Project Goals

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October 24, 2016 - 10:12pm
The Celestia Frontier Add-on Project aims to:

  • Create a Celestia add-on of the Frontier in 3D.
  • Be true to published jump route distances when rounded to an integer.
  • Be true to star system data published.
  • Create scientifically plausible star systems.
  • Create texture maps for all worlds in each system.
  • Create larger versions of the texture maps that can be used be GMs.
  • Create html links for each star/planet/object with discriptions and data.
  • Create Celestia scripts for in game use.
  • Colaberate, share, and show off cool stuff.

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October 26, 2016 - 10:55pm
OK, got everything I have done so far broken into seperate logically segregated zips and uploaded to the downloads section of the project.  These are:

Frontier star map (required)
Araks system
Athor system
Benafaer system
Cassidine system
Gruna Garu system
K'aken-kar system
K'tsa-Kar system
Sundown system
Theseus system
Unexplored system FS033
Unexplored system FS035
Unexplored system FS041
The assault scout model
The model of the Lesser Morass

I numbered all the stars on the Zeb's guide map as FSxxx where FS stands for Frontier Star.  This allowed me to keep track of all the stars in a spreadsheet as I made the initial 3D map.  Then I replaced all the FSxxx stars with their known names.  Only the stars without a name in the literature still have an FSxxx designation.  This makes all the unexplored stars hold that designation.