RIK Security Cars, Robots and Equipment

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April 16, 2016 - 9:24am
The following vehicle was created using the vehicle alteration rules in Star Frontiersman magazine.

Note: I originally made this a topic only for the vehicle, but I figured it would be a good place to put RIK robots and other gear.
Joe Cabadas

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April 16, 2016 - 9:26am

RIK Security/ Riot Car

A patrol vehicle in service with Ral’Ik’Ka (RIK) Vrusk security trade house, this particular ground car has a pressurized cabin so it can operate for a distance outside of Kraatar’s Flatlands. About one in six of these armored vehicles is a riot car with mostly nonlethal weapons against threats posed by the Kraatar Liberation Corp (KLC).

RIK Security Ground Car


4 Wheels

Top/Cruise Speed:

110 kph / 70 kph

Acceleration/Deceleration (meters per turn)

90 / 80

Top Speed/Turn Speed (meters per turn)

183 / 80


·         6 – driver plus 2 front seat passengers; 3 rear seat passengers (prisoner compartment)

·         140 kilograms, 1 cubic meter

Vehicle Size:


Structure Points:




Vehicle Upgrades:

·         Security Duty Upgrade, Protection 4

·         Pressurized Cabin, includes air tanks that can support 6 passengers for 10 hours

·         Hard Brakes

·         Gyro stabilizers

·         Regeared Transaxle for improved acceleration and deceleration

·         Power plant rebuild (20)

·         Improved passenger safety: characters take half damage in collisions

·         Push Bumpers: Allows the police car to come up behind another vehicle and perform a bumping maneuver. The other driver gets an additional -10 modifier to his Reaction Speed check


·         Level 4 card lock

·         Inertia Shield, 4 SEU per minute, power: 100 SEU pack

·         Armor, Protecton: 5

Normal Security Car:

·         Small turret mounted on roof with floodlight, can be operated by driver or front passenger inside car.

Riot Car Weapons:


·         Medium turret mount on roof with floodlight, can be operated by driver or front passenger inside car.

·         1 Long Range Acoustical Device (Sonic Stunner Cannon), 100 SEU pack, ROF: 1, Damage: varies (see chart next page)

·         1 Grenade Rifle with automatic ammunition feeder and selector; ROF: 3; Ammo Drum: 5 Dose Grenades, 5 Stun Grenades, 5 Tangler Grenades, 5 Smoke Grenades, 5 Irritant Grenades


·         Type B: Infrared

·          Magnigoggles camera system for car



RIK Security Ground Car (continued)

Standard Equipment:

·         Police light kit

·         Siren and public address system: Can be clearly heard up to 500 meters

·         2 Power lights, 1 mounted on the right side and one mounted on the left. Can be operated by driver and front passenger inside the vehicle.

·         Heads-up display

·         Vehicle Computer (see program chart and descriptions)

·         Communications: Built-in chronocom, radiophone

·         Dash mounted camera plus in-car camera that can record video and audio

·         Trunk contains: 1 med-kit, traffic vests, 10 flares, rain coats, 4 flashlights, 2 breathing apparatus/gas masks (designed for race of officers assigned to vehicle), 4 holoflares, 2 all-weather blankets

Vehicle Computer

·         Audio-Act: for voice operated commands

·         Body Scan: links to life-sign sensors in the officers’ badges for use with the Help Bean and Help-Call programs

·         Comp-Link

·         Crash Wish: the program that helps determine when to activate Help Beam and Help-Call

·         Dis-Map

·         Dis-Vis: this is a heads-up display (HUD)

·         Fuel Scan: helps increase the vehicle’s range by 25 percent

·         Help Beam: automatically sends out a distress signal in case of a vehicle crash or the death or injury of an officer

·         Help-Call: activates a wailing sound on the siren system

·         Help Drive: assists in maneuvering – subtract 30 from the Vehicle Loss of Control Table.

·         Police Check: this software is used for facial/being recognition and vehicle license check verification

·         Skid-Hold: gives the driver a +20% modifier to RS check during a skid turn

·         Turn-Quik: +15% modifier to RS check during a tight corner turn

·         Vehicle Scan:

·         War Bump: +20% to RS check when evading or performing a bumping manuver

Other Notes

·         The security car can be outfitted with extra oxygen tanks in the cargo area to extend its operating range.

·         If the Inertia Screen is activated when a vehicle crash occurs, passengers will only take one-fourth the normal damage

·         If the power pack(s) for the Inertial Screen (and the LRAD) begin to run low, officers can switch these devices to run off of the car’s parabattery, but that will decrease the vehicle’s operating range

Gargantuan terrestrial animate (robot) XP 14,000

Joe Cabadas

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April 17, 2016 - 12:38pm

RIK Security Robot

Level: 4, Security

Body Type: Standard Reinforced

Movement: 8 wheels, 10 meters/turn, 90 m/t

Limbs: 2 standard

Weight: 150+ kilograms

STA: 150

Attack: 70

IM: +7   RS: 70

Defenses: Albedo screen (powered by 50 SEU battery), A-S implant

Weapons: Limbs (DM 2 x 2d10)

Package One: 1 laser rifle, 100 SEU backpack, 10 doze grenades, 10 tangler grenades

Programs: Security Lock (Lvl 4), Attack/Defense, Computer Link

Equipment: 1 protection plate (standard), electrified anti-tamper device (stuns any unauthorized individuals from opeing the protective plate; stunning effect negated by a successful Stamina check); 3 cameras ounted in a 30-sided pyramid above its audio-visual sensors. The cameras can relaty visible light and/or infra-red views of its surroundings to a controller (either a robot brain, an administrative computer, hand-held controller, etc.).

Optional Equipment: As needed.


Description/Purpose: The standard RIK Secuity Robot has a cylinderical body and is used to provide am armed defense of various facilities, such as Kraatar's starport. It does not have built-in weapons, but is programmed to select different weapons from an armory depending on its mission.

Joe Cabadas