Guided Missle Launcher

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December 9, 2011 - 6:19am
The seek doesn't make sense anymore, it was included in the game probably for fun in that a smart captian could fly his ship past an enemy and get the seeker to target him. But no navy, with hi tech weaponry is going to use a deadly weapon that could accidently attack his own ships.

Found the following in the old list serve archive:

The Guided Missile Frigate

I really like this concept, and it fits in very well with a picture of a huge dreadnaught-type ship that is in the KH Campaign book. It shows a missile-tube type of launcher, but no real connection to anything from pre-SWII. I always figured it was created during the war (it might not have seen any action), and that the single-tube launchers on it could very well be an earlier version of your dual launchers.

 Here are the stats as one would find them in KH:
Frigate, Guided Missile: HP 40 ADF 4 MR 3 DCR 70  Weapons: LC GMLx4 LB Tx2  Defenses: RH MSx2 ICMx4

The only problem I have with this is that the GML takes up much more space than the RB that it replaces. Plus, they are much more powerfull. This is how I would make the stats (still more than powerful enough, given the fact they can reload with multiple types of missiles):

Frigate, Guided Missile: HP 40 ADF 3 MR 3 DCR 70 Weapons: LC GMLx4 LB Defenses: RH ICMx8

Weapon system RG ND RH PS ES SS MS IM DMG DM Notes
GM, Short Ranged 5 70 70 75 75 85 80 -7 3d10+7 -15  
GM, Medium Ranged 10 70 70 75 75 85 80 -7 3d10  -20 Standard
GM, Long Ranged 15 70 70 75 75 85 80 -7 2d10+5 -25  
GM, Extreme Ranged 20 70 70 75 75 85 80 -7 2d10 -25  
GM, Seeker Ranged 10 70 70 75 75 85 80 -8 2d10+8 -30 RG=54 as Seeker
GM, Planetary 4 70 70 75 75 85 80 -2 1d10+3 -20 Kinetic
GM, Electron 10 70 70 80 65 80 80 -4 3d10+5 25 Explodes after entry

RG Range
ND No Defense
RH Reflective Hull
PS Proton Screen
ES Electron Screen
SS Statis Screen
MS Masking Screen
IM Intercepter Missile

 From: "Frank W. Patnaude Jr."
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December 12, 2011 - 6:11pm

  But why use these when a seeker has a range of 36 with a punch of 5d10, yeah it might attack freindly ships but by the placement of the seeker, you were probly in the wrong place at the wrong time or just make sure you have the smaalest ship in the area. I went with a concept ofthe seeker frigate or lt cruiser the class was called the lone wolf ship because when they come into the space where they are about to attack, the UPF would hold the rest of the fleet out of the area. I have developed more tacktics t han this but this is just an introduction. The lone wolf seeker is the same as the regular seeker except it is launched like a missle from the ship. We have even play tested in in both small and large scale battles.