Places of Interest

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July 31, 2016 - 6:45am
The Starport
The only truly neutral place on Antares 9 (at least before the Sathar show up), Star Law and Landfleet provide security here. The megacorporations are not allowed to have landing fields outside of the Starport. This was a control measure that the UPF installed so the megacorporations do not run amok. Also a great tax base.

There is an entire city built up around the Starport and very few of the people here work for the on planet megacorporations. Most work in businesses related to the Starport and trade off and on planet.

What little planetary government there is is also located here. This is mainly consisting of the Governor who administers the Starport region and acts as an arbitrator for all groups on planet.

Located in the highest mountain range on planet is the valley of Caprona. Acces to the vallry is only by air travel so not even the natives knew about it. Here is a completely independent eco-system evolved which is still under study although not much funding is put into it.

A Vrusk trade house looking to set up a special retreat far away from prying eyes bought shares to the land here. Frankly no one else wanted it because it was so out of the way and very high in the atmosphere. Instead they found a lush tropical valley hidden from scans by strange conditions and immediately changed plans to build the greatest resort in the Frontier.

This is not a simple hotel but a series of themed hotels and isolated villas for those who can afford it. Any wish or desire is seen to by the mostly robotic staff. There are many attractions and activities found nowhere else on the planet or the Frontier can be found here. As long as you can afford it.

A secret not shared is that the valley was used by the Klikk as a toxic waste dump. The owners of the resort do not know this but do know what the results of staying here too long are. After centuries of exposure the more extreme mutations among the flora and fauna have evolved themselves out. But may of the flora and fauna have mutations which are very dangerous. There are many unique creatures here and some believe intelligences that have lived for centuries.

A short visit of a month to the valley eating food grown there and breathing the air is not dangerous. Staying in the valley for more than that time or repeatedly staying in the valley will lead to beings becoming mutants. Many of these mutations result in the death of the mutant quickly or are so minor they can be ignored or corrected with modern medicine. Some however are extremely powerful.

The original owners are all mutants. Most of the staff is robotic or android. For the biological staff, they have taken steps to prevent the staff from becoming mutants such as importing all food claiming the food grown in the valley is for guests only. They also medically monitor the saff very closely. Some believe that they have a plan of creating a mutant army of very special beings.

NOTE this is my explanation for the powers the game gave the House leaders. It is also a great excuse to use the Gamma Dawn rules.
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