Another Attack

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February 15, 2014 - 1:38pm
I just got hit (tested maybe) by Eric L. Nichols.  He did little damage, probably thought
he was hitting a nice remote undefended property.  Here is the log:

Report: # 1/37 ~ loc: 2238, 2684  
2/15   9:27 ~ GST: 02/15 16:27 ~ type: conquer
Older reports (7+ days ago) are not shown.
You defended the attackers original target, Eric Winsor. Eric L. Nichols (Alpha Centauri), on the left, attacked you, your commander got 269 XP
Attackers Tech: Helix Mountings Lv. 26, Side Winder Lv. 26, Cerebral Interface Lv. 21, Lasers D Lv. 21
Defenders Tech: Reinforced Grating Lv. 25, Charged Plasma Blast Lv. 25

Attackers Commander Bonus: +40%
Defenders Commander Bonus: +55%

I messaged him the following and reinforce my turrets with a fleet of 860 colossi.

To: Eric L. NicholsSubject: Attack at 2236,2683

Nice of you to attack my little lonely star. Our alliance has cooperated with members of
your alliance in the past. Gollwin Academy is the wrong target. If you desire a method of
raising XP without provoking war between cooperative and honorable alliances, we have
a king of the hill game location for fleet on fleet battles without the troubles of property and stations.


Eric Winsor
Gollwin Academy

We'll see what he does.