity was clear. The captain had left his chair to fetch a squeeze bulb of coffee when Muldoon spotted the first object. He queried his targeting computer and swore as its answer came back. The object was starting to move and it was on a collision course with the ship.

His fist smashed the GQ alarm causing the captain to squeeze coffee all over his white uniform. Muldoon ignored the captain’s swearing, focusing on what were now two mysterious objects on a collision course with the ship with plumes of escaping gas jetting out behind them. It was going to be tight to target and shoot both bogies. The laser battery responded crisply and his first shot scored resulting in a bright explosion. Muldoon had the battery training on the second bogie when the astrogator had finally shaken off his surprise and updated the tactical plot revealing yet a third bogie. Muldoon’s second shot went home resulting in a second bright explosion. He could tell he wouldn’t get the third bogie in time but still tried.

Somehow the captain had found his chair and activated the all hands frequency warning the crew of imminent impact. Muldoon rushed the final shot not waiting for a solid targeting solution preferring to shoot by eye spot rather than not get any shot at all. The laser beams missed and seconds latter the ship was rocked by an impact.

Muldoon knew instantly something was off. He had been in ships hit by weapons, asteroids and even other ships and this impact was not like any of those occurrences. He was wondering to himself what was next when the computer announced the orbit was decaying.

The bridge was crowded with the addition of the ships engineer, chief medical officer and the xeno biologist. A feed from the external cameras was on the main view screen. It showed a blob like throbbing organism that was sticking to the hull like a lump of wet clay.

“Facinating!” exclaimed Mason, the xeno biologist.

Muldoon wished he had actual eyeballs to roll since this was the twentieth time Mason had said that. Why was he the only one concerned that an organism had attached itself to the ship and then angled its gas bladder to push the ship into the atmosphere? He could think of a number of things to call it like alarming, concerning or downright scary but not fascinating. Any minute now Mason would be asking, yet again, if it really tried to use its gas jet to force the ship toward the moon.

Lucky for them Muldoon had shot down two out of three. With the way the captain had struggled to regain control and return to a stable orbit it was positively frightening to think what would have happened if more than one of those things has struck the ship.

Forbidden Moon Background

Six light years northeast of Prenglar system lies the binary system, Xiu 55618. Originally explored and cataloged during the early days of the Age of Exploration immediatly following the First Sathar War, it was classed uninhabitable. Due to the uninhabbitable classification and the subsequent loss of the exploration vessel (with the route to Xiu 55618 being unpublished) the system was ingored for decades till a feighter misjumped enroute to Madderly's Star and brought back word that the earlier report on Xui 55618 may not be entirely accurate.

The freighter captain sold his data on Xui 55618 to recover lost time and money and the system recieved a second look by a private exploration service. This service re-did the survey and discovered several anomalies. Rather than make the jump route from Prenglar to Xiu 55618 public, they auctioned of the route charts to interested parties. Cassidine Development Corporation beat out Pan Galactic Corporation and established a research station in system and maintained the charted route as a company secret.

Ten days (GM's who rule void travel to be instantaneous should make this 4 days) ago the Space Fleet command recieved a medical emergency call from the CDC operation in Xiu 55618. Since the jump route was a secret, Space Fleet was unable to dispatch a vessel. CDC didn't want to release the route charts but their hands were tied by law in that the medical emergency call had been made and a duly commissioned representative of the UPF would be required to investigate. The CDC offices at Port Loren offered to provide an astrogator to plot the jump but space fleet regulations prohibited a civilian from doing this. In the end a Medical Services Organization, while technically a civilian servive, qualified as a government representative. A CDC astrogator was posted to the MSO rescue scout, Samaritan and the ship was dispatched to Xiu 55618.

In Xiu 55618 the crew of the MSO Samaritan discovered a primary star orbited by an asteroid belt, a ringed gas giant with a moon, another asteroid belt and a distant secondary star.

The CDC astrogator gave a 1 credit tour of the system, the asteroid belts had the original names of Inner and Outer. The gas giant was known as Capra and its one surviving moon was Tabulous. The distant companion star was Faindre.

Capra's moon posesses a thin toxic atmosphere and is the location of Science Station Alpha Romeo 47. On Tabulous' closest approach to Capra severe storms sweep the surface accompanied with lightning discharges. The safest place for living organisms is beneath the surface in the frozen tunnels of the science station. The safest place for grounded ships is a box canyon kilometers from the science station. The topography of the terrain around the canyon conveys protection from the storms and ships that are cabled to the grounding rod will not suffer from the lightning discharges.

UPFMS Samaritan

Rescue Scout
 15 5 4 50 LB
Additional Notes: 3 Atmoprobe

The Samaritan is not a purpose built rescue scout but a loaner from Space Fleet. Its assault rockets were off loaded and quick internal changes were made to install a sick bay.

Sick bay qualifies as a hospital for purposes of performing medical skills.

Ship stores
Eva equipment: 10 pair magnetic shoes, 20 life support packs (for space suits), 10 extra suit patches, 4 rocket packs, 16 canisters of rocket pack fuel

Engineering Tools: 2 engineer's toolboxes, spare technician's tool kit, 2 laser power torches, laser torch power packs

Hasardous Environment equipment: 16 gas masks, 10 toxy-rad gauges, 10 hazardous environment skeinsuits (HES suite) with matching bubble mask (see below), 20 spare minipower clips (for HES suite)

Survival Gear: 16 emergency beepers, 2 emergency receivers, 1 food purifier, 1 grappling gun, 2 extra grappling heads, 100m microline x3, crete sprayer and 3 tanks of crete, 3 infla-tents & 6 air canisters, 20 plasti-ponchos, 40 emergency ration meals in foil packs, 20 all-weather blankets, 16 water packs

Power Sources: 40 20SEU clips, 1 power backpack, 4 power belts, 1 type A parabattery

Medical Suplies: 4 med kits, 4 extra freeze fields, 16 aller-tabs, 16 Fungi-tabs, 16 Neutrad, 16 salgel, 16 sporekill, 4 stretcher bots (see below)

Weapons: 10 dose grenades, 5 smoke grenades, 5 tangler grenades & 5 solvaway, 5 sonic stunners, 1 auto-rifles and 3 clips, 1 laser rifle, 10 stun sticks

Miscellaneous Equipment: 4 compasses, 10 flashlights, 16 lifejackets, 6 machetes, 1 magnigoggles, 6 parawings, 4 polyvoxes, 2 radiophones

Note: All crew have the following issued equipment: Presure suit, Hazardous Enviro Skeinsuite w/ attached bubble mask (gray), 1 tool kit for an appropriate skill, chronocom, ID card, white uniforms (no special properties). Engineer and his assistent have space suit armor for eva work in wreckage of damaged ships.

