Background issues for creatures.

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November 7, 2015 - 10:03am
Refer to: Gamma World Creatures.

Gamma III musings...

Okay Gamma World proper is Earth but that is too far removed for me... so I decided to list Gamma III (in the Gamma System, once called Nova Terra) as home world for many critters, but some creatures I am going to give them an alternate SF origin if something strikes me as fitting well. As Gamma III is a UPF colony gone to hell in a hand basket the alternate homeworlds will still work as those creatures could have been introduced to Gamma III before it's apocalyptic event. Blue Plague was just one of many bad things that happened there, as the plague spread other disasters occurred including but not limited to laboratory research facilities having breaches as no workers where maintaining systems and then either automated systems going into kill the inhabitants of area to contain the contamination or the lab experiments escaped, other facilities such as power plants unmanned began having problems till melt down occurred, areas of the planet that where off limits and patrolled since the Sathar's last attack (mostly because they where dangerous for one reason or another) where left unguarded & unstudied so creatures could wander in and out at will, City Mayors became desperate ordering people mass killed (to stop diseases, or prevent the whole city from starving, to maintain power, to purge down to one race and so on) new & old illnesses not seen for centuries reemerged into new plagues as medical care, safe food/water supplies became scarce, and sanitary conditions plunged into filth. In the end chemical toxins, radiation, plagues, poisons, mutations, sathar mutagens, barbarism born out of the need to survive, fear, hate and other stresses on the colony finally collapsed it into primitive conditions and creating a GW setting. All 4 races where present on Gamma III when this happened, but Gamma III was originally a Human Colony so they where still the dominate group at the time.

Attempts of the UPF to help Gamma III have supposably failed, (expeditions to planet rarely make it back alive sort of thing, however plenty of evidence exists they have gathered a lot of data indicating blue plague is not a threat) so the quarantine on Gamma III is mostly to prevent people from going to it and getting themselves killed by other factors. The blue plague is supposably dead there at this time. The UPF has put warning buoys out that Gamma III is unsafe to land on stating it is a plague world, but is not monitoring it the same as some worlds as the few reports leaked indicate blue plague is not the reason for the quarantine. 

The UPF has repaired and refitted one space station in the system this facility is called Station Alpha and has a group of UPF researches, star law and some military personnel all very concerned about maintaining it's security more so than keeping people off of Gamma III. Exactly what is happening at Station Alpha is unknown but the Station does not officially exist but can be found referenced to in UPF records indirectly, purchasing reports for example. It is believed by some people Station Alpha may also be called Tonopah in some records. Station Alpha actually orbits Gamma IV and is a source of a lot of UPF activity usually between Gamma IV and it, only once in a while do UPF ships go from it to orbit Gamma III.  

Prah is the old name of Gamma IV and once had mining colonies on it as well, Tonopah is actually a base on Gamma IV, a Dralasite/Vrusk mining colony. Prah's Mar's like environment requires dome/underground station type living conditions, it is an extreme environment and terra forming was just beginning when Gamma system was hit by the plague. What is the UPF's interest in Prah is unknown.

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