A new Lease on Life for Minlayers?

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January 1, 2012 - 8:33am
There was discussion on the old list serv concerning using minelayers as orbital bombers. Obviously, not on a planet like Prengular which should have plenty of defenses to deal with this threat.

I think the idea is intriguing.

Though not with nukes, just dropping a shielded, solid mass on a target from orbit gets you a kinetic impact that mimics a nuke without the radiation.

Adventure seed: PCs are crew on a mine layer detailed to bomb a sathar world that is supposedly not well defended. It seems our s'sessu spies were miss informed. The Mine layer comes under whithering fire and the crew are forced to bail. Adventure turns into "Escape New York" scenario. Can they make contact with the s'sessu spy ring and get off planet or will they become slave bots?
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