System Brief: Devco

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May 4, 2016 - 4:08pm
OK, on the surface, trying to do a system brief for Devco may seem like a wasted effort. It's a system introduced in Zebulon's Guide to the Frontier with a description written with almost careless abandon:

"Cass is a mega-corp planted founded by the Cassidine Development Corporation. It eventually became a refuge for the multitudes that were left homeless by the Blue Plague."

It eventually became a refuge?

According to Zeb's own disfunctional timeline, Cass was opened for colonization in 32 FY. The infamous Blue Plague ran its course between 17 and 27 FY. So, more than five years after the plague ended, Cass became a refuge? As others, such as Shadow Shack, have pointed out, why wouldn't the "homeless" have settled somewhere else. The whole plague world thing is ridiculous if a cure had been found.

Besides, what is a "multitude"? The planet only has a light population, which is defined as "only a few cities, and most would be considered small on a planet with a Heavy population" (AD p. 49).

I'm sorry, the whole concept needs to be reworked. The CDC was founded in 8 FY and quickly grew to mega-corp size. OK, that's fine. But then you had a 10-year plague that disrupts trade and travel in the Frontier, yet it still has the resources and gumption to found a corporate world in 32 FY. And that is two years after the Pan-Galactic Corporation established Pan-Gal and a year after Streel opened New Streel for settlement.

I had thought of ditching the Blue Plague altogether or moving its outbreak to just before the Second Sathar War in my own timeline, but maybe I'll leave it around 17-27 FY. Perhaps its like having a bad influenza pandemic, such as around 1918, but one would think with the medical standards of the Frontier -- where Humans can live to an average age of 200 years -- they would be able to contain an outbreak better than we did with ebola. And with that example, ebola created a great amount of death in parts of Africa, but it has not turned into a worldwide pandemic.

With that, I'll start presenting the Devco System Brief as a work in progress (WIP).
Joe Cabadas

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May 10, 2016 - 6:50pm

How Devco Was Shortchanged

By Joseph Cabadas

Just a few more minutes and the weekend would begin, Greevi thought as he checked over the compendium once more. This will be a masterpiece. A jaw-dropping -- at least for those beings that had jaws -- work of epic proportions that would catalog every little planetoid, major comet, dust cloud or stream of every system of the United Planetary Federation. It will be so...

Greevi froze as it scanned over the planetary notes section once again. Drawing air into its voicebox, it let out a thunderous bellow, "AH-NOR-REE! Honoree come HERE!"

There was a clatter from elsewhere in the room, behind the shelves of artifacts and the thump of feet as Dale Honoree came into view. The student came into view, his light hair disheveled. “What is it Professor Greevi? I was just heading out.”

The Dralasite tapped on the desk, indicating that Honoree should come closer. “Look at this description you wrote for the Devco System, it’s too long.”

“But, but it’s one of those Zebulon discovered worlds,” Honoree said nervously. “You always want to gush about that fact…”

“Not this time. The description needs to be short and catch the reader’s eye. It can’t be an essay about ghost ships and pirates and all that stuff.” Greevi highlighted a paragraph. “Here. This is what we’ll say about it.”

“Just about the Blue Plague?”

“Precisely. It will make its description distinctive.” Greevi wrote: Cass is a mega-corp planet founded by the Cassidine Development Corporation. It eventually became a refuge… It paused again and looked at Honoree. “How many plague refugees lived there?”

“Well, there were some three dozen ships, I think…”

“You think?”

“I wrote this a couple weeks ago, professor. Can’t I get going? The game starts in an hour…”

“You can wait a moment for your youthful indulgences. Remember it is a privilege to be working in this office.”

Shrugging, Honoree nodded. “Yes, professor.”

“And we want the best compendium ever published about the Frontier, don’t we?”

“Yes, professor.”

“It will be one that will do justice to all the research time and effort of all the explorers, astrogators, historians, scientists and biographers who’ve gone before us. Correct?”

“Yes professor.”

“Now some three dozen ships… Many of those were passenger liners, right?”

“I think so, or others who were stowed in storage class aboard freighters.”

“Ah, I’ve got it.” Greevi then wrote: …a refuge for the multitudes that were left homeless by the Blue Plague. “Now, that ought to be a tearjerker statement, as you Humans would say.”

