The Sathar Astro Map of the Frontier.

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September 21, 2011 - 8:21pm
#1 I have little doubt that the sathar have all the jump routes publicly known in the Frontier through their "thoughsands of agents".

#2 We know from the record that have one into Truane's Star, presumably from Zebulon, and that from Truane's Star to both Cassidine and Dixon's Star.
Looking at the map it seems to me that the route to Zebulon either goes through Capella, Mechano, or the unexplored system to the south east of Capella. There was a hint in Zebs that the sathar might be sucking up to the mechanons and this rumor would be stirred up if the route the sathar use is through Mechano.

The problem with Mechano is that there is no sathar start circle going into any Yazirian system and the close proximity of Mechano to Scree Fron makes it unlikely that its Mechano.
It seems to me that the Formad Cluster is a good possibility for sathar incursions into the Rim but they need a Vector into Zebulon that does not go directly through Capella. That would need to be the unexplored system south east of Capella.

#3 Prengular, Fromeltar, Kisk Kar, k'tsa Kar all have vectors for Sathar attack. With the exception of Prengular these system on the Vrusk/dralasite Loop. A central location with a view to these systems is the Ebony Eyes twin black hole system(see the dragon article) It also has a view of White Light system which the Warriors of White Light module tells us that the sathar have entered a few times. From Ebony Eyes system it could be possible to long jump to Prengular or Hop Scotch through the uninhabitable South of Madderly's star to Reach Prengular.

I believe that the vector to jump to Ebony Eyes is through Solar Major and that the sathar have missed K'aken Kar altogether.

#4 Since the Sathar trashed the Zebulon syste 900 years before the Frontier was settled I'm thining that they also explored all these jump routes back then too or at least some time between then and now.

Good New for the yazirians is that the Great Expanse seems to form a natural barrier and the Sathar dont come from that direction.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!