Anatomy of a police action

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July 29, 2013 - 12:39pm
Miniature Wargames magazine Feb 2013 had a fictious police action/ rebellion scenario set in a fictious African island nation.

radio intercept wrote:
"Help, this is the vice president of the Paramos Islands stop. We are under attack; the army is taking over, the President has fled by jet ski to a nearby island, stop. Send help stop. British charge d'affaires under arrest, stop."

The sound of machinegun fire and explosions drowns out the broadcaster. Then a few minutes latter:

continued radio broadcast wrote:
"This is the voice of the Paramos Islands Military Proletariat. With the aid of our brothers from overseas, we have overthrown the hated dictator and declared a People's Paradise Republic. We will be taking the means of production back into the hands of the people and will share out the profits of our labours. In the meantime, we will be broadcasting some programes of cultural importance. Oh, and the island bus is running on time."

British Forces:
Royal Navy type 42 Frigate
and a Royal Fleet Auxillary ship in support with two Lynx helicopters (each can carry 10 men)
Available aboard ship are:
A platoon of Royal Marines with 2x Milan, Law etc, 1 x 81mm motar
A 10 man section of special boat service
Raiding craft plus a couple of ship's boats for landing troops
Plus a platoon of armed sailors
Royal Navy has option of deploying an extra section of armed sailors but using these will reduce manning levels on the frigate's weaponry and increase response time.
Royal Navy may deploy on any of the beaches or send the SBS section deeper inland by helicopter

Royal Navy Player may call for Sea Harrier strikes with 4 hour notice, the Sea Harriers can perform upto two missions in a 24 hour period.

and upto 5 cruise missile strikes with 24 hour notice (presumably to authorize it with the treasury but use of a cruise missile is -1 victory point)

Island Defense Force
Commanded by Col. Joshua
3 platoons of infantry and supporting squad of 2 x 81mm mortars
Plattoons contain 8 man HQ element with RPG-7 and 3 squads of 10 men and a light machine gun all troops armed with assault rifle
Due to propensity to fight, get drunk or high platoons need to be deployed in separate locations initially.
The IDF is backed by 20 mercenaries lead personally by Col Joshua. They can be deployed in 10 man sections each with LMG and automatic grenade launcher (the flashy sort with a revolving magazine) and assault rifles. Additionally Two mercs from each section can be split off to advise the plattoon HQ of the IDF or the police sections

There are three 10 man police sections armed with hand weapons and 3 shotguns of unknown loyalty.
When police are first challenged or shot at by Royal Navy roll 1d10 on a 1 or 2: change sides, 3-5: desert and play no further roll in the game, 6 or more: fight back. Add two to the roll if police section has merc advisors.

The IDF also has two technicals mounting flak guns manned by reservist at start who are under the same loyalty constraints as the police sections if they desert they leave the vehciles to be used by anyone that finds them.

On the dock are three agricultural tractors delivered from Cuba three years ago (T55 main battle tanks but they have no ammunition and have not moved since they were delivered but the Royal Navy player should not know this.

Any terrain not marked is considered scrub where visibiltiy is 200-500m and stationary vehicles are considered hidden.
Radio /TV transmitter where the rebels are broad casting which must be put out of commission quickly
Harbor: several fishing boats, 1/2 dozen luxury yatchs and one tramp steamer the British charage d'Affairs, Margery Hetherington is held in the womans prison here and has been haranging the guards who will gladly release her once the police and militia are sent packing.
Airstrip: home to a small 10 seat passenger plane and paragliding school, both owned by an ex US marine pilot who takes holiday makers for aerial tours of the islands but who is always looking to make a few extra bucks and is not too fussy how he does it.
The tourist resort and coconut processing plant are important objectives as they are critical to the island economy.
Government House: a fine colonial mansion.
Nature Preserve: no air landing here as a sop to the environmentalist.

Victory conditions Royal Navy:
destroy radio/TV station: 5
Recapturing the Government house: 2
Capturing the coconut plant: 5
Each enemy section captured or out of action: 1
Rescueing charge d'Affairs: 5

Victory conditions Rebels:
Each day broadcasting propaganda: 1
Each RN/RM section capture or out of action: 1
SBS section captured or out of action: 2
Occupying tourist resort: 5
Occupying coconut plant: 5
Damaging the frigate or destorying the FF or a Sea Harrier or Lynx: 5

Game ends when the RN player has taken all objectives or at the end of each day a d6 is rolled and the number totalled: when the total reaches 15 there has been a negotiated settlement; add one to the total for each cruise missile fired due to international outcry

Special rules:

Randomly occuring storm: no boats can put to sea or try to land troops, helicopters cannot fly, any cruise missile have a 75% chance of splashing off the coast, any Sea Harrier missions for the entire day (24 hours) cancelled, Visibility on land is poor
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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July 29, 2013 - 12:42pm
The above is a non rule system specific modern setting wargame scenario (I have little doubt that AK-47 wargame rules were in mind as a possibility for running this). I thought it was interesting and potentially good inspiration for a SF police action.

For example the "rebels" could be using a subspace radio to broadcast propaganda and this would be an objective for the military player to take out.

though I think we might need to use die cut counters to represent squads and minimize the role play elements to run something like this.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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July 29, 2013 - 2:13pm
I remember a Traveller/Striker adventure that was very loosely based on the Iran Hostage crisis. Think that one could work?
Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?

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July 29, 2013 - 6:31pm
rattraveller wrote:
I remember a Traveller/Striker adventure that was very loosely based on the Iran Hostage crisis. Think that one could work?
Yeah, but will the president of the UPF have a direct sub-space link to the on site general who will have to vett all decisions by the president like Carter had? Dice mechanic could be used to determine presidents response. I think there are possibilities for the Cygnus Omiceon police action above as well.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!