“I guess so, professor, but multitudes?”

“Hey, we’re being brief. We can debate about it now… which I don’t mind. Or later.” The Dralasite got up from his seat. “I’ll do it later after the Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier makes its debut!”

Author's note: The following system brief on Devco makes several changes to the Zeb's timeline. For example, I believe that the Volturnus modules should come long after the First Sathar War, but before the Third Dramune War. I place them more in the 40s or 50s decade of the Federation Year calendar. So, that means institutions such as the University of Zebulon are established later.

First contact with the Rim races also comes after the Volturnus modules, but before the Second Sathar War.

Joe Cabadas

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May 6, 2016 - 4:57pm
Author's note: The following system brief on Devco makes several changes to the Zeb's timeline. For example, I believe that the Volturnus modules should come long after the First Sathar War, but before the Third Dramune War. I place them more in the 40s or 50s decade of the Federation Year calendar. So, that means institutions such as the University of Zebulon are established later.

First contact with the Rim races also comes after the Volturnus modules, but before the Second Sathar War. So, there won't be any Capellan Free Merchants helping out during the First Sathar War.
Joe Cabadas

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May 10, 2016 - 6:51pm

System Data: Devco

Spectral Type: F9 Yellow-White Dwarf

Total Planets: 8

Inhabitable Planets: Cass

Major Trade Routes:

·   Inner Reach and Outer Reach (Dramune) – Distance: 4 light years

·   Groth and Terledrom (Fromeltar) – Distance: 5 light years

System History

Devco is a rather young F9 star in the Vrusk/Dralasite Arm of the Frontier. In 3 PF, famed explorer Alorne Zebulon, who had finally separated himself from the Pan-Galactic Corporation, and became an independent operative, plotted a star route from Dramune the star system F9C4572 and verified that it had eight major planets.

While preparing to leave the system, after conducting a month-long survey, he encountered the wreck of an unknown spacecraft sheathed by a crystalline skin. If his ship hadn’t been in the right place, at the right time, the vessel would have gone unnoticed, probably to current times, because it was outside the system’s plane of the ecliptic. The vessel appeared to have been attacked and was the equivalent of a hull size 5 craft. Inside it contained the bodies of more than two dozen dinosaur-like creatures.

Zebulon took several samples and set a radio beacon on the craft, hoping to retrieve it later before successfully jumping back to Dramune and to the news that the Frontier was at war with the Sathar. The explorer turned military scout and was of great aid to helping Admiral Vincent Morgaine and his rag-tag fleet of the Second Common Muster.

Years later, after the founding of the United Planetary Federation, Zebulon turned his attention back to star system F9C4572 and the samples he had collected. He was loath to just register the route with the new Frontier Office of Survey and Statistics. Although he would have received a modest finder’s fee and a royalty from any proceeds from future developments, he wanted much more than that.

During the First Sathar War, Zebulon had made contacts with Cassidy Dynamics, a major corporation based on Triad (Cassidine) that had offices throughout the Human arm of the Frontier.[i] He approached the company and was warmly received. They offered him an undisclosed sum for his discoveries and promptly made a deal that made him a consultant, but allowed Zebulon to maintain his independence.

When Cassidy Dynamics was reorganized in 8 FY as the Cassidine Development Corporation, the development of F9C4572 was one of top projects on its agenda. Zebulon returned to the system, but was unable to find the crystalline craft. (After Volturnus was opened to exploration, later tests on the samples that Zebulon had collected confirmed that the craft was Eorna in origin).

The CDC established a series of unregistered mining operation on the fifth planet, which they named Cass. By 12 FY a star route had been charted from Devco, as the CDC began calling the F9C4572 system, to Fromeltar. Pirates soon discovered the system too and the CDC hired mercenaries to protect its mining operations and defend its cargo vessels.

Ghost Ships of Devco

Yet, CDC explorers were not the first to visit the system. Besides the ancient Eorna craft that Alorne Zebulon encountered, on the planet Cass itself, the corporation has documented finding the remains of at least five previous expeditions. It discovered three Vrusk scout vessels, a Human scout/colonization ship and a Dralasite scout vessel.

