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    Volturnus Regional Map

    Version: 1
    Project: Joe's Half-Baked Ideas
    File Name: Volturnus Player's map.JPG
    File Size: 1.37 MB
    File Type: image/jpeg
    Updated: July 23, 2016 - 6:12pm
    Submitted: JCab747
    With a little help from GDW (Game Designers' Workshop), I've placed the TSR Hobbies' Volturnus map within a Traveller: 2300 regional map. Each hex of the GDW map is 100 kilometers wide.

    The classic Volturnus map, as described in "Crash on Volturnus" page 3 is 600 by 400 kilometers, which is "about the size of the state of Colorado."

    As you will note, there's plenty of white space around the Volturnus map.