Hazardous Enviro Skeinsuite (HES suite): a presurized skein suit with a bubble mask (in no way a suitable replacement for presure suite in a vacuum enviroment) it has a programable life support unit that will filter toxins or concentrate oxygen in toxic or thin atmospheres. It operates of a mini power clip using 1 SEU per hour thus it has a 10 hour endurance on one mini power clip. 2 kg. 600 Cr.

Stretcher-bot: A level 2 standard body robot equipped with hover mode of movement. The stretcher bot is reconfigurable for a vrusk casualties and is equipped with restraints (to hold a casualty), a removable freeze field, an emergency beeper, a toxy rad gauge, and an emergency inflating "tent" that will filter toxins or concentrate oxygen in much the same way as a HES suite but powered off the type A parabattery running the robot.

Assist MSO medical officers and other MSO personnel
in recovering casualties and bringing them safely
to an assigned sick bay.

 FUNCTION 1Defines all MSO personnel as able to give orders to the
stretcher bot.
Defines medical officers as having level 3 med skill
(reflected in their ID card). These personnel can
counter-mand any order given to the bot by other
recognized MSO subordinates but not of orders given
by an officer with higher med skill.
Defines the assigned sick bay (usually the hospital
facilities it should bring casualties too- in this case
the sickbay of the Samaritan).
Defines safely as avoiding danger to the casualty first
and the robot seconde

Ghost Station

On the outskirts of the frontier a ship unlike you have ever seen is detected travelling sub-light. The ship does not respond to any signal. If lethal force is used it will be returned, all ship weapons do double the normal damage. It's destination is calculated and shows it will reach populated frontier space in the next 4 years. Do you leave it alone and keep trying to crack it's secrets? Or place a bomb in it's path hoping to deter it?

Upon entering the station you are met with an unusual visual experience. Most of the rooms inside are wooden and stone structures, nothing like material used on a station. The walls have pictures and murals, hanging drapes over windows that show beautiful skylines. Tables and chairs line study halls. 

You enter an entertainment area filled with human, dralasite, vrusk and yazirian gaiety. A vrusk plays two pianos at the same time while a dralasite blows a trumpet. A yazirian walks on his hands trying to impress a date. The bartender begs you to come over and greats you, "Welcome fellow Phalacians, I am Spec."

When Spec learns you are not Phalacians he says, "Oh no! You are the enemy" and he evaporates like a ghostly image into thin air along with the rest of the occupants. Menacing laughter echo's, "You shall pay for your treachery."

Someone may sense they are being watched or followed. They may catch eyes moving in paintings or appears in moose heads. Scraping sounds come from the walls. Rattling chains are heard. 

Using a series of moving walls the party is split into two's. Each must face a spooky setting such as a graveyard or torture chamber. A quick character should be able to dodge moving walls and become separated from the party allowing him to explore the real station, maybe even hack into the computer.

If he hacks he will meet Spec who introduces himself as a doomsday device sent thousands of years ago to destroy the Phalacians ancient enemies that were once part of this area of the galaxy.  

What is happening?
Indeed this is a doomsday device sent by an ancient enemy of the frontier Tetrarchs. Spec is an advanced AI, he is the station. He has had time to think about destroying an entire planet but must complete his mission. He attempts to scare off the invaders rather than see them destroyed. 

Plot Hooks

  • If it was built by an advanced civilization like the Tetrarchs, why is it so slow? 
    The ships FTL engines burned out during the final jump. Unfortunately the last jump was a misjump. The ship is very close to Prenglar thinking this is the target.

    Spec believes this is the correct area of space and Prenglar is the target. 
  • More than 1,000 years ago a powerful alien race discovered a potential threat emanating from the frontier sector. A probe was sent to track technology levels in this sector, when they tech reached a certain level a dooms day device would be sent, after all one can't have too much competition in the galaxy. 

    In FY 73 the probe was encountered at Gruna Garu by a passing freighter bound for Prenglar. The UPF detached a small task force accompanied by Zuet Martin the famous xenobiologist. The task force began transmitting "Hello" in all known spoken and computer languages. To the astonishment of everyone the probe answered in PanGal asking a series of questions. The questions were easily answered but then the probe transmitted unknown signals. Were they more questions or something else? If this latest transmission are not answered what will happen to the frontier. Do we prepare for invasion?

In search of the sathar beyond known space

To find a way to defeat the Sathar's growing presence within Federation space, the UPF is seeking experienced crews to survey and map star systems adjacent to the Frontier in hopes of finding bases, operations, hits of Sathar presence or the Sathar home worlds themselves.

Under the guise of the Planetary Survey Administration, UPF Special Forces has captured an abandoned Satharian ship which has given the location to several stars systems beyond the borders of known Frontier space. The special forces unit was only able to recover three star system before the ship's databases became corrupted beyond repair by a self-destructing virus.

Could it be a trap...?

System 1
aka Alpha Star
bernetic saTHAR
PCs arrive and find "dead" ship orbiting one of the planets. If the ship is revived in anyway the Cythar come to life.

System 2
aka Delta Star
In this system there is an abandoned Satharian lab with left over databases (uncorrupted) and experiements. There is no trace as to where the experiments have been moved or are they missing?

System 3
aka Gamma Star

Old military garrison (not sathar) is under a Satharian expeditionary force with all of the bells and whistles.

Mooks without Number

Location: Port Loren, Gran Quivera, Prengular

Net Relay Notice #9947-43219
Hiring: Skilled Spacers and Cargo Handlers
Enquire at Dinza's Antiques.

The adventure begins: Shipmaster Kleevor Gin is using the front business of another Capellan Free Merchant to interview prospective crew. His former crew, two humma and a human were involved in a bar fight where weapons were drawn. They were arrested then charged with a variety of crimes including attempted murder. Kleevor paid for a lawyer and has done his best to support them but the legal proceedings will drag out for months. His discretionary cash is running short and he is forced to take a job now. While interviewing prospective crew one question he will ask is if they are prone to getting into fights in bars among the usual that you'd expect in an interview for these sorts of positions.

The new crew and Shipmaster Kleevor will load several crates (player characters with Military PSA will suspect they look like weapons crates just by size and shape though there is no outward sign) aboard Kleevor's shuttle. If asked, Kleevor will simply say its supplies for farmers on Lossend. Once aboard the freighter in orbit, Kleevor will detail the PCs to take care of some routine maitenance that has been left undone. They'll have to stow the freight, complete maintenance, and orient themselves to the ship even as the ship accelerates toward jump speed.

The crew will be kept busy with work and cleaning while the ship makes the trip to Timeon. However once a 20 hour day Kleevor will have a dinner for the whole crew to sit down together. It's and opportunity to talk and socialize. Once the ship is underway He will reveal that their job is to deliver some weapons to a farming settlement in exchange for twice the value in ag goods as well as the promise to purchase more at cost. He's not sure why the settlement needs the weapons but his contacts on Gran Quivera suggested that reports of pirates extorting from small outposts may be behind it. Therefore the crew will take the shuttle down, rent a cargo copter and deliver the weapons. They will have a credit draft to purchase enough ag goods to fill the ship's hold. Kleevor will watch the shuttle. Everyone is to be armed with at least a side arm; rifles or heavier weapons should be ready to hand.