The oldest Vrusk ship found dates from roughly 160 PF. The Human vessel originally came from the ancient Recon-Development and Exploration Council, an agency of the old Terran Empire that was responsible for mapping the Frontier before colonists began arriving en masse. It is believed that many of these early explorers came to Cass because it had the best climate out of any in the Devco system. Somehow they became trapped on the planet. In most cases, the wrecks were found with evidence that the crews ran out of food and eventually succumbed to starvation or the elements. The recordings left behind showed in each case a growing insanity amongst Vrusk or the Human crews that helped lead to their final downfall.

The Dralasite vessel – the UoVorreeo, which was an Outer Reach registered vessel – was the newest wreck. It is estimated to have landed on Cass in 19 PF. Based on evidence of blast damage, archeologists be that the UoVorreeo’s crew was attacked and killed by an unknown assailant. Speculators have blamed everyone from space pirates to the Sathar to the Pan-Galactic Corporation for carrying out the action. But until further proof is unearthed, if it ever is, those theories are just speculation.

Since Devco is near the Cassidine-to-Dramune and Dramune-to-Fromeltar star routes, any number of ships misjumped into the system during the past centuries. The CDC later found at least four depowered, pre-UPF ships floating in the system with the bodies of crews that never made it home. Others who misjumped into Devco and made it home, though, provided the enough anecdotal reports about the system that prompted the Zebulon to chart a path to the star and back.

[i] Trussell, Allen. “System Brief: Cassidine,” Star Frontiersman, Issue 17.

Joe Cabadas

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May 10, 2016 - 6:52pm

Plague Colony

Late in 17 FY an epidemic broke out in the Frontier that became known as the “Blue Plague” because its earliest symptoms included large blue welts that appeared about the face and extremities of Humans and Yazarians – or around the eye nerve bundles of Dralasites or the joints of Vrusk. As the disease progressed, it caused multiple organ failures in Humans and Yazarians, possible death or blindness in Dralasites and a bursting open of the Vrusk’s protective carapace that often led to secondary infections and death.

The initial death rate approached 40 percent but quickly fell as quarantine and medical measures were brought to bear on the disease. Many survivors, however, were left horribly scarred by the plague.

For years the ultimate source of the plague was unknown. Scientists discovered that vermin of an unknown planet had gained entry to merchant scout vessel that had made several stops at major Frontier worlds. The plague spread rapidly leading to a virtual halt to space travel and paralyzing the economy of the entire sector.

In desperation, a number of passenger liners with suspected plague carriers were refused landing or docking rights. Some worlds packed their plague victims into hibernation containers and then loaded them into robotic freighters that were sent out to orbit their worlds.

In the midst of the disaster, the board of directors at the Cassidine Development Corporation offered to take in the “plague ships” at its unincorporated planet of Cass. The ships that could land were sent to an area that was 200 kilometers from its closest mining operation, but where they had access to fresh water. Robotic shuttles were used to ferry down others who were in ships that couldn’t land. The atmospheres of the orbiting ships were then vented to space and the empty hulks were towed to the third planet where they were placed in orbit until it was determined that they could be salvaged safely.

The ships on the surface were cannibalized so the plague colonists could make makeshift shelters, air purification equipment and hydroponic gardens. The UPF granted the CDC several waivers so it could transport donated goods including food, housing modules and medicines to the colony. In all, some 4,872 survivors lived in the community which became known as Gratitude.

As the Blue Plague mutated, it became less virulent and the Medical Services Organization eventually discovered a vaccine to inoculate Frontier beings to prevent further outbreaks. The vaccine, of course, would only prevent the plague from passing on to those who hadn’t had it before. It was not a cure for those whom had already contracted the disease, but better medical techniques improved the survival rate to more than 80 percent.

By 27 FY, the last travel restrictions were lifted as the MSO’s chief surgeon, Gretl Grohn, declared that the Blue Plague was eradicated from all inhabited planets in the Frontier. In all, 17 million beings died from the disease.

About a fourth of the plague survivors on Cass left the planet to return home, but many lacked the resources to book passage off world. Some 2,000 needed long-term care, so the UPF and the CDC helped establish more permanent structures at Gratitude.

Becoming a Corporate System  

In 32 FY, the CDC officially registered Devco with the UPF. It became the third mega-corporation controlled system registered with the United Planetary Federation which gave it representation on the Council of Worlds.

