Outer Reach Militia

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September 22, 2013 - 8:11am

Outer Reach Militia (Peacekeepers and “Enforcers”)

The Militia for Outer Reach, Dramune has two branches that operate independent of each other:

                Peacekeepers – they are the planet-side police force. This police force is part Styrigian Nation. They enforce all major laws (such as assault, murder, etc) and take down any dissidents before they begin to grow.

                Enforcers – they are the police force for the space stations, moons and anything in orbit. They are a branch of the Maltharian Confederation, and by extension part of the Malthar Syndicate. They enforce all major laws and anything that will disrupt or endanger the space stations of the government (Malthar).

The Enforcers also maintain a small fleet for defense of the system and the Maltharian Confederation. This force has several active and reserve ships.

Frigate: ORMS Drasimian

Frigate: ORMS Starhawk

Assault Scout: ORMS Hammer

Assault Scout: ORMS Fury

Reserve Frigate:            Mellisian Alabar

Reserve Assault Scout:   Camarian

Reserve Assault Scout:   Zebbalow


The Enforcers’ fleet provides multiple types of missions and also provides a service to the public. These missions range from escort, interdiction and “customs” inspections to standard patrols.

                The escort missions are as directed or requested. Of course, requesting an escort is not free and is only for inside the system. (Assault Scout - 25,000 credits; Frigate – 50,000 credits).

                The interdiction mission is a result of a “tip” and is a direct interception of possible terrorists or “criminals”. An Enforcer ship will stop the suspected ship and board her for inspection and interrogation of the crew. If a person or company knows of a possible incident, they can report this. Sometimes the administration is slow to react. A fee of 30,000 credits can expedite this process.  

                Custom inspections are to prevent an illegal product from entering the system. An Enforcer ship will stop the suspected ship and board her for cargo inspection and then depart. If a person or company knows of a possible incident, they can report this. Sometimes the administration is slow to react. A fee of 15,000 credits can expedite this process.  

                Finally, patrols are standard patrols. This is to insure security of the space stations, moons and the system.

                The Commander of the Enforcers is Admiral Jack McGee. He answers directly to Malthar, the dictator of the Maltharian Confederation. Positions within the Enforcers is not earned but, bought. Buying rank is easy if you have the influence but, you will also need the ability to keep it. Politics is rampant within the Enforcers as people blackmail, influence and sometimes murder the competition to move up. 

                The ORMS Starhawk is famous for this. Captain Cha’tkla was the commander of the Starhawk until she failed to prevent a strike on Darkworld Station by the UPF during the last Inner/Outer Darmune war. Malthar flushed her out the nearest airlock.  The XO for the Starhawk was a Darlasite named Dlob. He bought his promotion and became the new CO. Within a week, Dlob was found in his cabin dead. It was an apparent overdose of Ixiol. A local boss then bought his son the captain’s chair of the Starhawk, John Quntien. He was a lady’s man and was presumed to be caught with the wrong lady a week later. His body was never fully, found. A Yazirian brawler named Yarl then tried to command the Starhawk. He lasted three days before a disagreement on the bridge turned into a deadly brawl with the XO, Sheila McClure (human). Sheila is currently the CO of the Starhawk but, she is the fifth one in 3 weeks. This illustrates the risks involved with command.

Captain                                      50,000 credits (Frigate Commander)

Lieutenant, First Class                  40,000 credits (Assault Scout Commander)

Lieutenant, Second Class              25,000 credits

Ensign                                       10,000 credits


The typical Enforcer receives a military skeinsuit (black). Their weapons vary according to whatever they can get or are given. The Enforcer fleet ships are typically white (or silver) with orange highlights.