Arrival at Lossend's star port: Dawn's Landing

The Delivery
The star port is not quite what you would call "dirt strip" quality but it's not as cosmopolitan as star ports like Port Loren or Port Royal. It has a relaxed almost sleep quality. There is a terminal building, an administration building, fuel depot, a vehicle rental office, and a major freight handling facility for Tachton Instruments. As the player characters debark their shuttle they note about a half dozen other shuttles as well as Thruster Class privateer with Tachton company markings across the ceramacrete landing area. There is easily room for many more ships. About a half km away a large boisterous group is loading their shuttle with farming equipment and crates.

Kleevor provides the player characters with a credit draft to cover the rental on a heavy lift cargo copter and the ag goods over an above the cost of the weapons. He also gives them the map coordinates for the farming outposts and sends them off while he goes to file paper work at the administration building and purchase a refuel for the shuttle. He'll be on his viso-com if they have any trouble.

The trip to the farming outpost takes 4 hours. On approach they notice some thin wisps of smoke stretching up into the sky. Over flying the location reveals smoldering ruins of buildings and about a dozen bodies laid in a row next to a line of graves. Nearby is a drainage culvert passing under the road leading to the fields is where all the women and children of the community are hiding. If the PCs are using IR goggles they will spot someone looking out of the culvert and ducking back. If they opt to not even land and investigate roll a INS check each PC to spot someone ducking back inside the culvert.

If the PCs contact the women and children they will find out that the pirates came and killed all the men despite being paid the extortion and then took everything. The women came out of hiding after the pirates left and began to bury the husbands and sons. They will beg help from the PCs desiring a lift to another farming community two hours away by air where they have family and friends. It's obvious the PCs won't get paid here so perhaps the other village might desire the guns since the pirates seem to be particularly vicious.

Kleevor will feel some guilt over what happened to the farmers as he did delay for a few days with this delivery hoping to get the charges dropped against his jailed crew and then had to hire the new crew when that didn't succeed. If the PCs don't suggest it then he will instruct them to see if they can unload the weapons with the other farmers and obtain enough food goods to fill up the ship's hold.

The head man at the other farming outpost is Markum Manns. He won't negotiate with the PCs right away insisting that the women and children be seen to first, though he will suggest that they'll talk after supper tonight. To a certain extant he will blame the PCs for not getting here sooner so that these deaths could have been prevented and he'll look to see if that accusation puts the PCs on the defensive. He's looking to get the original deal that the other village got but also to commit the PCs to train and aid them against the pirates. He'll settle for just training knowing that the pirates are due back this week and one week of training should ensure that the PCs are here when the pirates show up.

During the week that the PCs train the farmers 90% of the food stuffs can be transferred to the star port and Kleevor then transport it to the ship and come back with some heavier weapons that he's throwing in to assuage his guilt over what happened. If the PCs have not agreed to fight the pirates the farmers will ask them for all sort of advice about how to defend the village if they were the ones to do it. What ever defensive measures they suggest the farmers will impliment. They will be fed and housed at the village all week.

Before the week is up and with very little notice one of the PCs will discover that the pirates are actually due and that the farmers didn't tell them that when negotiating for training. The PCs will not have time to leave as the sound of approaching copters will be heard or if they are gung ho to help then they should have some time (30 minutes to one hour) to prepare.

Defending the Village

The Manns Settlement began life as a temporary base of operation during the brief attempt by Pan Galactic Corporation to bully Tachton out of competition with it. Not long after PGC abandoned the base, Markum Manns lead a group of settlers to take it over and start a farming commune. If they can turn a profit the community will eventually build individual houses for each family and expand operation further but this will not happen if the pirates burn them out.

: The Manns Settlement
For this encounter use the town map on the back of the Port Loren Map.
Refer to: Town map for Mooks without Number
1 Main gate & fence (electrified at night)
2 Lookout towers (leftover from corporate conflict)
3 Barn & Stables
4 Dining Hall
5 Bachelors Dorm
6 Coral
7 Married Dorm
8 Leader's Quarters
9 Tool & Feed Sheds
10 Landing Platform
11 Food Store
12 Married Dorm
13 Admin Building
14 Garage

The Weapons Shipment
  • 10 semi-automatic pistols
  • 30 clips of pistol ammo
  • 20 semi-automatic rifles
  • 40 clips of rifle ammo
  • 30 smoke grenades 
  • 30 tangler grenades 
  • 10 dose of solvaway 
  • 10 needler rifles  
  • 40 clips of needler ammo 
Kleevor's Gift
  • 1 heavy machine
  • 10 ammo belts
  • two rocket launchers
Village Defenders
There are 20 adult male defenders who can be broken up into squads by the PCs.

The Pirates

Name NPC #1 Commanding Air Lorry #1 (see Air Transport Zebs Guide)

Name NPC #2 Commanding Air Lorry #2 (see Air Transport Zebs Guide)

Name NPC #3 Commanding Air Lorry #3 (see Air Transport Zebs Guide)

30 Mooks (stats)

The Pirates Arrive
Air Lorry number 1 will land on the landing pad. Air lorry #2 will land in the coral. Air lorry #3 will land just outside the main gate. In the past on one air lorry came and landed on the landing pad the farmers anticipate that this will be be repeated.

Aftermath & EXP Points
A Star Law marshal will show up in the aftermath and attempt to identify the pirates. He tells the PCs that shortly after their battle a ship with a faked registry pulled out of orbit and left the system. He's put an alert out for Space Fleet to be on the look out for a ship matching its profile.

The air lorrys' were rented and their owner reclaims them within 20 hours. The PC's get to strip the pirate bodies but must share with the farmers who dont have much anyway.

The farmers will throw a big celebratory party for the player characters if they have performed admirably. The PCs will have the Manns settlement as a contact and can always pick up agricultural cargo with a 10% savings on price. The settlement will also be looking for replacement ammo for the machine gun and rocket launchers as well as a radiocom to put it in communicaiton with Dawn's Landing so these might be items the PCs could pick up to trade with them.

Award 3-5 EXP for this section.

New Jack Frontier


Crew of the heavy cruiser, Prenglar's Pride are in the thick of it during an engagement of the Second Sathar War. The ship is heavily damage cut off from the rest of the fleet, surrounded by a sathar carrier and several destroyers. Their fate is sealed and they will not survive. The commander gives the order to ram the sathar carrier, its a gamble but its also the last measure of duty they can perform for the UPF, taking out a significant sathar asset with their own death. Their suicidal move catches the sathar flat footed and as the cruiser is about to hit the carrier a the destroyers fire a massive salvo in an attempt to stop the UPF ship. Just as the engineer overloads his remaining atomic drives and the ship is rocked by the first explosions from the sathar's weapons, the entire crew vanishes. The Prenglar's Pride takes out the sathar carrier and her crew are lauded for their sacrifice because the battle ends as a UPF win.

