Eversafe Industries

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December 18, 2012 - 7:17pm
Here we have what is for me one of the smallest of megacorps. Let's face it I am not sure why they aren't a part of Wartech (who is supposed to have the largest income) since making weapons and defenses would go hand in hand (Q did it for decades). Since the limited equipment list of Star Frontiers prominently featured defenses I am guessing they decided to give it its own megacorp.

Most beings seem to go with the best defence is a good offense and do not have suits or screens. Heck most of the time Dralasites, Vrusk and Yazirians are shown not even wearing cloths much less defenses even when in a firefight.

Now the subsidiaries do list magcard locks and scanners and security systems so they do seem to have expansion. Now you could argue that the Frontier is a cesspool of crime, pirates, Sathar agents and Blue Plague victims roaming around just waiting to ruin your life. Not to mention overzealous police and megacorps shooting at each other for your business so maybe there is a HUGE military budget for these things but since they gave them the smallest write up even though they are located on Gollywog one of the most written up planets.

Anyway here are some of there subsidairies and divisions for your attention:

Wokeekoo Scanner Manufacturing Corporation-From police detectors to Battleship Deep Space Detectors if you need to see it before it sees you this is your place

Armorall Unlimited-They make the suits

Guardall Inc.-They make the screens

Mikooc Cardlock Manufacturing Firm-Started as a padlock makers way back when and then built up to where they make all kinds of entry security devices.

Safes-Everyone has to start somewhere and Eversafe started as a safe and security box makers. They then expanded into other security device areas acquiring companies as they went.

Biometric Racial Cybernetic Unlocking Devices-Since each race is different and we are talking vastly different when it comes to true security Eversafe starts with the racial type and then works their way down to an individual DNA.

Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?