Types of ships

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April 24, 2015 - 3:05am
From a book on WWII military terms here are some types of ships used and their abbreviations.
AGC ---Amphibious force command ship
AG---Miscellaneous auxillary (obsolete ships converted to specialized role)
AH---Hospital ship
AK---Cargo ship
AKA---Attack cargo ship
AKN---Net cargo ship
AN---Net tender
APA---Attack transport
APD---High speed transport
APM---Mechanized artillery transport
APS---Transport submarine
APV---transport and aircraft ferry
ARL---Landing craft repair ship
AS---submarine tender
AV---seaplane tender
CA---heavy cruisr
CB---large cruiser
CL---light cruiser
CV---Fleet aircraft carrier
CVB---Large aircraft carrier
CVE---escort aircraft carrier
CVL---light aircraft carrier
DE---Destoryer escort
IX---unclassified vessel (Let the conspiracy theories begin)
LSD---dock landing ship
LSV---vehicle landing ship
PT---Patrol torpedo boat (see alot of these in the Dramune system)
YP---Harbor patrol boat
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