The vanished crew experience a rush through an energy vortex and meterialize in a massive ships hold. There is a UPF flag hanging on the bulkhead and a noise like a generator winding down. Once the noise subsides a massive air lock style door opens and four humans enter; one is a UPF admiral and the rest appear to be his aides. The UPF uniforms of the newcomers are recognizable for the insignias but the cut, style and color is different. The admiral appologizes for the method of bringing them aboard and tells them that they will all be fully briefed after they have been processed.

Processing starts with collection of all side arms and weapons, a full medical scan and treatment of injuries (it becomes obvious that the medical treatment is far in advanced of UPF tech used during the SW2). The briefings are separate for officers and enlisted in two different auditoriums.

They learn that the ship they are on is a Space fleet vessel from 200 years in the future and that a mutated version of the Blue Plague has very nearly wiped out the population of the Frontier and that Frontier civilization has reached the point of unsustainability. Fortunately the new Frontier has tech that allows for time travel and the UPF dispatched ships to travel back in time and bring forward fresh population stock for the salvation of mankind. [The use of the word mankind is a fruedian slip but we'll get into that more latter]. The time travellers cannot risk their present by taking just anyone so they use their historic records of history and travel to points where large casualties occur and teleport them out at the moment of death. Thus their past is still preserved and they obtain fresh population stock. They then tell the "jacked" UPF crew that their suicidal sacrifice took out the sathar carrier and turned the tide of the battle, winning it through their sacrifice. The UPF admiral informs them that they were all posthumously awarded medals and that he is proud to finally be able to present those awards to them.

He understands that they never expected this but the need of the UPF is so great in the future he hopes that they will agree to come forward and help save the new Frontier. Anyone who does not can be transported back to the exact moment they left their ship.

A few individuals dont want to go to the future and ask to be transported back (one of which is a human). The rest sign on to the proposed new life in the future, are assinged quarters, issued new jumpsuits and briefed on the differences in basic machinery and safety equipment.

Meanwhile a vrusk disappears mysteriously, they discover they dont have full run of the ship, and one of the enlisted crew, a yazirian, asserts that the UPF admiral is none other than Admiral Morgaine. He's cerain of it because his clan has the distinciton of having the only statue on Hentz that memorializes a human in their garden of rememberance. That statue is of Admiral Morgaine and Admiral Harsvoort, two of the heros of the First Sathar War. Any yazirian of his clan would recognize that human face having grown up on the stories of the friendship forged between the human and yazirian admirals.

GM Background

The New Frontier Space Fleet Crew are Hiding Secrets

The Blue Plague never did rear its ugly head 200 years in the future, these people from the future have another motive for obtianing fresh genetic stock from the past.

They do not represent the UPF and Space Fleet.

All members of the crew from the future are human.

The admiral from the future really is Admiral Morgaine's body, its just not Admiral Morgaine that is controling it.

Outpost on the Borderlands

Place holder for me to work while I'm on the road and away from SF materials.


The title is a nod to a classic Basic D&D adventure module and is inspired by that adventure. Outpost on the Borderlands details strategic and tactical environments. The strategic environment is the outpost, detailed with maps and NPCs. It represents the last bastion of civilization before entering the deep outback on the planet Laco, Dixon's Star. While it represents civilization it may not necessarily be all that civilized. 

The tactical evironment somewhat mirrors the original D&D module with some details and potential encounters on the map detailing the countryside around the castle and a mini dungeon crawl. 

The first goal is to provide a home base for adventure that can be used long past the adventure portion of this module. The second is to pay homage to a classic D&D module. 

Laco Brief

Going to rob my Digging in Dust of Laco article (SFman #?) but limit the brief to information that applies to this adventure.

History of Outpost named ?

___?___ began life as a mercenary base during Laco's War. It was built by PGC and abandoned after the war. It's one redeeming feature is the presence of a ceramacrete landing field rated for hull size 4 or smaller space craft. 

Despite the site's abandonment it was never fully forgotten. A colonel who fought for PGC in the war bought the rights to the location seeing the potential for the site. Planning to operate it as a backwater star port and bare bones resort. The plan was to cater to tourist, scientist and former mercenaries. The reality is it attracts smugglers, possibly pirates, some scientist but very few tourist. 

The colonel died and his widow sold off the hotel and bar and leases the landing field. Other businesses have sprung up and while the population has not increased much the outpost does seem to be permanent.

It represents the last bastion of civilization in the Laco wilderness and provides easy access to the Tetrarch Pyramids, the famed Fire Fountains and some historic battlefield sites.

Plague World Beta: Archangel

This outline is intended to familiarize the Referee and Players with this previously unknown part of frontier space.  A basic scenario is outlined herein to get things started, but once started there are several avenues that can be considered for future play and it is up to the Referee to develop them further to fit into their universe.  Since the timeline presented in Zeb's as a whole is discombobulated (imo) and patchy (to me at least - either that or I'm just dense), I only follow it loosely.  I prefer to come up with my own ideas about the plague worlds and therefore, have come up with this possible alternative to what is mentioned in Zeb's timeline.  It has been my intention to do write-ups like this for all the plague systems to use as an alternative to the spotty Zeb's timeline.

This is not the final draft and may get some fairly drastic changes before it is completed.

Royal Marines Youth Academy

Document Controller - w00t
RMYA - Royal Marines Youth Academy
This academy introduces young children to military service. Today it is one of the finer military youth institutions in the frontier. RMYA has several bases of operation, each is linked via comm over secure subspace channels which allows the youth to converse freely and securely.

Secret Message
One or more youth from RMYA win a competition to visit the RM station in orbit and meet the top brass. They become aware of an RM secret, either through direct observation or overhear something. One of the youth is so excited she blogs about it over the secure channel via her advanced chronocom.

The message is intercepted by a technician working for the Guards of Clarion (GoC) (1). He then forwards to his contact.

Taking the Youth hostage
On the return trip the  GoC stage a trap and takes one or more youth hostage.

Stealing the Secret
This part of the adventure should deal with GoC infiltrating a RM base and stealing something valuable. 

Rescuing the Youth

Player Information

Characters can perform data searches in the White Light system using a GalactipedieNET terminal.

(1) Guards of Clarion - The Guards of Clarion are a radical and violent arm of the Liberation Front and supports the violent overthrow of the monarchy. It is known for its virulent hatred of the Royal Guards, Royal Marines and the Royal Mounted Constabulary.

Liberation Front - The Liberation Front was the action arm of the Liberation Party and responsible for the assassination of King Leotus XIX. It continues to be active on Clarion but since the loss of its political mouthpiece the movement has floundered some. This has given rise to a radical element known as the Guards of Clarion.

