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November 15, 2014 - 6:31pm
The timeline was put together from various TSR resources (i.e. Core Rules from various editions, Polyhedron, Dragon Mag, and Gamma World game supplements). I had the unexpected luck of having Jim Ward view and comment on it on the old MA 4e forums before it was lost and a new forum started.

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November 16, 2014 - 10:06am
Did you want to modernize yours? 

I plan to use as much of the original timelines even though it does not mesh with modern day, I am going with an alternate reality, an alternate Earth, if it ever comes up. 

I personally have not decided just where GW Earth/Solar System is timeline wise when compared to SF timelines. But I have decided the Space Humans are related to Pure Strain Humans, probably descendants of a colony much further out, that dodged the plague & the collapse of civilization... maybe a sleeper ship that by the time they got to where they were going and got set up all the destruction had happened, they believed they where the last of humanity. So I have started plugging at a Terran/Solar Human History in case I ever need it... powers that could have ancient dead ships drifting in space for instance.

Here is the timeline notes I have for GW & Human history from the Solar system in general from various MA & GW based sources:

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(Ares: Before the Dark Years)

1945 — First use of atomic weapons in


1957 — Sputnik I, the first artificial

earth satellite, launched

1961 — First manned spacecraft (Vostok

I) launched

1969 — First manned lunar landing

made by Apollo 11 spacecraft

1981 — American space shuttle service

begins (earth orbit).

1988-1990 . World War III, worldwide

general conflict between East and

West, limited nuclear weapons exchange

before ceasefire

1999 . First self-aware “think tank”

computer activated

2002 — First manned spaceflights to

Mars launched (Ares I/II); primary base

established at Mariner Valley

2003-2021 — Ecosystem collapse in

Atlantic and Pacific oceans; world-wide

food and water shortages, severe civil

disturbances; collapse of Japanese and

European economies.

2010 — American, Chinese, Indian, and

Soviet international conferences lead to

establishment of the First World Council.

2013 — Rise of the first commercial

business blocks to control countries.

2014 --- Tycho Lunar Base constructed. (DM A World Gone Mad)

2019 — First commercial spaceport

opens (First Texan Space Complex)

2020 — First Earth-orbital commercial

space factory assembled.

2034 — American and Canadian governments

unify and form United North


2046 — Orbital city Atlantis becomes

first politically independent space colony;

moves to Martian orbit

2047 . Columbus, Magellan, and

Marco Polo unmanned interstellar

probes launched from Earth orbit.

2050 — Brazil establishes SAEU (unified

South American government).

2061 . Columbus reaches Alpha Centauri

and maps local planetary systems.

2066 — Establishment of Mount

Olympus and Mount Arsia colonies on


2072 . Magellan reaches Tau Ceti;

discovers terraformable planet (Gaea).

2076 — All Martian colonies gain political

independence through treaties;

Federation of Mars established.

2077 — SAEU collapses after civil war.

2078 — Mutiny aboard International

Station One (first true space war), arrest

and execution of mutineers.

2087-2089 — First Venerean terraforming

project attempted, but fails.

2095 — Lunar population reaches

10,000 at Tycho Center moonbase.

2100 — Genesis project (re-terraforming

of Earth’s environment) completed.

2101 — Terraforming of larger asteroids


2104 . The Three Suns, the first

manned interstellar spacecraft,

launched toward the Alpha Centauri


2104-2111 . Widespread civil disorders

in Asia lead to formation of Asian

Coalition, collapse of Soviet Union.

2109 . Thorium fusion propulsion

system perfected and goes into systemwide


2120 . Three Suns arrives at Alpha

Centauri, establishes first extra-solar

human colonies at Gagarin, Armstrong,

Greenwood, and Sorokin.

2120 . Second Venerean terraforming

project attempted; project crew lost in

satellite collision.

2126 . Start of international conferences

to develop a world government.

2131 . Sorokin colony abandoned.

2132 . The Humanity launched for Tau

Ceti system.

2138 . Artificial gravity control


2144 . Martian world population

reaches 10,000 (combined colonies).

2145 . World Union established; all

national governments subordinated to

World Union General Council in London.

Uniform currency (the domar) established


2163 . Construction of Trans-Plutonian

Spaceyards completed.

2182 . Autonomists Society established,

a terrorist organization promoting

world-wide democratic anarchy.

2200-2300 . General dates for the

.Great Migration. of manned and

unmanned interstellar spacecraft to

worlds within a 10-parsec radius of Sol;

28 colonization missions and 196 exploratory

missions dispatched.

2236 . IMT (instantaneous mass transporter)

tested and developed.

2261 . Albuquerque accident kills 5

million people in nuclear explosion.

2266 . Breakup of WU General Council;

United America, Asian Coalition,

India, and other countries develop divergent


2277 . The Warden, the largest interstellar

colony ship ever built, laid down

at the Trans-Plutonian Spaceyards by the

United Western Starship Cartel


2282 . League of Free Men established,

promoting the rise of pro-worldgovernment

factions; terrorism

increases world-wide.

2288 . Warden completed; trials and

loading begin for 45-year voyage to Xi

Ursae Majoris double-star system.

2289 . Work on giant starship Morden

begins at Trans-Plutonian Spaceyards.

