Expedition to the Wa Mountains

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November 1, 2015 - 4:42pm
Expedition to the Wa Mountains is a SF rewrite of the D&D module Expedition to Barrier Peaks: Set on ancient Yaziria.

Here is the Background rewrite I have retained some names and place from the module for fun while changing things. Feedback welcome:


Clan Geoff has recently been plagued by a rash of unusually weird and terrible monsters of unknown sort. This western area of Yaziria, particularly the Wa Mountains which separates, Clan Geoff protected territory from the steep lands, has long been renowned for the generation of the most fearsome beasts, and it has been shunned accordingly - save for a handful of hardy souls with exceptional abilities who wish to test their metal or attempt to settle in the area while warding off the attacks of the predatory creatures infesting the rugged lands thereabout. Within the last few months, however, five walled villages not far distant from the area were destroyed by mysterious attacks! The clan warriors and sept chiefs that invested these attacked villages have preserved in brine several partially decomposed corpses found on or near the sites of the ravaging. While these strange bodies are assumed to have belonged to the forces which were responsible for the destruction, the remains were too far gone to learn anything other than they were of creatures heretofore unknown to even the wisest sages within the Geoff Clan’s domain. No survivors where found from any of he villages. The urgent plea for aid which accompanied these gruesome corpses could not be ignored, and the Greoff Chieftain acted immediately. Choosing several of his doughtiest warriors and hunters to lead the expedition, he called upon the other powers of the state to likewise furnish their skills for the expedition as well. Thus, several other non-warrior clans also selected the bravest of adventurers and equipped them accordingly to accompany the expedition as their representatives. A total of 15 have assembled beneath the Great Yanyon Tree within the courtyard of the mighty walled castle of Clan Geoff near the village of Gorna.

There it was learned that several unconfirmed reports have related that monsters have been disgorged from a gated cave at random intervals. The entrance to this place is high upon a rocky face, and sheathed in armor. This protection has purportedly frustrated all attempts to explore the space beyond the great metal gate - although several search parties have entirely disappeared, so it is possible they entered but never returned. Your expedition must find out exactly what this cave is, what is causing the monsters to come forth, who is responsible, and how to prevent future incursions. In addition, any other information regarding this mysterious locale, its strange denizens, magical devices, or unusual weaponry is highly desirable. His High Radiance, Wenja, has assured all of the concerned parties that whatever information is gained will be given to all, and wealth found will be shared according to the contribution each individual or representative sept or clan makes to the overall success of the expedition. If necessary, the Chief has vowed to send forth an army to lay waste to the offending place and extinguish every living thing therein. Should your expedition not meet with total success, this step will be considered, but His High Radiance personally doubts such extreme measures will be required considering the strength of the expedition and the ability of its members. The Chief feels assured that you will certainly locate the person or thing responsible for the troubles plaguing Geoff and eliminate him, her, or it from the face of the land.

Your party set forth from Gorna a sennight (seven nights) ago, and for the past two days have been climbing higher into the crags of the Wa Mountains. Last night was spent in the keep of the only lesser Chieftain remaining in the area - and he was fulsome glad for your company. This morning, as the eastern horizon turned from pearl gray to rosy pink, a score of the Chief’s retainers guided the expedition towards the unknown area. It is now afternoon, and you have set up camp in a hidden dell but a few zamira throws from the strange entrance. The hunters of your host chieftain have been detailed to guard the supplies and mounts at the camp while you go onward immediately. They will await your return for four full days before returning to the keep. Gathering your personal gear, you are now climbing the steep slope of the dell’s north side, passing the rim, and forcing your way from branch to branch of a dense growth of trees and vines until you emerge on the edge of the tree line. There, across a field and beyond a rocky rise, awaits adventure.
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November 1, 2015 - 5:04pm
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The original module was begun early in 1976 when TSR was contemplating publication of a science fantasy role playing game. Jim Ward had already shown them some rough notes on METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA: which were then introduced at Origins II.  Gary Gygax  laid out the tournament from old “Greyhawk Castle” campaign material involving a spaceship, and Rob Kuntz helped him to populate the ruined vessel. Both this scenario and METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA proved successful, but while the latter has been continually available since mid-1976 only a few copies of the tournament dungeon used for Origins II have been around. With the popularity of METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA, and GAMMA WORLD, it seemed logical to TSR to reintroduce it to the public. The module proved popular amongst ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS players.


Having enjoyed playing this module in my youth I decided to recycle the module as a Star Frontiers Module set on the Yazirian Homeworld prior to that member of the Core Four becoming a space transversing culture and use it as a launch pad to explore Yazirian culture and mythology. I have reworded only what is necessary to create the Yazirian flavor. Changed names of locations and background details as needed. I hope I have captured the feel of ancient feudal Yaziria. I can not claim authorship of this module only how I as a referee have decided to reuse and incorporate it into my sci-fi fantasy universe. 

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