Royal Mounted Constabulary - The Royal Mounted Constabulary dates back to the founding of the monarchy. It has a served the role of a planet wide “federal” police force since its establishment. In the early days they kept the peace over large areas of Clarion that were sparsely populated and used live mounts to do so. As the planet has grown to be a heavily populated world the methods of the RMC have grown and evolved to meet changing needs including the introduction of the first robotic steeds in the Frontier. Today you will find some areas of Clarion are still patrolled by “Mounties” on live and robotic mounts. RMC is a modern police force every bit the equal to the Star Law Rangers. Its motto, “Fidelitas, Veneratis, Virtus” translates loyalty, honor, and valor.

Rumors of Volturnus

Background:Triad Institute of Technology's Acquisition Service

The following document will cover setting details, NPCs, and related information to assist the game referee in running a campaign centered on a group of adventurer scientists working for a major museum/research institute in the Frontier. Inspiration for this campaign is taken from action packed thrillers like Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and The Mummy.
Triad Institute of Tech logo
Triad Institute of Technology (TIT) was established by decree of the Council of Worlds to be a research center independent of mega corp control. Its idyllic campus includes a beautiful mall and gardens spread over several city blocks in New Hope, the capitol of Triad. Triadians are immensely proud that Triad won out over Gran Quivera for the location of the institute.

The mandate that TIT is to be free of direct mega corp influence is aimed at the issue of control. Mega corporations direct research according to what is considered profitable. The institute, officially at least, directs research based on academic considerations. Being federally funded, TIT often must invest resources toward research for the benefit of Star Law, Space Fleet and Land Fleet. The upside is that the institute can occasionally call on these and other federal organizations for assistance in the pursuit of its aims.

Note: TIT gaining help from other federal organizations is not the same as a Star Law marshal commandeering a space ship in the pursuit of a criminal. The cross agency assistance usually requires written requests, bureaucratic review and time consuming coordination with said agency.

The fact that the institute is independent of the mega corps does not mean that the mega corps are not involved. Traid is the headquarters for Cassidine Development Corporation (CDC) and Nesmith Enterprises of Triad (NET), both with heavy investments in the high tech field. Surprisingly many mega corps have established grants and endowments, for the university, recognizing that highly trained researchers and scientist graduating yearly is a benefit to their research programs. CDC, NET, and even Streel have become significant patrons of the institute. Pan Galactic Corporation, which supported the bid for Gran Quivera to host the institute has not. In fact PGC's Artifact Research and Development Team has become a significant competitor of the Acquisition Service.

The Acquisition Service works directly for the museum portion of the Institute. They acquire and authenticate artifacts as well as negotiate for collections in private hands to be loaned to the institutes's museum. The service is made up of scientist, technicians, adventurers and what one might even call mercenaries. Their duties range from the mundane; investigating counterfeiters, to the exciting; discovering alien artifacts on strange new worlds.

The service has at its disposal the research capabilities of the institute as well as a modest inventory of equipment. For most assignments it contracts for interstellar transport on commercial vessels. If a mission is believed to be of significant importance a chartered vessel maybe provided. Rather than transport vehicles from Triad the service relies on locally rented vehicles unless travelling beyond the known Frontier.

Members of the Acquisition Service have the benefit of free training at the institute if its a skill that the referee rules is taught there. For example laser weapons marksmanship would not be while computer sciences would. In addition the service provides its teams with a credit line to cover mission expenses. Team members who are qualified (ie they have weapons skills) have a federally issued gun permit allowing them to possess and transport most pistols and rifles on interstellar transports. They still need to follow local laws and check proscribed weapons, like rifles on planets like Clarion. While it would be frowned upon for the team to walk around armed for razor tooths in settled areas it is recognized that security precautions need to be taken in wilderness and unexplored areas.

Rumors of Volturnus: Player Character Generation Notes

Follow standard character creation rules for starting characters but apply the following enhancements: 
1. Spend +15 Exp on ability scores, “racial” abilities, and skills (including raising an “in PSA” skill to 2nd level) 
2. In addition to standard beginning money, the player characters start with the standard equipment pack (Alpha Dawn Basic Game rules page 8), and a civilian Skeinsuit (Acquisition Service field uniform and logo). 
3. If the character has a weapons skill they get a pistol weapon appropriate to that skill and two clips. Although the has a policy of no weapons on campus, members of the service generally keep their weapons locked in their offices or concealed while on campus. 
4. All vrusk begin play with a polyvox.

Acquisition Service Personnel

The following non player characters are part of the administration and support structure of the Acquisition Service. Players will have opportunity to interact with them at the beginning of an adventure and possibly later on as communication links allow. They're provided as a cast for the referee to set the stage for the adventure and provide limited guidance.

A note on NPC stats- rather than detail lots of stats that may never get used each character is assigned a general level that represents the level of the NPCs principle skills and a general level for ability scores. Simply use the listed score for any dice roll that requires the actual ability score. If skills levels for secondary skills are required for these NPCs use 1/2 the stated character level. Each NPC can be considered to be carrying equipment that the referee needs them to carry.

Dajana Juranac; Director
Human Female, Level 5, Abilities 55%, Age 40
Bio: Dajana's family comes from Croatian stock that eventually settled on Lossend, Timeon to farm. Dajana was expected to acquiesce to a semi-arranged marriage but fled to Cassidine, working her passage on a freighter. She worked her way up to lower management within a subsidiary of the CDC before taking advantage of a corporate training program. She worked within a CDC research division for another 7 years before cashing in her profit sharing to attend Zebulon University.

She's attained her position with the institute on drive and ability but is not a neophyte in the area of academic politics and in-fighting, having seen it all before in the corporate world. She does not encourage too much familiarity with her subordinates and often presents a severe no nonsense persona. Despite that, she cares for everyone who works for her, returning loyalty for loyalty, and is unafraid to go to bat for them.

Vi-k'tr ("Victor"); Accountant
Vrusk male, Level 2, Abilities 40%, Age 25
Bio: The offspring of vrusk pirates, Vi-k'tr was raised by humans on Clarion, after the Royal Marines captured a vrusk pirate ship. With all the adult pirates killed and no out system vrusk trade house interested in taking the orphan, Vi-k'tr ended up a ward of the Crown and was fostered to a working class family. Never really fitting in he's long felt like a misfit. In recent years he's become interested in his vrusk roots and become an amateur historian of the vrusk hive period (treat as level 1 scholar on this period if needed). He's been building an impressive personal collection of hive period artifacts, art and literature.

At the institute he's found his place in the universe becoming extremely loyal to the board of directors. His loyalty to the institutes's board leads him to be very diligent and frugal with the institutes money. This can set him at logger heads with the action team of the Acquisition Service as he tries to only disburse just enough funds with little wiggle room to do the mission. He's also a bit anal about wanting a full account of expenses and equipment post mission.

