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November 29, 2012 - 8:24pm


 We have all seen the recruiting poster. You can’t miss it since it is plastered everywhere. One member of each of the Core Four in each quarter separated by crossed lightning flashes. The Yazirian in the upper left gliding down into battle with a Khad’ dan ready to strike. The Dralasite in the lower left almost flattened, sneaking under rolls of razor wire with a dagger in each limb. The Vrusk in the lower right knocking out four opponents with four different limbs at the same time. Last the Human female in the torn tank top firing a huge laser rifle with one hand and the other arm raised and signaling for the others to come to her and the caption saying “Join the Fight, Join Merco”

Merco starts with a little known fact. More than three quarters of their employees who are all fully qualified with weapons NEVER fire one except during training. Face it, warfare in the modern era needs a lot more support than it needs beings to beat each other over the head. Merco makes most of its profits from these divisions than from the shooter divisions.

Now for the different departments in the Merco mega corp:

Warrior Units: The basic combat units everything thinks Merco consists of. These can be ordered in sizes from squad to division and equipped in a wide variety of ways. It is known that Land Fleet usually hires Merco Warrior Units to play opposing forces for their units for evaluation purposes.

Security Units: Whether it is a museum at Zebulon University or a factory on New Streel or a school crossing point or the Miss Lossend tiara, when you need it protected then you need the Merco Sercurity Units. Some beings are under the impression that the Security Units are filled with Warrior Unit personnel who are close to retirement. Actually Merco has a very strict policy of NOT allowing employees to transfer from the Warrior Units to the Security Units and vice versa. Merco tests all potential applicants for many things. One of them is that whether a being is good at offensive or defensive operations and then they are stuck there. Merco learned long ago that those who make good gung ho attack till your all dead or they are types are not real good at sitting down and watching things that usually do not move or becoming part of the background while attending a diplomatic party. Merco in fact uses their own Security Units as guards at their Warrior Unit base camps and supply dumps. As many a young Warrior Unit recruit as learned, not listening to the instructions of the Security Unit guard can easily land you in the hospital.

Special Environment Unit: Need someone to protect or attack the underwater mining complex of a rival or maybe the moon base of a pirate organization or a raid on a gas siphoning complex on a corrosive atmosphere world? Then we have the beings for you. Each of these Special Environment Units specialize in one type of environment so that they perform all actions just like natural born killers. Depending on the unit there may be a wait until their services are available.

Electronic Security Unit: The basis for all warfare is information. It may be nice to know that the asteroid belt you want defended contains Frecklalium but not letting the ones who want to raid it know which seven asteroids actually have that precious precious crystal is very important. The Electronic Security Unit will insure no own gets anywhere near your precious precious information. Note these units are always accompanied by Security Units for the protection of the personnel, the equipment, the software and you (maybe).

Civil Affairs Unit: Typhoon Katie Bell wipe out your southern coast or a corporate war roll over a city or two or a couple of our Warrior Units are cleaning out an infestation of Quickdeaths and you need to house 10,000 Saurians for a couple of months. Call up our Civil Affairs Units and we can handle all of your civilians concerns. Please be sure to specify which races will need aid when you place your order.

Upkeep Unit: So you have the best fighters in the Frontier and they are all ready to go with the latest Wartech Battle Tanks. But no one knows how to change the air and septic filters to keep them running. We have highly trained, skilled and equipped maintenance units who will come in and take care of all your preventative and repair maintenance needs. Unlike Wartech our Upkeep Units will be on the battle flied with you and keep you at the edge of the fight. NOTE These units are also involved in salvaging enemy equipment from the battle flied for Merco’s use or for resale or for scrap. This is said to be one of their most profitable areas.

Intelligence Units: Need to know something and know it now. Our Intelligence Units can find it out for you using all of the latest information gathering techniques. Please NOTE all means of information gathering are perfectly legal and NEVER involve illegal methods like hacking, torture, blackmail, kidnapping, arson to cover tracks all methods are strictly on the up and up. (See our reps for more information on this subject) NOTE 2 Intelligence Units and Electronic Security Units frequently work with and against each other.

Black Ops Units: Officially these units do not exist. But every planetary ruler and mega corp CEO and a lot of very wealthy beings have their contact information hidden in safes and other very secure locations. What they are capable and willing to do is not known, not even by the units themselves until asked. One thing is known. A Sathar attack force was headed for Snowball. Merco accidently let it be transmitted in the clear one of the Black Ops Units nicknames in the clear and “someone” responded that they were ready in the clear. The Sathar immediately retreated.

BIG NOTE Secrecy is a major part of Merco’s operations. Also they will never accept a contract where they go against their own units. For this reason they insist that they be allowed to turn down any contract for any reason. The usual reason most potential clients assume is that the other side has already hired them. Some potential clients in fact attempt to get a contract just to see if they will be turned down. Merco has developed methods to accept contracts and fulfill them without going against themselves.

Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?