Drone Wars

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October 28, 2013 - 7:01pm
Even if most of the drone fighters fail, some of these could be commercialized for the public. 

I mean, You have a research vessel being launched by a university or planet. They want some type of protection so they purchase a Vik't-ziir or Kaydlitz for under 600,000 cr. They have atomic engines and pod lasers. No refueling or rearming needed. I.I. or T.I. could make some money with the right PR campaign. 

For a cheaper version (175,000 cr.), you could go with Trans-Travel's Trident. The bad side to the Trident is it needs fuel - chemical engine, and it is short range due to the ROS. But, a group of adenturers could get one and use it on their ship or freighter. Imagine...

A pirate Assault Scout jumps out of the Void and comes across a freighter. The freighter then launches a Trident and turns tail and runs for it. While they are leaving and jumping into the Void, the pirates are engaging the Trident!