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August 4, 2016 - 9:01am

Physical Appearance and Structure
The Imirrhos are a race of bipedal (two arms and two legs) humanoids. They appear very similar to Humans except for their heads which are inverted rhomboid shaped instead of the usual oval shaped heads of Humans. They have skin colors which range from grey to light tan but their hair colors are the same as Humans.

Imirrhos senses of are very similar to Humans with one exception. The Imirrhos have larger eyes which allow them to see better in the dark. This means they can see by low level light where others only see darkness.

Imirrhos speak with a larynx similar to Humans and Yazirians. This allows them to learn those languages easily and have an ability to learn Vrusk and Dralasite languages with a little training. The entire Imirrhos race speaks one language. Much like the beings who speak it the language is spoken fluidly with almost all words being under three syllables and containing many rolling r's and s sounds.

Society and Customs
The Imirrhos extremely social from having to live together for so long. They are best when they are in large groups but the group does not have to be made up of Imirrhos only.

The Imirrhos were following the normal path of development other races followed when the Sathar came to visit their planet. The Sathar overwhelmed the Imirrhos as they did other races but the Imirrhos leadership had been ready to make sacrifices and relocated thousands to vast cavern systems in the mountain ranges. While most of those who tried to fight the Sathar were killed all those who made it underground lived. The Imirrhos continued to live underground primarily and have kept their population low to avoid inviting the Sathar back. When the UPF arrived on Antares 9, the Imirrhos welcomed them as allies and for the first time in centuries began to build extensively on the surface again. The Imirrhos feel that a combined effort by them and the UPF will keep their planet safe.

Special Abilities
Lay of the Land-Imirrhos know their planet extremely well. When making any skill attempts in Environmental skills they are considered one level higher than they are. If they are unskilled they are considered level one. This applies only while they are on Antares.  

Imirrhos Characters
Imirrhos are welcome in the Frontier. Only a very few have left their homeworld and none have done so on a permanent basis. All Imirrhos characters will be on Antares.

Player Character Briefing on Imirrhos
Imirrhos are a warm and welcoming people who seek to gain the most they can from their relationship with the UPF and other races. All UPF citizens are warned that selling technology above the levels set out in UPF relations guide lines is strictly prohibited as this can lead to culture shock.

STR/STA +0     DEX/RS+0   INT/LOG+0    PER/LDR +10
Average Size-1.9 m    Average Mass-70 kg   Average Lifespan-90 yr   
Reproduction heterosexual     Body Temp   36 C     

Walking              10 m      
Running              30 m      
Hourly                5 km     

STR/STA-50/50     DEX/RS-50/50     INT/LOG-55/55         PER/LDR-60/60    
IM 5      PS +3       RW 25      MW 25          
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