2290 . Warden leaves Solar System;

1.55 million human colonists and crew


2302 . Star Voyager II returns on

robot drive with crew infected by

.Canopus Plague;. ship destroyed after

infecting crew of Earth-orbital


2302-2309 . Several major outbreaks

of .Canopus plague. throughout Solar

System; Iapetus colony sealed off and


<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

Osmond Coot founds Project Mindkeep in the year 2304 AD to research what is known as the "Alpha Factor": the key to creating beneficial genetic mutations in living creatures (see TSR's module GW6 (7509), Alpha Factor)

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

2309-2322 . .The Shadow Years,. So

called because of the world-wide

destruction of records and archives

through terrorist action and government-

supported sabotage.

2309 . (Sept 16) Start of Social Wars;

initial collapse of Earth civilization

begins; rioting and terrorism spread.

League of Free Men and Autonomists

are major instigators of world-wide


2314 . Social Wars expand into space

with terrorist strikes against Earthorbital

colonies, Tycho Center, and other

spaceports throughout solar system.

2321 . Ecological warfare causes

destruction of ocean plankton and collapse

of all coastal economies; introduction

of nuclear and dimension-warp

warfare into conflict.

2321 . Fragmentary transmissions

from the Warden received; ship apparently

entered radiation cloud and crew

was lost.

2322 . (April 12) .The Ultimatium,. the

first appearance of The Apocalypse, a

radical group ordering an immediate

cease-fire in world-wide conflict.

2322 . (April 17) Radiation strike made

against all major national capitals by The

Apocalypse. Retaliatory attacks reduce

Earth.s civilization to ruins in one week.

System-wide trade, transportation, and

economic collapse.

2322 . (May 23) Major strikes successfully

disable space fleets around Jupiter

and Earth. Two of Saturn.s moons


2322--- People on Moon return to Earth and a few return from Earth to Tycho with a plague killing remaining people on the Moon except for 1 person who puts the base on auto. (DM A World Gone Mad)

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

From here on in, only fragmentary

historical records can be found. Most

pieces of data were obtained from

friendly cybernetic installations and

think tanks which were able to link up

with the remains of hidden libraries,

orbital installations, or earth/space communications

systems. All further information

is considered questionable at

best and can only rarely be confirmed.

2322 . Social Wars produce major

world-wide volcanic and earthquake

activity; collapse of polar ice-caps;

world-wide flooding; ozone layer collapse

with heightened exposure to ultraviolet

and solar radiation. Extreme

alterations and die-offs throughout

biosystem of Earth.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

2322 . Processed-ice asteroid (guidance

circuits sabotaged by terrorists)

strikes Mars; eight-year duststorm and

climatic disruption result. All colonies on

planet isolated; Federation charter suspended

for duration.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->2322 People stationed at Tycho watch Earth’s Civilization go down to war, plague and disaster, many return to try and find loved-ones and help those still alive, many stayed behind on the station. The few that returned to Tycho brought a disease that killed everyone except for 1 person.

<!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 0 1 41 238 1 1 292 11.1539 <![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]> 0 0 0 <![endif]--> <!--StartFragment--> 

2323-2340 . Rise of every known

Cryptic Alliance takes place from the

intact cities and power stations of Earth.

2325-2330 . Satellite Wars change the

technological levels of all the terraformed

asteroids and moons of all the


2330-2340 . Last known interstellar

missions flee solar system from asteroidal

and outer satellite colonies; Trans-

Plutonian Spaceyards abandoned; all

outer colonies except Saturn World

Fusion shut down; Mercury mining

colonies abandoned and apparently die


2331 . Trans-Plutonian Spaceyards

assume control of their own programs

and generate robotic .life..

2336-2340 . Occasional reports from

space communications systems of transmissions

from the Warden; status


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2360 Tycho: Irradiated Plant Life and huge mutated single celled creatures (Macrobes) begins to take over base.

2360-2400 Tycho: These life forms spread through the base.



2380 . Saturn World Fusion ceases all

Earth-directed transmissions; fate


2381 . Severe worldwide earthquakes;

explosive vulcanism around Pacific


2 3 8 1 - 2 3 8 8 - .Years Without Summer;.

blackouts and prolonged winters common.

2385 . Ultrawave transmissions from

Trans-Plutonian Spaceyards report open

warfare between cybernetic installation

there and the presumedly automated

starship Morden. Further transmissions

cannot be interpreted and may be in


2399 . Short period of lasercom contact

with Deimos Base at Mars; PCI at

Deimos noted to be insane; no information

on Martian colonies.

2420 . Strange transmissions picked

up from Warden.s last known position.

2450 . Approximate start of the

GAMMA WORLD 2nd ed. gametime..

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2452 Tycho: several bubble cars return from Earth on auto-pilot with “people” over a 3 day period.



2450 – 2511 The Discovery Period of the Black years

(Restorationists records only go back to 2443, a group formed in the Discovery Period)

First Alliance (Gad the Provider) formed 2511

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->

<!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 0 1 718 4093 34 8 5026 11.1539 <![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]> 0 0 0 <![endif]--> <!--StartFragment-->


 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."

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November 16, 2014 - 10:17am
If you take a look at the end of the doc you'll what I have used as reference material

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November 16, 2014 - 11:48am
Nice references... there are a few I will have to hunt down to add to my mess... seriously not organized as I would like on my stabs. I am unsure how GW4 is different from GW1 so I will keep that in mind when looking at things.

The Gurps Mars is a great little resource, I thought I spotted bits of it.

If the original Martians you have in game if intelligent/civilized how advanced? And if they had/have modern tech I would think that would have an effect on resources, the planet could be lacking certain resources as a result. Did they ever get into space? Q's like that or are they an alien colony that got cut off from HW? They will need at least a vague background/timeline if intelligent beings. 

 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."

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November 16, 2014 - 2:22pm
I'll post the polyhedron articles