The Gluey/Adherer

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December 1, 2015 - 9:26pm
One of the weirder creatures to appear in RPG circles,from White Dwarf to D&D, but has potential for a re-write. 

Possible origins:

I am leaning toward a mutated species of dralasite, possible causes radiation, virus, other biochemical mutagen, genetic manipulation or a bit of it all which created a new species. Could be accidental or purposeful (survivors of bio-chemical warfare weapon inflicted on them, lab experimentation). If a naturally evovled species it would have split off from the Dralasites a long time ago.

In D&D the beast is said to reproduce by splitting off another creature... this sounds like dralasites to me. The life span given for the creature is 35 years. I can't help but think of the folds that look like bandages are in fact a symptom of the condition on the Ameboid body.  Artistically sometimes the "bandages" act like limbs to reach out and grapple victims (again very Dralasite like).

Territorial creature that tend to live in shallow caves to deep caves, underground cities, bunker systems, etc.

 Though occurring/living in groups (probably related) the group does not seem to have a defined hierarchy, no clear leader. Each creature acts on it's own instincts.

Living spaces of creature usually clean. The creature can secrete a solvent for its resin at will which allows it to voluntary release items attached to it. Glueys do collect and hide things of use to them. The resin does not stick to stone (cement). 

At first glance this creature is vaguely reminiscent of a mummy, with folds of off-white skin resembling filthy bandages. The creature has a sour, mucilaginous smell that accompanies it. The smell comes from the resin-like secretion with adhesive properties that is constantly exuded through pores of the creature's skin. 

This creature lays in wait for it's victim, usually covering its body with items that help it blend in with the surroundings. They are very skilled at concealment, thus have an advantage to surprise, but because it relies on stealth attacks, if it is spotted before it can leap onto it's victim it will flee 40% of the time.

When the creature leaps out onto the target (usually closest) it will attempt to attach itself by means of it's adhesive resin which cover's the whole creatures body. Once attached the creature will punch, kick, and if possible suffocate the victim. If the creature is attacked by it's victims companion it will attempt to use the victim as a living shield between itself and the other attackers. 

All edged or blunt weapons will stick to its body, doing only half the normal damage. Piercing weapons do full damage but will require the next turn to pull free. The adhesive is very strong requiring  a STR of XX to break free.

Fire, boiling liquids, beam weapons, or the creatures on secretions can weaken the adhesive bond. Boiling liquids reduce the effects of the resin for one combat round only to the point that STR X can break free. After one round the resin returns to full strength.

The resin is flammable in nature, making it susceptible to beam weapons and fire based attacks. It will take full damage from normal fire, and any beam weapon requires a STA roll by the Gluey, success means the creature takes normal damage, failure means it takes double damage.

If a gluey is killed while attached to a player character and there is no way to remove the gluey, then the attached and the dead gluey will have to be carried by their mates to the means of getting the gluey off, which involves heat and boiling liquids. 

I have to crunch numbers & convert the missing stats.

Clearly this is a high IQ creature, not acting on animal instinct.

 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."

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December 13, 2015 - 1:16pm

Added progress report at link... rough
 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."