New Equipment: Breathing Apparatus

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April 16, 2016 - 10:51am
Breathing Apparatus

Mass: mask/bag – negligible; tanks – 5 kilograms each

Cost: mask – 1,000 Cr, bag – 4,000 Cr; tank – 500 Cr; tank re-fill – 100 Cr

The Kraatar breathing apparatus is used to supplement the oxygen supply in the planet’s thin atmosphere. Air is carried in two tanks, each holding sufficient oxygen for 10 hours. In Human and Yazarian models the air supply is via a flexible plastic tube to a face mask. A Vrusk or Dralasite model consists of a strong yet flexible, clear plastic bag. Dralasites enter the bags and zip themselves in, allowing all their breathing pores to be supplied with oxygen. Vrusk bags cover the abdomen only had have special seals for the legs and upper body. Defensive suits and screens function normally with breathing apparatus. Being unpressurized, breathing apparatus cannot be used in vacuum.

Joe Cabadas