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April 1, 2010 - 9:33am
This is a work in progress for the Frontier Space (TM) game. We added a "walker" mode of transport recently. Below I made a small military walker.

TypeVC3 walker vehicle
Crew1 crewmen
Body Points200 BP
Hardpoints4 points
Handling+0 %
Cruise Speed100 kph
Top Speed200 kph
Acceleration70 kph/turn
Deceleration70 kph/turn
Power PlantType-3 Parabattery
Power Range13 months (or 1,071km)
Mass2.9 tons
 (stows in 4 CU space)
Vehicle ID3A-010010050605050000-03
Cost47,000 Cr (military vehicle - no rental available)
This small walker has two legs and two arms. Each arm has a heavy laser mounted on it. Each shoulder area holds a gyrojet cluster of 20 rockets. These are special gyrojets that have a heat-seeker sensor.

You can modify the above walker by putting in the Vehicle ID and using the Previous links. Or build your own.