Sathar Wars mini wargame

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June 6, 2012 - 4:01am
Dont know how I missed this project from 3 years ago but this is a set of rules and a nice cover picture put together by elotph.

This could be put to gether with a couple pages of chits or counters and a few pages of hex map, much like the pocket box game Ogre by SJGs and kicked out as a 30th anniversary project.

It would need some play test.

I skimmed it and spoted "d6" in it and we might want to edit it and make it conform to d10 unless the author had a compelling reason for d6.

Haven't dug deep into the down load but some interesting things could be down on the faction level with the militia troops. Some militia ground troops could have lower firepower and other (Royal Guard of Clarion) could have slightly better firepower. All of the Royal Guard's tanks are hover tanks due to their environment while another militia has tracked vehicles.

The chits would need a unit number in the corner and likely a fire power number in another corner, not sure if there are any other stats to track other than possibly a movement value.
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