Barl Nep Fish

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June 26, 2015 - 9:32am
Refer to: Gamma World Creatures.

Okay the Barl Nep in GW is an 18 but it's radiation disappates with in 10 minutes which means in SF that would be a brief exposurer, so I am using conversion license if you will and decided it glosses best to -30/R10 (which is 16 on my chart). The conversion ranges I am using have to be treated as a guide only on this stuff I think.

Barl Nep

Type: Small (up to1 meter)

Number Appearing: 1

Move: Very Slow (12 meters average)

IM/RS: 5/45

STA: 190

Attack: N/A

Damage: see Special Defenses

Special Attack/Defenses: Radioactive Oil Slick & Natural Body Armor

Native Planet/Habitat: Fresh water lakes, ponds, swamps, large rivers.

The barl nep is a totally black fish that can attain a length of up to 1 meter. The barl nep is not a particularly fast moving fish and is covered in plate like scales that are extremely tough (a natural toughness similar to plastic armor plates) that allows it to survive most forms of attack unharmed including beam weapons.  If attacked, it will secrete a radioactive oil (-30/R10) that covers an area 10 meters in diameter. This radioactive oil will last up to 10 minutes or 100 turns (in calm lake or pond water.) If caught and killed enough oil to make a 10 minute radioactive oil slick (-20/R10) may be extracted from its body. (GW1)

 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."