Far Scape ideas for SF

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April 28, 2016 - 4:53am
Some fun stuff and good ideas in that show:

!st up Farting Helium, I love this idea that a race farts helium... option one Dralasites, option two Sathar type species... some other species? Just too funny. The S'sessu would be closest in personality type to the little slug guy, but Drals might be good option.

Translator Microbe: "These micro-biological organisms allow alien races to understand each other's speech. They "colonize at the base of the brain" and allow one to understand alien speech. The microbes can be injected, and go to work almost instantly. ("Premiere")

Translator microbes seem only to be required by the individual who needs to understand alien languages, not the speaker. In other words, only the listener needs to carry the microbes in order to understand alien speech, but for two-way communication to occur, both parties need the microbes. Translator microbes do not work on writing, but with the speech down, most species have no problem learning how to read in various languages." 

However it is clear from comments in the show children are injected at birth and so it would not be known in the show how many people have them... but they worked on a planet with a species that had no space tech or contact with advanced species... 

"It is notable that there is, potentially, at least one alien species, the Kalish, who cannot tolerate translator microbes. When Crichton first met Sikozu, who was a Kalish bioloid, had to learn English before she could understand what he was saying. His translator microbes allowed him to understand her.

While living with the Acquaran people, Crichton learned some phrases, in particular a greeting, in the native tongue, even though the translator microbes otherwise facilitated two-way communication without the need for Crichton to completely learn their language. ("Jeremiah Crichton") With help from John, Aeryn Sun learned English. Chiana and D'argo also learned a few English phrases as well. ("Kansas") How the microbes were bypassed in the case of Chiana and D'argo is unclear, but Aeryn learned English by watching human programming designed to improve child literacy, essentially learning through reading.

There were certain alien languages that were too complex to be translated by the microbes unless "dumbed down." Pilot's first language as well as the language spoken by Diagnosans fell into this category.  The Pilots' multitasking abilities allowed them to speak in an information dense language where one word could convey numerous ideas.  Most other species they might converse with were unable to understand this language without this mental capability.

NOTE: It's assumed that each character is simply speaking in their own native language, but D'Argo is often heard by the crew of Moya to speak phrases in Luxon, and Z'Haan is often heard praying in Delvian. It is expected that the translator microbes would allow these characters (and us, the viewers) to hear these words and phrases translated. Again, it's unclear how this bypass occurs."

Obviously in the show this is away of dealing with everyone being able to communicate right away, for SF I suggest all parties must have the microbobes for it to work, the colonies in each individual make the translation possible... perhaps certain psychic mental mutations interfere or can work with the microbes without that PC/NPC having them. There maybe away for a character to tell them not to translate... this would allow actual language learning or privacy, or the microbes could actually help learning language faster as a perk.

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April 29, 2016 - 4:51am
A war ship as a cultural treasure: 

The idea of a ship being important to culture does make sense, such as a colony ship, or a missing royal ship, or famous exploration ship for example, or a cargo ship with a valuable cargo...

A war ship would be appropriate for a warrior culture... 

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April 29, 2016 - 5:55pm
Peacekeeper Warrior training, such as flight simulator training, if you make a mistake on the final test you die... not sure which race might be this hardcore but it would be a shocker to most UPF races for a buddy from outside the UPF to have such an attitude.

Observations on the Translator Microbe: It does not always seem to translate 100% as sometimes characters make comments such as "my translator microbes must not have translated that correctly" or "did the translators microbes translate that?'... so it seems a mocking animal sound is translated to the other races equivelenet but mistakes in understanding can occur... but also learning of language seems to occur between users. 

The Flax is an energy web, a giant invisible "magna drift-net mesh" stretching across millions of zacrons of empty space. It is used exclusively by the Zenetan Pirates, who ensnare vessels within it before plundering them. The Flax absorbs light, making it nearly invisible to scanners.

Pulling free of the Flax is nearly impossible, though it can be weakened with certain chemicals, and the Zenetan pirates can deactivate it if they choose.

The Flax is fairly rare; only a few pirates have the energy resources necessary to activate it. The Zenetans guard Flax secrets jealously and take careful steps to keep it from falling into outside hands. Normally, it can only be deployed from a Zenetan ship.

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April 29, 2016 - 6:03pm

The gauntlet has a number of features:

- Given the willpower of its host, it is capable of firing a powerful offensive energy pulse. Depending on the wishes of the host the blast can be a destructive killing shot or a less powerful stunning shot, as demonstrated by John Crichton when he used the Tavleks' weapon to knock them out;

- Given the willpower of its host, it is capable of generating a short-lived defensive energy field that will shield the host from energy weapons. This shield was circular, flat, and large enough for Ka D'Argo crouch behind;

- It injects its host with a powerful stimulant that increases the host's strength and may imbue the host with the ability to regenerate physical injuries more quickly;

- If the host is rendered unconscious, the gauntlet automatically detaches itself. The crew of Moya theorized that this feature was designed to circumvent the possibility of an enemy cutting off the host's arm to take his weapon from him.

Less Desirable FeaturesEdit

The gauntlet has several downsides because of the injected stimulant;

- Long time users, like the Tavleks, develop chemical and psychological addiction which causes painful withdrawal if the gauntlet is removed;

- In action the stimulant can create overdeveloped feelings of aggression and superiority which can override reason. This is exhibited by Ka D'Argo who attempted to take over Moya and almost killed his friends doing it. The effect on Aeryn Sun was more dramatic. While counterattacking the Taveleks, she ignored the military tactics that had been trained into her all her life and wanted to barrel into their camp in what would have undoubtedly been a suicidal charge. She would have even killed D'Argo and Crichton when they tried to stop her if not for her being knocked out by D'Argo's tongue. Surprisingly, Crichton showed much more restraint when he used the gauntlet, subduing Tavlek warriors without killing them and negotiating with the Tavlek leader for the return of the kidnapped Rygel, though he only attempted negotiation after the gauntlet's drug ran out;

- After removal short term hosts become exhausted and lethargic. Trained warriors, Aeryn and D'Argo struggled to move for hours after using the gauntlets for a few minutes and Crichton fell unconscious shortly after the stimulant ran out of the gauntlet he wore.


It is not mentioned in the show if the Tavleks created this weapon themselves, but the official Farscape website states in John Crichton's journal that the gauntlet weapon was created by the Tavlek's government for their elite fighters during a war and that the Tavleks under the influence of the weapons defied orders when they were told to stand down because of peace negotiations. They were marooned on the jungle planet and forced to resort to mercenary work to survive.

The Tavlek Bekhesh later stated to John Crichton that he had been able to increase the stimulant dosage of his own gauntlet, which indicates that the host can learn to exert some control over the gauntlet's power levels or provide modifications. The source of the drug and how the Tavleks managed to acquire a steady supply during their exile was never explained in the show.

The drug may be similar to chakan oil and be used by the gauntlet to create the offensive blasts and defensive shield. When the drug ran out of Crichton's appropriated gauntlet it did not just cease to affect Crichton but the gauntlet also lost all power. This suggests that the drug may be derived in part from a plant similar to the tannot root. This is also supported by the fact that chakan oil can be used as an energy weapon and tannot root chemically effects behavior, characteristics found in the gauntlet drug. There is also the fact that the Tavlek youth who was captured and held by the crew of Moya found what he needed to create what was presumably this drug in Zhaan's work station.

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May 1, 2016 - 9:39am
Translator Microbes have been adapted for SF use, Beta version done.
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