Privateer Captain in Need of a Crew

Captain John Knightrazor (formerly Robert "Razor" Kitridger) has just commissioned a brand new light freighter design from Streele, Incorporated's para-military division.

The SS Aquilian Starling is a light freighter purpose built system ship intended to serve as a licensed privateer under Pale's government, intended to wreak some havoc against Pan Galactic Conglomerate and their Mining Guild.

Captain John is a former pirate who served as a fighter jockey under the Lonely Knights faction. He will not discuss this with his potential crew members, at least not right away...there are several reasons he opted for a legal name change with his new career. 

Suffice it to say the new ship is a drastic change in pace. A pair of laser batteries offer a long range 360º punch that he didn't enjoy with the limited shorter range forward weaponry of a fighter. As such a pair of decent gunners will be a vital addition to the crew, and some technical know-how will also be a boon to keep the vessel running properly.