The fact that the CDC opened Devco to further development only two years after the Pan-Galactic Corporation registered the Pan-Gal System and a year after Streel Corporation registered its New Streel System is no coincidence. The CDC has been locked in occasional rivalries with its larger rivals. Many observers viewed the incorporation of Devco as an act of corporate hubris and as an effort to gain greater political clout.

Other political observers later pointed out that by formally designating Devco as a colonial system, the CDC has been able to protect its interests there from outside rivals, which also include the Vrusk trade houses and Dralasite companies. The system also gained a measure of protection by the Spacefleet to defend against pirates and Sathar raids.

After Cass was given representation on the Council of Worlds, the governments of Clarion (White Light), Hentz (Araks), Yast (Athor), Inner Reach (Dramune), and Gran Quivera (Prenglar) began lobbying for legislation to place limits on any future corporate colony worlds, including limiting their right to full membership on the council.

Joe Cabadas

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May 10, 2016 - 6:53pm

System Government

Devco is a corporate system under the governance of the Cassidine Development Corporation. Its capital is at Cass City on Cass. Early on the CDC formally granted colonists the right to freely elect the planet’s governor, legislators and representatives to the UPF along with choosing local government leaders. This practice stands in sharp contrast to the governments of Pan-Gal and New Streel that are firmly controlled by their respective corporations.

The colony has an elected governor, a part-time, unicameral legislator and an independent court system.

Piracy and the Corporate Militia

Another bane to the CDC’s operations has been the occasional pirate bands that have preyed on its ships. Some pirates have even landed on Cass and attacked mining camps to steal equipment.

The CDC has three armed merchant scouts that patrol the system, though generally one or two of the ships are down for maintenance at any one time. Cass’s only ground-based defense lasers and anti-missile systems are located around the three cities, which means there are many areas where ships can slip in and away from the planet without detection.

Every so often, the CDC dispatches a Q-ship – a heavily armed and armored freighter with powerful engines, but with very little cargo – to give any pirates a nasty surprise. These ships have often met the end of more than one pirate band.

Ground-based forces consist of a typical security/police force that operates around the three cities. The CDC supplements its security personnel with a force of 50 mercenaries who have access to some heavy weapons, vehicles and about a dozen warbots and combat robots. All citizens are encouraged to be armed and be prepared to defend themselves for a prolonged period of time if pirates attack. Citizens can own heavy weapons and armored vehicles, though not many have the financial wherewithal to buy such armaments. Individuals and families have been known to pool together their resources to buy a few such weapons that may be stored in a public armory.

A Spacefleet patrol will occasionally visit the system.

Star Law Prison

In an effort to prove that it is a good corporate citizen – and as a way to increase the Spacefleet’s patrols in its system, in 44 FY the Cassidine Development Corporation agreed to host a Star Law prison on Cass. The facility was built 10 kilometers away from the city of Gratitude between 46 and 52 FY, though it accepted its first prisoners in 49 FY. This is considered a medium-security prison and houses up to 500 prisoners at any one time.[i]

[i] Jedion357,

Joe Cabadas

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May 10, 2016 - 6:54pm

Devco System’s Planets, Planetoids and Navigation Hazards

The star Devco has eight planets with Cass, the fifth world, being the only one permanently inhabited due to its potential for terraforming and rich, rare earth mineral deposits.  

Malcolm (Devco I) is named after Malcolm Cassidy, the founder and CEO of Cassidy Dynamics, the predecessor company that became the Cassidine Development Corporation. It is an airless rock planet orbiting at 0.22 AU, an orbital period of 0.17 GST years and gravity rating at 0.69. One face is tidal locked toward its star. Pockmarked by craters, it is considered unremarkable.

Rupert (Devco II) is named after Rupert Cassidy, brother of Malcolm Cassidy. It is another rock planet with a dense, corrosive atmosphere and heavy radiation, indicating the presence of radioactive isotopes. It has one small moon and dull, greenish-tinged planetary rings. The CDC has established an automated mining base here with mostly heavy-duty type robots and controlled by a robot brain. Robotic shuttles are used to transport raw ores and any robots that need extensive maintenance work to an orbital processing station. The shuttles then ferry down any replacement parts, repaired robots and (rarely) maintenance crews. Orbital Radius: 0.3 AU, Period: 0.27 GST years, Gravity: 1.21.