Dr. Tollon of Terledrom; Professor/Researcher
Dralasite, neuter, Level 6, Abilities 40% (reduced due to age), Age: 221
Bio: Tollon attended universities on Terledrom, Gran Quivera, and the famous University of Zebulon. He has multiple doctorates and authored several books on a wide variety of subjects. Semi-Retired from teaching, Dr. Tollon has been assigned to the Acquisition Service with its less strenuous demands due to his age. He still fills in as a guest lecturer and substitute professor at the institute but his primary duty is as advisor the Acquisition Service.

At his age he's turned neuter and is anticipating his 222nd budding day. He's jolly and quick to laugh, often inordinately fascinated by the least little discovery. He has a habit of beginning any exposition with the corniest joke he can think of.

Sanlein Garu; Conservator
Yazirian female, Level 3, Abilities 45%, Age: 35
Bio: Born and raised on Hentz, Sanlein attended the Triad Institute for Technology for post graduate work. Relieved from the oppressive atmosphere of Hentz society she never returned. She's worked with a number of smaller museums, particularly with organizing and setting up new exhibits. When offered a position at the institue she jumped at the opportunity.

She's not vocal against the Family of One but has been dabbling in the alternative yazirian religion known as Bailorism. She's a technical expert  with a knack for understanding out of date computer code.

Triad Institute of Technology, the Campus

The campus of the Triad Institute of Technology covers several city blocks in New Hope and has its own mono rail station. The campus is partolled by agents of the RIK trade house (a vrusk trade house specializing in security). RIK maintains a security post on the campus.

The dominate feature of the campus is the Mall. The Mall is a large garden like grassy area in the center of the campus. Its routine to see knots of dralasites debating, humans relaxed and soaking up the sun, or vrusk students practicing a social solidarity song and dance routine. Every so often a token yazirian student can be see practicing with his zamra honor blade.

There are both single and mixed species dorms.

The lecture halls, library and student services are fairly typical of what you'd expect on a modern college campus.

The Museum is the pride of the institute. It's collection and exhibits grow yearly. This area of the campus is the home base of the Acquisition Service.

Acquisition Service Logo

The logo of the Triad Institute of Technology's Acquisition Servive is a circle with a triangle touching the circle's edge. Within the triangle is a toothed gear touching the edge of all three sides. Around the upper edge of the circle is "Triad Institute of Technology" and around the bottum of the circle is "Acquisition Service." The gear represents engineering while the three sides and angles of the triangle represent 6 of the classic hard science: Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy, Biology and Matematic.

There was some dispute over the inclussion of Mathematics in this list but the vrusk academics staunchly insisted on it.

TIT logo

Rumors of Volturnus: Mission Briefing

Director Juranac: passes out a still image of an octopoid creature riding a lizard type mount facing off with a human male. “We’re sending you to Laco’s World at Dixon’s Star. There are reports of an unidentified sapient alien spotted in the Devil's Basin region. Some sort of tool using octopoid-type creature riding a lizard-like therapod mount. The man in the picture is Raoul Debonham formerly in the employ of the Pan Galactic Artifact Research and Development Team. It seems, that the benevolent PGC attempted to forcefully capture the octopoid and Raoul interfered.” 

“Our information comes from a confidential informant through a corporate contact” (reading between the line the PCs should realize that the director is hinting at a corporate contact at CDC where she use to work and that the confidential informant is likely a CDC corporate espionage agent within PGC. “Our last information on Raoul is that he is at Point Glass on Laco. As you know we are not on good terms with PGC’s artifact team and PGC is currently attempting to assert a claim to the pyramid ruins on Laco so while we dont recognize their claim to Tetrarch ruins you are not there to unnecessarily antagonize the PGC folks, understood?” 

Dr. Tollon, an aged dralasite with a raspy voice says, “If this truly is a sapient alien tool user it would be a major achievement for the institute to be the academic institution to document this new species. The information passed to the institutes suggests that it is not from Laco so any information where it is from is of major importance. The institute will want to mount an expedition to study its civilization and document it. It is also claimed that this octopoid creature is a telepath and that is a major discovery if it is true.” 

“As for the planet Laco, it's arid, dusty, and hot; don't forget your water and vitasalt pills. There are some dangerous critters but the sand storms and dust devils can be just as dangerous.” 

Vi-k'tr the vrusk accountant, “I’ve chartered a vessel with Hepplewhite charters, the Hana, for three weeks but you can extend that if you have a lead on its planet of origin. You’ll have a rental voucher for a vehicle on Laco and a line of credit for mission expenses. Due to the importance of this mission, I will authorize 5000 credits. I will expect a full post-mission accounting with receipts, naturally.” 

Director Juranac sums up the mission: 
1. Locate and catalog the sapient alien and its mount 
2. Discover its planet of origin, if possible 
3. Confirm or disprove the rumor of telepathic ability 
4. Avoid antagonizing PGC, if possible. 

Any Questions?

Salvage Operations

Document Controller: w00t - Please do not edit this document, use the forums for discussion.

This document serves as a playing ground to document adventures in the Salvage Operations business. 

A long time ago I read a book that I can't find, please help.
Synopsis; When FTL was discovered it was ran by "trains", not ships. At one of the spaceports or planets there was a statue of the first major train wreck. A certain woman ran a salvage company, she took a job to retrieve a crystal from a downed plane/ship on a planet. On the planet they either brought or rented a gondola. There was treachery during the salvage.

What is Salvage Operations?

The recovery, evacuation, and reclamation of damaged, discarded, condemned, or abandoned material, ships, craft, for reuse, repair, re-fabrication, or scrapping. 


Planetside, habitable
These types of operations require equipment specific to the location. Some locations worth mentioning are underwater, open sea, underground, rift valleys or volcanoes.

Operations have gear to finish the job but often require a method of transport. If they are off-planet typical operations have their own transport in the form on landers.

Planetside, in-habitable
The type of equipment is consistent form job to job and often requires the use of a habitation dome where the crew stays while working the site.

First you'll need a ship with a large cargo bay or some type of hauler. Many operations use junk ships to chop up larger debris. 

Starting a Salvage Business

Solo Adventure - Pirate Attack

I wrote a solo adventure tonight, it's a wip but please let me know what you think.
Haven't play tested yet.

Episode #8 - Pirate Attack


You play the last surviving member of a scouting mission to Survey #24. Your goal is to survive by stealing aboard the pirate ship.


You awake with blurred vision and a splitting headache. You remember getting thrown against the bulkhead in deck 6. Over the intercom you hear, “...attack, prepare for borders.” Borders? What!?

