Nesmith Enterprises of Triad

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December 29, 2012 - 5:35am

Nesmith Enterprises of Triad

Greetings to you customer Brienne Pedigo. I am your Holographic Automated Liaison. You may call me HAL. How did I know your name, we at Nesmith Enterprises of Triad keep extensive records of all our past customers including facial recognition so that we can better serve you in the future. We use these records for no other purpose so do not worry. How can we help you and the holovid camerabeing and sound being you have with you. Do they need updates to their equipment computer programs?

Yes we know you are a reporter with Foxy news Triad bureau and of course Nesmith Enterprises of Triad is always happy to answer questions from the news media. Well we at Nesmith Enterprises of Triad unlike many of the other megacorps have the highest standards for our working conditions at out factories. All of our employees enjoy standards far in advance of any of our competitors.

Yes Nesmith Enterprises of Triad had many, many employees. Yes while I am an employee of Nesmith Enterprises of Triad I can assure you many, many of our employees are biological beings. The false rumors of Nesmith Enterprises of Triad having everything automated and computer controlled in completely untrue. You can find many of our current stats of employment of biological beings through computer searches. You tried and could not? Well you must not have had the latest Nesmith Enterprises of Triad operating system, I can show you many models using Portholes 298472. You say you have this but it would not find the information for you? You must not have a Nesmith Enterprises of Triad program but a pirated program from an inferior company masquerading as one of ours. There is no truth to the false rumors Nesmith Enterprises of Triad programs censor information about Nesmith Enterprises of Triad.

No Brienne Pedigo, as I have said we have many, many biological employees. None are currently working here right now but you can contact our customer service on your chronocom and find where some of our many, many biological employees are currently working. Yes we have many, many biological employees, now please excuse me one of our automated trucks has arrived to make a delivery of many new and exciting Nesmith Enterprises of Triad products. Please excuse me but feel free to look around and contact me by calling my name if you have any questions about Nesmith Enterprises of Triad products. Thank you again for shopping at Nesmith Enterprises of Triad.

Forget the secrecy of PGC, the deadliness of Merco, the ruthlessness of Streel or the supposed friendliness of Synthco. The scariest megacorp is Nesmith Enterprises of Triad. No one knows who is in charge and they work through so many subsidiaries it’s difficult to discover anything about them. Their official entry says:

The NET holds the patents on most computer and communications equipment. Competition between the NET and I.I. is strong, but it has not yet erupted into a Corporate War. Both mega-corps would like to expand into their counterpart's market. This is a volatile situation that Star Law is trying to contain. Because of the NET's patents on programming units (progits) and body computers (bodycomps), plus the circuitry for most communication and radiophones, most other mega-corps have never even considered competing with the NET.

Headquarters: Malicon Valley, Triad, Cassidine

Chief Executive: Unknown

Subsidiaries: Hundreds, all closely identified with NET

Last thought. Zeb’s introduced the progits and bodycomps and needed a megacorp to sell them. While I am not a fan of this part of the book, I like this megacorp for the out of control computer angle.

Also think of this all those characters with computer skill. They must have learned it from Nesmith Enterprises of Triad. It’s not like there is a Minotaur Applied Computer systems to turn to.

Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?