Devco III is a rock planet with a trace atmosphere. Its orbital radius is 0.36 AU, its orbital period is 0.36 GST years and its gravity rating is 0.37. It is mostly unexplored but considered unremarkable by the CDC.

Devco IV is a rock planet beset with heavy volcanism and earthquakes. It has a standard, unbreathable atmosphere but also has water covering about 20 percent of its surface. At some point, the planet could be terraformed, but the CDC has determined that will be in the future. Although there are no permanent installations on the world, the corporation does occasionally send down survey teams to evaluate potential mining sites. Two small moons orbit the world. Orbital radius: 0.54 AU, Period: 0.66 GST years, Gravity: 0.93.

Cass (Devco V) is detailed separately.

Devco VI is an ice planet with a medium but unbreathable atmosphere. It has been identified as another potential world for terraforming. Moons: 1, Orbital radius: 1.62 AU, Period: 3.42 GST years, Gravity: 1.06

Devco VII is an ice planet with a trace atmosphere. Moons: 3, Orbital radius: 3.02 AU, Period: 8.67 GST years, Gravity: 1.06

Devco VIII is an ice planet and the final major world in the Devco System. It has a standard and breathable atmosphere; however, surface temperatures average -40 Celsius. Its one satellite is a minor, ice-bound planet with its own breathable, but cold atmosphere. Moons: 1, Orbital radius: 4.99 AU, Period: 18.41 GST years, Gravity: 1.5

The system has more than 30 significant planetoids, mostly orbiting beyond 6 AU from its star plus a number of comets.

Ships jumping in and out of the system are advised to plot a trajectory that takes them above the system’s plane of the ecliptic by 20 degrees. This adds two days to the in-system transit time that it takes to reach Cass.

Neighboring Brown Dwarf

About half a light year from Devco, “south” of the system’s plane of the ecliptic, is a massive brown dwarf, known as a Jovian 28, or 28 times the size of Jupiter. Several planet-sized objects have been detected orbiting the brown dwarf.

Unlike the brown dwarf that greatly disrupted the Yazarian’s home system, this brown dwarf, currently called Devco B, is not on a collision course with the Devco System. The dwarf, however, apparently has disrupted some comets in Devco’s Oort cloud, helping to lead to some of the system’s navigational hazards.

The brown dwarf’s system is unexplored.

Joe Cabadas

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May 10, 2016 - 6:55pm

Planetary Brief

Cass (Devco V)

Moons: None

Space Stations: 1 small, automated survey station

Distance from Star: 0.86 AU

Axis Inclination: 26.7 degrees

Climate Range: Strong seasons, Greenhouse effect; Avg. Temp. 20 degrees C, Min. -30 degrees C, Max. 64 degrees C

Atmosphere: High pressure, tainted atmosphere

Hydrosphere: 40 percent water, 12 percent ice

Gravity: 1.6

Colonists: Light, Corporate, approx. 25,000

Trade:  R (resources/mining)

Diameter: 19,921 kilometers

Length of Day (hours): 12 GST Hours, 6 GST Minutes

Length of Year: 0.98 GST Years

Native Life: simple sponges, corrals, jellyfish, algae, mosses

Planet Description:

Cass is a fairly young terrestrial world and the only one colonized thus far in the Devco System. Its rapid spin and large size contribute to its nearly crushing 1.6 gravity. The world is often shrouded in heavy cloud cover and it is often beset by violent storms.

The planet has a nearly breathable atmosphere, but colonists need breathing filter apparatus to survive more than a few hours outside. Treat the atmosphere as a S5/H* poison -- meaning that once a character fails a Stamina check, he will take 5 points of damage every hour that he breathes in the tainted atmosphere. A character would need to conduct a stamina check every 5 minutes outside to avoid its effects. Fortunately, once a character has access to an untainted air source, the being can shake off any further damage from the atmosphere’s toxin. However, the character will then need to rest or receive medical treatment to heal from the damage that’s been done.

Cass has many jagged mountain ranges and four major continental plates that rub up against each other and the ocean plates, resulting in occasional earthquakes and volcanic activity. The continents are Aitania, Ebovatan, Lethsothia and Yuchall. Its major bodies of water are Kaldrun Ocean, Prosperity Ocean and South Sea.

