A Simple Insurance Investigation

Player Background

You had been looking into a job listing for mercenaries but that listing seems to be closed or filled; the only open listing left on the net is a simple insurance investigation. Its not very glamorous but money is money and the offer seems to pay well: 60 Credits/day with first class skills certification and bonus for a demolitions expert? What's up with that? Maybe somebody detonated a bomb. You figure why not money is money and it beats unskilled labor postings at 20 credits a day.

You arrive at the CDC corporate enclave. CDC is big in insurance and your not surprised to land in the office of an insurance adjuster.

"Thank you for arriving promptly. A shuttle that CDC holds the policy on went down a couple days ago. An emergency beacon from it was only detected today and the area where the beacon is signaling form was overflown from orbit but there was no visual of the lost ship. The troubling issue with this ship is the last broadcast from it:"

The insurance adjuster lays a file table computer on the table and activates a recording, "There's been an explosion! Dierba is dead. I'm sealing off the engine compartment. Has anyone...." and the recording ends in static.

We also know that the owners were planning to sell the Hepplewhite Dream and purchase an interstellar craft so we're concerned with insurance fraud and that is where your come in. You will fly out to the area of the emergency beacon, locate the ship, determine the cause of the crash, rescue any survivors, recover any casualties and collect and preserve any evidence you find before reporting back here."

"CDC will provide an air car to fly you and it will return after 20 hours. You will also have a 300 Credit advance for supplies and will be paid for two days work with bonuses for successful investigation. You have an hour to obtain supplies before the rented air car and pilot are here. Any of you demolitions certified? If not we have an scanners keyed to dected the presence of explosive material."