Adventure Pets: Space Cats

Elipherions (Space Cats)

Type: Medium Omnivorous Feline-like creatures similar to a caracal

Number: found in groups/packs of up to 10

Movement: Very fast (90 meters/turn)

IM/RS: 9/90

STA: 55

ATK: 2d10 (claws, can do two different attacks per turn), 3d10 (bite)

Special Attack: Ambush - if the cat is not detected by the enemy, any attack has a modifier of +7 to any damage rolled.

Native World: Zik-kit on the K'isk-Kar system

Description: These compact yet graceful cats were once plentiful on the rocky world of Zik-kit, as the terrain was a perfect place to find prey, bask in the light of the nearby star, or hide. However, once the planet was colonized, anyone on the planet was authorized to shoot these cats if they interfered with the mining work done by the Vrusk. This led to widescale destruction of the species, and many of the prey were being killed by the pollution. Lately, though, the species has been under the watchful eye of the ECGOCVH, a coalition of Vrusk and Human researchers aiming to conserve wildlife on many planets, and populations are on the rise. The species has a special bonding pattern that appears to occur when one of the major races saves the life of one of these cats. A prime example is the bond between the space cat Cloud's Edge and the explorer Alistair Ravenshade. They share a telepathic link that allows for communication, and this means that Cloud's Edge can accompany Ravenshade on his adventures and be able to contribute to the party's success. This was evidenced when Cloud's Edge was able to successfully leap onto the back of a Slither so that Ravenshade and his group could kill it while it was distracted.

Lifespan: about 35 years in the wild, about 45 in captivity, and about 50 with free reign (bonded)

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