Association of Intergalactic Power Suppliers

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December 15, 2012 - 2:42pm

Association of Intergalactic Power Suppliers

The A.I.P.S. is the newest mega-corp and was created in a most unusual way. Power suppliers throughout the galaxy have traditionally been independents. But a private investigation team gained evidence that PGC was planning a massive buyout of most energy producers, including companies in the solar, nuclear, petro mining, and thermal collective industries. They sold this information to a small organization of energy producers who quickly called the major power companies together and decided to merge into a mega-corp. If the thousands of independent energy producers still at large joined the A.I.P.S. it would be one of the big three mega-corps.

Hundreds of thousands of companies of all sizes. The best known include Machon Mining, Nova Nuclear Incorporated, and Consolidated Nebula (Con-Neb).

OK so that is what we know of these guys. If they produce power through any means or apparently from the write up provide material (such as coal) they could be included with possible the companies that make their equipment. Listing these guys out would not be a productive use of time since they could include anything from the one Vrusk solar collecting farm on Terledrom to the Microwave relay beaming station and array on the moons of Moonworld beaming converted geothermal energy to the planet and other moons (they employ thousands). Youse guys can come up with your own on these.

However this brief write up poses many unanswered questions:

1)      Why did the megacorps allow the power companies to be independent? Power is the basis of any business be it commercial, manufacturing or service heck even governmental. Why did they not build their own plants to begin with?

2)      “a private investigation team gained evidence that PGC was planning a massive buyout” A small group just stumbled across the biggest megacorp’s master plan and then took the action to stop it. Either this was somebody’s campaign or another megacorp was really behind it or both or insider trading or bribes or well there’s an adventure here.

“So thanks to your information we were able to stop evil PGC from taking over the energy grid, we owe you a lot. Just one question, why are you always smoking man?”

3)      PGC got stopped from the biggest buyout in Frontier history and just said, “Oops you got us. Guess we will just call it a day and move on.” Yeah right. These guys do not move without a backup plan and retaliatory strikes against those who wronged them. More must have happened and still be happening.

4)      Why did PGC want the power grid? They were backing out of manufacturing and other material asset heavy financial areas and moving to investment and banking areas. This seems against their current goals. So why were they doing it?

5)      There are still thousands of independents out there. I smell recruiting teams and maybe not so nice reactions or maybe the other way around. Either way adventure awaits in that lonely far off radioactive power station we haven’t heard from in a couple days.

Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?

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August 26, 2016 - 1:33pm
This always sounded more like a trade association rather than a mega-corporation. I probably should be more classified as a cadre.

It's just some of the Monopoly game thinking -- yes, the board game -- that some of the TSR designers had or figured that's all that 14-year-olds could understand in the 1980s.
Joe Cabadas

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August 27, 2016 - 5:37am
Possibly depending on how they are organized. If every one of them is united in a loose association than a cadre. If the first group of AIP power companies incorporated together than accepted more and more in mergers on paper but allowed them more freedoms than most franchises than more of a megacorp.

It would really depend on how you defined a company. Everyone considers Goggle and Ford to be megacorps type companies but they have little in common.
Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?