Planet Details

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August 13, 2016 - 4:24pm
Imirrhos/Antares 9 (Antares)

Size diameter: 13300 km
Atmosphere: Standard nitrogen/oxygen
Percent Surface Water: 65%
Gravity: 1
Hours in the Day: 24
Race(s): Imirrhos (Native) 15%, Human 40%, Yazirian 15%, Vrusk 15%, Dralasite 10%, Others 5% Population Density: 595,000
Law Level: 1 (Standard military weapons allowed no weapons of mass destruction)
Government Type: Balkanized Governments under a loose centralized UPF representative
Average Technology Level of Planet: Standard UPF level
Docking Station Code: C (Full Service maintenance no ship building)
Land Port Code: A (full service with multiple landing fields)
Types of Satellites: One natural
General Notes: The United Planetary Federation Survey Ship Ourang Medan while scouting the Antares system found that the ninth planet of the system was a rare "Paradise Planet" perfectly suited to all four of the Core Races. To prevent any one group from taking control of the planet the UPF set up a "share system" where individuals, planetary governments or megacorporations could buy pieces of the planet to develop but no one could afford to buy the entire planet. A few individuals and small groups bought shares. Most of them were very small fringe groups looking to get away from the UPF or really rich beings looking for very private retreats and many back to nature types. Not surprisingly no planetary governments wanted any part of the Antares 9 since they could not get total control. Seven of the megacorporations bought shares and quickly established industries on planet. It was discovered that there is a Native Race on Antares 9. They call the planet Imirrhos and the UPF colonists call them that. The Imirrhos had a pre-space flight technology and have quickly adopted UPF technology although trade with them has been limited by all parties to avoid culture shock. The Imirrhos have not only accepted the UPF but welcomed them. They have a small population and at one point had encountered the Sathar but were not decimated like the Eorna. Things went well for several years on planet although each of the megacorporations kept large standing armies supposedly to protect themselves from possible Sathar attack. They do skirmish against each other but no major corporate war has been fought on Antares 9. Each of the on planet Chief Executive Officers is also a military leader of their own personal guard battalion. While overall things on the surface appear to be going well for everyone living on Antares 9 there are quite a few secrets about to burst out and possibly destroy the planet. First is that the Planet was once a Tetrach colony and became a battleground in their war with the Klikk. Scattered around the planet are several artifacts of great power. Each of the megacorporations has found one of particular power and is saving it to use should in an "emergency". The very rich on Antares 9 regularly vacation at a resort in a beautiful valley in the Antares 9 highlands. The CEOs of the megacorporations on planet have quarterly meetings there. Unfortunately, this valley was once a toxic waste dump for the Tetrach. The strange mix of chemicals here has a mutagenic effect on living creatures. The flora and fauna of the valley have been mutated already which is what makes it so beautiful. The seven CEOs have all been mutated by the valley but since they can afford the best medical care it has led to them all receiving very powerful beneficial mutations. The Protectorate have returned to Antares 9. They are not leading an all-out attack but have infiltrated several of the megacorporations and are planning to use them to start a war and have the megacorporations take the planet for them. Then the Sathar troops and some of their allies will then move in and seize control of the planet.
Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?