Laco Research Station

Location: Laco, Dixon's Star
Owner: Streel
HS: I Scientific Research Station
HP: 50
Mooring Bays: 4 (HS:6 max per bay)
Population: 1000 max 
ADF: 0  MR: 0  DCR: 25
Weapons: none
Defenses: none

Alarm(1), Analysis(6), Bureaucracy(3), Commerce(1), Communication(1), Computer Security(5), Damage Control(1), Industry(6), Information Storage(6), Laboratory(3)x12, Language(6), Life Support(1, capacity:1K), Maintenance(1), Remote Probe(2), Robot Management(4), Transportation(1)

Communication: SubSpace Radio, VideoCom, Intercom network
Detection: Radar, Camera System
Misc. Equipment: 12 laboratories, 40 remote probes
Quarters: 400 single cabins, 200 double cabins, 100 luxury cabins
Vehicles: 6 launches, 8 small launches, 2 workpods
Emergency Vehicles: 40 lifeboats, 200 escape pods

Streel was quick to build a research station over the outpost world of Laco. With their homeworld's discovery of Zebulon and the general isolation Truane's Star contends with, it was a natural move to nab some control of their other neighboring outpost system. While PanGalactic may enjoy an overwhelming presence in the "hub of the Frontier" Streel has this spoke of the wheel that stretches into the Xagyg Dust Nebula all sewn up. Streel also owns & operates the Starport at Point Glass on Laco's surface, so they have a fair say at what comes and goes from this small world.