I know my site has migrated over time, and many of you have already shown your appreciation in previous guestbooks, but please... show your love and drop a comment for all to see!
Pat Williams
I liked your site.
Excellent site, I especially like the "Star Frontiersman", an awesome 'zine. And a job well done on the Digitaly Remastered stuff as well.
This site is freakin' awesome.
Great site. This has brought me back.
Mark E Schumaker
Great site. I have been a Star Frontiers player since it first came out. This is great
I wish I could say you have a nice site, but I'm having trouble with creating a account. It's been several days and I have not received a confirmation email yet. Since there is no "help" on the log in screen, I just happened to see in the guestbook a email to send these problems too. This email bounced back to me, so I'm still not getting anywhere. Please check screen name "Dustin Fireblade" to activate my account. I would love to be part of this site.
Happy new year 2008, and thank's for the excellent job you've made reviving this great game! Hope the best for SF for next years !
[quote=Chris Harper]Hi, I tried to register. I got an 'e'mail but I still cannot login. What should I do?[/quote]The email may have a confirmation in it that you need to click (I don't remember). Contact Bill at referee@starfrontiers.us.
Comment by CleanCutRogue
Of all the ways to tell me this Corjay - why would you select the public guestbook? :P
I just want to thank you all for creating and or contributing to this site.  Please keep it up.
chris harper
Hi, I tried to register. I got an 'e'mail but I still cannot login. What should I do?
Bill, and the other members of the SF revival team, what a fantastic site you have created! I have to admit that it's a bit of a sensory overload at the minute - i really can't believe the amount of material created, and more importantly how you have directed the revival in a productive manner. The 3 month drought is over, time for us all to take a part.
Phalanx is spelled with a "ph."
My only complaint is that you seem prejudiced in favor of the Alpha Dawn stuff in terms of modules. Is this the case, or just a case of having insufficent materiel to scan?

lol. looking good.  Cant wait til this goes public.
This is an anonymous guestbook signing. Woot!
Look. I'm signing, it, see? Man, always twisting my arm. :P