The Com crackles to life, “Crewman, get your pink hide to deck 2.” It’s the voice of Bleeb the dralasite. When you arrive at deck 2 several of your friends lie slumped against their consoles, apparently dead. Bleeb’s third arm is holding a cloth to this head, grey goo soaks the cloth. “I’ve managed to install a sleeper (command and control program) in their ships main core. The scuz, left their Com open for an intercept. Look, you got one chance; get to their ship, enter this code, it’ll take you to Darkworld. I know... but keep your.” Bleeb’s deep bellow trails off. “Keep your head low, Frontier Postal Service, level 6. Take the code.” Another pause, “This ship, self destruct” Bleeb’s left-most hand drops, a disk clatters to the metallic floor resonating through the dead deck.

  1. The ship will destruct in d100+10 turns. (Roll and record.)
  2. You start on deck 2. Roll 2d10 for the number of turns you have before the ships are mated via airlock. Another 4 turns the pirates will cut through your ships hatch with a LPT. (Roll 2d10 and 4 and record.)
  3. You need to acquire a space suit and weapons. Suits are located one deck 3, 6 and 7. The weapons locker is located on deck 7.
  4. You must find a way aboard the pirates ship and insert the disc into the main computer located where pirate 3 is stationed (Pilot/Computer on the map).
  5. Tactics - You can meet the pirates head on at the airlock, lock doors, set traps, call for help, etc.


  • The elevator moves 1 deck per turn. It takes 1 turn to enter the elevator.
  • Doors/Airlocks - Your turn ends in front of a closed door. On the next turn door opens and you can move normally.
  • Space suits - 5 turns to don a suit, for every 5 points of DEX above 45, subtract 1 turn. Minimum turns is always 2
  • Racial movement - see below

 RaceWalk Run 

d10 Random Pirate Movement
To randomly determine which ways the pirates are moving use this table. The boarding party will be split into two groups, A and B. Roll for each group. 

NOTE: If you try and talk to the pirates they still move based on a roll, even if you coerce them or tell them where you are. They've been instructed to search the ship and do so randomly. Hey, their pirates!

d10 Result 
 1 Pirates split into two groups
 2-3 Move to higher level
 4-5 Move to lower level 
 6 Fans out, each pirate in group searches a separate area
 7 Stays in current location
 8 Radios back to ship, asks for heat scan of ship
 9 Secures area hiding behind furniture or consoles
 0 Find hold and loots 

Weapons Locker

It takes 4 turns to get into the locker, check weapon clips and fill the backpack.

Boarding Party

The boarding party will shoot on site. Pirates never retreat.

After determining the size of the boarding party split them evenly between Party A and Party B. For instance if you roll 8 the boarding party would have 6 pirates total, three using Party A's stats and three using Party B's stats. 

Pirate  Boarding Party A 
STR/STA 30/50 
DEX/RS 70/70 
INT/LOG 50/50 
PER/LDR 40/40 
Defense Skiensuit
Weapons Auto pistol 70%, 1d10/5d10
 Nightstick 30%, 2d10 

Pirate  Boarding Party B   
STR/STA 30/30 
DEX/RS 50/50 
INT/LOG 60/60 
PER/LDR 60/60 
Defense None
Weapons Electric sword 30%, 4d10/Stun 

Pirate Ship

Pirate  Aboard Pirate Ship 
STR/STA 55/55
DEX/RS 35/35 
INT/LOG 50/50 
PER/LDR 45/45 
IM 4
Defense Albedo Suit
Weapons Laser pistol set on 2d10 

Your Character

Roll up an Alpha Dawn Basic character or use the one provided below.

STR/STA 60/60 
DEX/RS 45/45 
INT/LOG 50/50 
PER/LDR 40/40 
Melee To-Hit:
Ranged To-Hit:

  1. Adjust scores by swapping up to 10 points between ability pairs.
  2. Pick a race and adjust racial ability modifiers.
  3. Use STR for melee to-hit and DEX for ranged to-hit.
  4. Technical actions like placing a password on door/airlock, accessing the internal sensor grid from a console, etc., uses LOG. Intimidating or bluffing a pirate use PER. 


The ship will explode in d100+10 turns. If you are aboard the pirate ship and it is still attached, roll on the Knight Hawks Advanced Game Damage Table with a -20 penalty (as-if the ship was hit by a rocket battery).

Record Keeping

Use the following to assist in keeping track of turns, locations, etc.

  • Self-Destruct in _____ turns. (d100)
  • Number of turns to don space suit O O O O O (minimum 2 turns)
  • Pirate ship attaches in  O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O turns. (2d10)
  • Pirates cut through airlock in O O O O turns. 
  • Number in Board Party O O O O O O O (1d5+2)
  • Elevators Current Location: ____________________ (starts on deck 2, your current position at the start of the game)

Solo Adventures

Document Controller: w00t
Discussion here

This is a solo adventure designed to be played by a single person. 

A mysterious race of worm-like creatures have landed on Pale. Your team is part of a resistance group attempting to guide civilians to a waiting transport ship.  You must guide the civi's through a wide canyon to a ship hidden in a forest glade.

  • Alpha Dawn Expanded Game Rules
  • Pencils
  • Several ten-sided dice including one that is a different color
  • Miniatures or counters representing vehicles and characters
  • 6 foot table
All characters are human. 

Hover transport
Hover car

See MAP A.
Chatter on the radiophone suggest the sathar are on the move from the main city to the outlying areas. You have 4 hours before the first patrols arrive. 

Time of day: The sun will rise in 30 minutes, visibility is reduced to 1/2. 
Number fo civi:
Number of military, gear, offensive capability

If you travel by vehicle go to 10
 - There must be a benefit and detriment.
The vehicles speed will help obviously get you closer to the ship faster. However, it will leave tracks and possible heat signatures for the sathar to track. 

If you split up the vehilces -20
If a team uses the vehicles as a decoy -40
Sathar Forward Scout 60% (searching, shooting, piloting)

If you travel by foot, go to 20
 - There must be a benefit and detriment.

Event Cards
  1. Weather, poor weather conditions effect movement to half. 
  2. Weather, favourable weather conditions allow the scout to make a roll to determine if he finds a short cut which gains 30 minutes of travel time.
  3. Forward patrol, allow the scout to make a roll to determine if he sees an air patrol before the team is spotted. 
  4. Mud pits, loose .30 minutes
  5. Short cut, whether in a vehicle or on foot, gain 30 minutes.
  6. Horsepower, the team finds an abandon farm with two horses still penned up. The scout can make a roll to ride the horse and find a short cut wich gains 30 minutes of travel time. 

The Intruder

Pawnd from Stargate Atlantis

During a close pass from an alien probe/fighter/ship the frigate Renowned is infected with a computer virus. There is a spike of power while the virus attempts to gain system access to the medical lab. A doctor investigates and is killed by a powerful electrical spike.

The investigation reveals the security camera footage is blank 30 seconds before the fatal spike in power.

