Mechanon (& Eorna) Fighter project

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November 3, 2012 - 6:43pm
This thread is for the purpose of working out some data on the Mechanon Fighter
Other stuff I'm working on actually triggered this.

Priveteer Press publishes a game called Monsterpocalypse which is best described as a table top version of the old arcade game "Rampage" where players have small units and a godzilla type monster and get to rampage in a city, destroying building if they so desire or if it benefits them. Units are based on 1 inch square bases with game data on the base and mosters are on a larger 2 inch square base. Game comes in a starter game box and then you buy blind booster packs with randon units or random monsters. Unit boxes for series one had buildings in them but not series 2 and I dunno whether series 3 had buildings in the unit boxes. a unit box use to sell for $10 and the monster boxes with the regular and ultra form of the monster sold for $15. Lots of people bought and openned boxes, inventoried their contents and set up ebay stores to sell folks what they wanted.

This particular game is considered dead in my area as group think at the club came to the conclusion that the blind purchases of booster packs was a bad idea (rumor has it that its big in Japan) I've pretty much reached the conclusion that I might just rebase most everything for other purposed like star Frontiers. And it seems that there are plenty of people on ebay selling off their collections so I suspect that its popularity is waning and now is the time to pick up a few things as long as you are not paying full price.

What follows is a collection of the Martian Menace faction that I have. I'm proposing the three similar fighter craft as Mechanon fighters based on an early eorna shuttle design. The flying saucer might be a auxillary ship and the little figure in front might a mechanon robot- like the dumn robots the mechanons emply in the SF-2 module.

I did a quick sketch today of the mini minus the weapons pod on top:

The mini is about the size of a assualt scout mini perhaps a little bigger.

I'm partial to rating them as HS 2

The eorna developed this shuttle (unarmed prior to the Day of Doom) and it was a work horse of their space industry. They even modified a small handful to have laser weapons as a test. The eorna shuttles are models E1 and E2 respectively. Note the weapons pods mounted on top of the above miniatures are mechanon innovations.

The shuttle with the weapons upgrade was the plans that the mechanons had to work from and they have endeavored to reverse engineer this craft and had some difficulty doing so. the final result is a craft that looks like the eorna models but is significantly different due to mechanon innovations.

The mechanons took note of the potential for the sathar return and developed weapons pods to attach to the top of the craft- there are three know weapons pods. the basic mechanon fighter is designated just that Mechanon fighter craft (MFC) the pods are MP1 Purpose: unknown-scan images suggest an ECM varriant; MP2 which is a long gun of some sort and MP3 is a rocket pod- has the same capabilities of a rocket battery but evidence suggests that it is only FF or a forward arc weapon

pods degrade the craft's handling performance but can be jettisoned and the lost performance is recovered. speculation is that all pod weapons are FF or Forward arc, that the pod adds some Hull points to the craft and that the pod itself may hold one occupant and that it acts as an escape pod when it is jettisoned.

Eorna shuttles are old and lucky to be even in functioning condition. the mechanon fighters are recent builds  but they do not have many of them and they have not adequetly tested what they have.

One other thing the pods attached to the roof of the fighter look ungainly for atmospheric flight. I'm toying with the idea of no ground to space launch with one attached they must be carried into orbit and attached there or at a lunar installation.
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