It also has two large deserts – Baldie and Gl’rayo – plus the smaller Rend Desert.

Plant and animal life is fairly simple, with mosses and algae, sponges, corrals and jellyfish being the major native life forms. The CDC is working with GODCo to terraform the planet, which may take a few decades before the atmosphere becomes breathable.[i] Between 38 and 50 FY, GODCo built six large terraforming plants along the equator. These facilities are operated by about 20 personnel each supplemented by robots.

As of 40 FY, the planet has only three major communities: the capital, Cass City, which is a massive arcology where Star Law has an office; Gratitude, which was mainly built from salvaged starliners and cargo ships and supplemented by other preform buildings; plus Prosperity, the newest arcology which supports dozens of mining camps. All three communities have starport and airport capabilities.

The arcologies are massive buildings with residential, agricultural, manufacturing, governmental, power, life support, water purification, sewage treatment and other sections. They are built to survive massive earthquakes without any significant damage.

The mining camps are partially automated, with numerous robot types overseen by CDC employees. Ground and hover vehicles supplemented by railways transport raw ores to centralized processing plants, which conduct the first few stages of refining, before the materials are sent on to one of the three major communities.

Artificial Satellites

Cass does not have any major space stations, though the CDC is contemplating building a docking station to help with space traffic and provide a base for its space-born militia.

[i] jedion357,

Joe Cabadas

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May 6, 2016 - 7:59pm
A system map and a world map for Cass are posted under Downloads.

I will be doing some revisions to the text of Cass' planetary description to better match the map.
Joe Cabadas

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May 7, 2016 - 7:31pm
Revised text... done. Revised Cass world map... done.

Joe Cabadas

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May 12, 2016 - 7:22pm
I like it... I especially like the ghost ships and insanity angle involved with them and the blue plague story of how that went down. Nice ideas. I will probably use your ideas but just adjust to my timeline & up the number of people that end up as refugees. The Brown dwarf is a nice touch too.

As a side note I also moved the scouting of Zebulon, I decided to place the Volturnus modules to actually be the start of SWI.

 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."

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May 13, 2016 - 4:29am
Tchklinxa wrote:
I like it... I especially like the ghost ships and insanity angle involved with them and the blue plague story of how that went down. Nice ideas. I will probably use your ideas but just adjust to my timeline & up the number of people that end up as refugees. The Brown dwarf is a nice touch too.

As a side note I also moved the scouting of Zebulon, I decided to place the Volturnus modules to actually be the start of SWI.

I could see the Volturnus modules being toward the start of the first Sathar War. Maybe that's why Truane's Star had its own fleet at that time, as opposed to the UPF Spacefleet responding.

Please feel free to make adjustments... that's what the game's about!
Joe Cabadas

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May 13, 2016 - 9:30am
 I think I may have some willing victims I mean "players" for this summer. Smile

Well Volturnus becomes a problem to place becuase of Zeb's changes for everyone. I just choose when I did so the Rim Race Timeline introduction would not have to be reworked. I think your logic works too and your logic is good.
 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."

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July 22, 2016 - 8:48am
JCab747 wrote:
A system map and a world map for Cass are posted under Downloads.

Your world maps are fantastic!  How did you make them?

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July 22, 2016 - 1:57pm
aemonaylward wrote:
JCab747 wrote:
A system map and a world map for Cass are posted under Downloads.

Your world maps are fantastic!  How did you make them?

A lot of cutting and pasting. I have an old photoshop like program for a now broken digital camera that allows me to make layered images. So, I with the hex map, I have to crop out the white spaces where I need to.

Under that I paste whatever general planetary map that the following website generates:

Then there's more stretching and cutting and pasting to make sure it fits in the various triangles.

After that, I look for satellite images of deserts, mountains, or whatever. I copy those into the image, crop out or alter things.

And then it's on to adding settlements and names...

Yeah, it's time consuming.

I have to finish my Corpco (New Streel) brief sometime soon... I really hate how they have Devco as the system name for the CDC corporate world and then Corpco for Streel's planet. The Zeb's staff couldn't come up with a mroe original name?
Joe Cabadas