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November 29, 2012 - 8:18pm


The Frontier is not a safe place. Between the Sathar, Pirates who can’t stay in space, natural and unnatural wildlife, criminal organizations lurking everywhere, megacorps blowing things up, Star Law shooting anything that moves and your nice new neighbors who have only one little quirk which is to eat intelligent beings brains you need something to even the odds and keep you and your loved ones safe from all the dangers of the Frontier than you just need to visit your local Wartech dealer and pickup what you need. From pocket lasers to pocket battleships Wartech has all the protection you need.


Wartech starts with a little known fact. One of the largest departments in Wartech is the legal department. This is not because they fear lawsuits. Wartech has the largest annual income of any megacorp because they hold exclusive contracts with Landfleet, Galactic, Merco, several Planetary Governments, Star Law and Spacefleet. While they don’t sell them every single weapon the ones that they do sell they make sure no one else interferes with their contracts. They also apply this philosophy to their patents and anyone who tries to make something close to their equipment. Many an inventor has found themselves sued out of business by Wartech even if their invention was not even close to a Wartech product.

Now for the different departments in the Wartech:

Military Small Arms: The basic combat arms of any squad are made not as carbon copies but according to the desire of the military that is purchasing them. While this may seem like a waste of effort it actually has advantages for both maker and buyer. For the maker, Wartech, they have a diversified product line which means a larger catalogue of items for sale to other buyers. For buyers they get what they want and need and generally at a better price. Face it if your militia is all Dralasite using Vrusk fitted laser rifles is not going to work well.

Police and Security Small Arms: These forces are similar to military but require different weaponry to perform their specific duties. Wartech makes them the mostly nonlethal equipment they use but also special deadly equipment.

Civilian Small Arms: Not well known to most of the Frontier this is Wartech’s largest division. If you consider that beings across the Frontier buy weapons for many different reasons; protection, hunting, competition, collecting, legal requirements and so on and in the end the number of civilians far outnumbers the numbers of military by several factors. Plus members of the military like to buy personal weapons.

Indirect Fire Weapons: The basis for warfare is to destroy the enemy. You don’t need to see the enemy to destroy them just have an idea where the enemy is to wipe them off the map and Wartech has the bigger bang bangs to do it. From mortars to howitzers to bounce beam lasers to long range gyrojet launchers to rockets Wartech has what you need.

Missile Weapons: Only a little different from Indirect Fire Weapons a missile is guided at least a little by some type of intelligence either on board or off. Size is everything from personnel killers to battleship killers.

Vehicle Divisions: There is one main headquarters for this group but many subdivisions. Wheeled, hover, flying, floating, and submersible you name it they have a subdivision for you to buy from. Note this also includes military, police, security and civilian armed vehicles.

Mines, Traps and Obstacles: Defensive weapons are not what most beings think of when they think of Wartech but they should. Keeping other beings out or in somewhere sometimes requires using items that are very dangerous to living beings. Wartech has provide quite a few prisons everything they needed to prevent any escape from those facilities

Unarmed and Melee Combat Divisions: Megacorps do not get rich by thinking limited. Trainers, dojos, books, holovids, training aids and dummies, equipment and weapons are all a rich revenue stream for Wartech.

Robot Weapons: Wartech arms combat and security robots for several different companies. Generally the same rules apply to the robotic relationships as they do to living being weapons.

Starship Weapons: Many beings think Wartech only makes handheld weapons. Wartech makes weapons of all sizes and there are very few ships sailing the stars that are not armed with Wartech weapons.

Safety and Education Teams: All Frontier school agers are familiar with the Wartech SETs. To encourage shooting and as great public relations Wartech sends out custom tailored and specially trained groups all across the Frontier. This was actually started on the advice of legal department to help prevent lawsuits. Besides if a client shoots himself dead with a Wartech weapon they are not very likely to buy another weapon.

NOTE Wartech has two divisions which are not known to even most of their own employees.

Alien Research: Every time a new race or culture is discovered Wartech sends teams of researchers to study how they fight. Not only to eventually sell them weapons but to improve their existing weapons and war fighting techniques. It is also rumored by members of this group that the elite researchers are working on Clikk, Tetrach and a couple of other races that no one has ever heard of weapons

Doomsday Weapons: Everyone has heard the rumors about Wartech building weapons which can destroy a planet but not selling them. Actually they sell weapons that can ruin a planet every day. This division researches weapons that can destroy bigger things. Like the entire Sathar Empire.

Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?