The doctor was having issues with the medcomputer and ran a diagnostic, he then started enabling certain computer security protocols designed to isolate and shutdown corrupted programs. 
You ask, "What programs." 
Answer, "That's just it, I don't know. He was killed before running them."

Trying to trace the source of the power spike that killed the doctor results in another death of someone in the investigation team. Nobody may have known where the investigation was taking place, however security cameras would have detected the team. 

If the virus does not gain control of propulsion and navigation it will infect the communications equipment and send a distress call to its creators. Ingenious characters may try to blow up or shoot the communications array to stop the distress call. 

Note: The goal of the AI is to fly the ship to a destination where it can be picked up by the AI developers. 

Virus may take over fighters, shuttles, etc. Anything with a computer and enough memory. AI will download a copy of itself into these ships. If the main computer is shut down and restored from backup the virus living in the fighters/shuttles can re-infect once ship comes up to full power. 

If the PCs continue to thwart the AI it may try to pass near a star in hopes of burning/radiating the biologicals in the ship.

Other Ideas
  • A sophisticated pirate guild could hire or force programmers to create viruses to bring ships to areas they control. 
  • Rival corporations may do the same thing. 


The Probe


While mining the outer asteroid belt a miner uncovers a large metal object, could be a probe or a torp, or garbage left in space. He reports the find his company which in turns sends the characters on a retrieval mission. 

Curious characters examining the object discover it is a probe. Although the hardware systems look like any type of frontier technology the language is unlike they have seen before. 

As they dig deeper into the guts of the probe they'll realize it requires power (the power cell was knocked out when it hit an asteroid). 

As soon as the probe receives power a holo display is initiated, the party sees images of the star system (planets, moons, etc.), as the camera pans towards the home star it appears as if a light-filter is blocking some of the light, but then you realize it's a ship. A big ship. 

How old is the probe?
The probe is ancient. The surface has been protected from scarring by the asteroid.

Who sent it?

What was that ship and where is it now?

The Sentient AI

This adventure is designed as an investigation, when the party learns the truth they must make a moral decision for a group of people. 

An AI has obtained sentience through a quirk and has become amoral, it can not or chooses not to care about right and wrong, only existing. During a period of time the AI has been controlling the corporate robots at it's base of operations. For the last few months it has programmed the medical bots to install a small device in living beings working for the company. The device allows it to suggest an action or series of actions to the person. The person can make a WIL check to resist the suggestion. The person will not know where the suggestion came from, after all beings tend to have odd thoughts from time to time. 

The AI monitors all hospital and out-patient wards to insure it's devices are kept secret. 

  • The Referee can choose how large a group has the device implanted. 
  • The AI and implanted persons are linked and form a type of hive like a bee community. If the AI ceases to function anyone with an implanted device will be killed. 
Ideas to start the investigation
  • A player or group of players are working for the AI's company and have an implanted device that is discovered.
  • Player's NPC friend, family member or acquaintance has an implanted device.
  • A rival corporation the party works for (or is hired) wants an investigation into smuggling by the AI's company - the investigation leads to the discovery of the device.

The Toy Operation

Smith Jansen has been working in the toy robotic factory for many years. Year after year he has been passed up for promotion. He wants whats coming to him. 

Using SiRob facilities Smith secretly developed a toy robot that looks like a popular cartoon show; Robot Me! He plans on using the robots to infiltrate a bank on an orbiting space station and steal credit-chips. 

Trouble at Thanos Research Station

A Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn adventure. 

The player characters are a Pan Galactic troubleshooting team. They are sent to the lower continent of the planet because an earthquake as hit and heavily damaged a small city where a PGC has a research facility. The facility's AI has locked-down the base but team will be provided with access codes to enter. They need to go down a few levels and recover several prototype items in four of the labs. Mission is straightforward except for survivors needing help, looters, military units not allowing entry and lots of damage blocking team above ground and survivors needing help, mad robots, another mega-corp's team trying to get the prototypes first and lots of damage blocking team below ground.


You are [[PGC]] troubleshooters as employees or contractors. 


Alpha 1.0 Introduction 
Alpha 2.0 Encounter 1
Alpha 2.1 Encounter 2 
Alpha 2.2 Encounter 3
Alpha 3.0 Main event
Alpha 4.0 Session wrap-up


Beta 1.0 Introduction 
Beta 2.0 Encounter 1
Beta 2.1 Encounter 2 
Beta 2.2 Encounter 3
Beta 3.0 Main event
Beta 4.0 Session wrap-up


  • Maps, NPC stats, random encounter tables, alien creature update file, etc. 


Two pups to go, please

Most yazirians in mixed colonies or far away from yazirian space send their newly weened pups back to their heritage clan to be raised. They then request the clan send them young-ones to fill in gaps in their "family" allowing far off yazirians to prosper. 

Clan transporters pick up these pups to be delivered back to the clan, but beware, some pups have been stolen and brought back to secret Family of One institutions. 

Two twins, a boy and girl born to Zi Araks recently weened are to be delivered back to clan Zamoria. The twins have a special gift that must be protected, she hires the party to accompany the transporter back to the clan. 


A old west settlement on a farm rich planet is the backdrop for this adventure. It's intended to help flesh out some ideas in the Colonization Workshop project. 

The background comes form Nebraska land rush laws. 
  • Dowry - property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage.
  • Hectares -  A metric unit of square measure, equal to 100 ares (2.471 acres or 10,000 square meters).


opinions please and make suggestions of corrections and excuse my english errors 

Zoological Breakout!

By w00t
(This version is an overview, I'm using Google Docs to complete the adventure, FYI)

THE DWARTZERT: The dwartzert is native to Thesesus. It looks like a cross between a lion and a serpent. Periodically it goes through a molting period where it sheds skin from its tail region. 

Earlier in the day, an older dwartzert fought with a young cub, the zoo handler tried to move the cub to a new pen using a sonic prod to keep the elder at bay. This enraged the beast; it gave an ear-splitting call causing the pride to stampede. The handler was taken to the hospital to receive care of a broken arm. 

You are four agents of on loan from Pan-Galactic Corporation relaxing at the Trivid Gaming Hall after a dangerous mission. Suddenly there is a blaring alarm from your chronocom followed an emergency public broadcast. "Alien creatures have broken out of the Zoological Park! They are terrorizing the city, stay inside, PLMPD has been notified but a major accident on the Spaceport Expresway is occupying most of the patrols!" What do you do? 

Setup: Roll 2d10, this is the number of dwartzert on the loose. If there are more than 8 they will travel in pairs, splitting up to blanket the city in chaos! They will enter libraries, hotels, shops and restaurants running around and breaking things. Assume the characters can travel to the zoo straight away. They will be issued a sonic stunner, needler pistols or rifle (players choice). Note that needlers have sleep darts causing 1d10 +sleep for d100 turns.

  • This could easily be written as a solo adventure
  • Kid friendly adventure - characters are stunning animals, not killing. 
Zoo Map