In case the site goes down
    Just a heads up.  The domain registration for this site expires on Monday, May 25th.  There have been some issues in the past with getting the renewal taken care of so I'm posting this in advance so you can write down the alternate address before it happens.  If for some reason, you can't access the site after the 25th using the normal web address, try using  That is an alternate address that I have set up as a work around.  It's always live but usually redirects to the actual URL.

    The reason for this message is that I don't currently own the domain registration for this site as it is still owned by a previous site administrator.  I have e-mailed him to remind him and offered to take over paying for the domain but I haven't heard back from him.  So hopefully this won't be an issue but just in case it is, you've been forewarned.

    - Tom (Terl Obar)

    Announcement will remain for: -45066.3 hours.