The News Virus

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September 4, 2011 - 10:40pm
Company X ask the players to investigate false claims found on galactic-pedia network. The characters travel to news agency, speak to someone in charge. They are given a digital file that was sent to the news agency. Once back at HQ they open the file to track its source. The file uploads a virus into the company’s computer network. The virus could do many things, here are some suggestions. 
  • Shut down company network causing loss of money
  • Steal secrets
  • Transmit false data
  • Take over banking accounts, transfer money
  • Spread, cause general havoc
Twist – if the players do not open the file for review, have a lab tech run diagnostics. Once the virus is loose the characters are charged with attacking corporate resources. They must find the true author of the virus and find evidence of their innocence, all the while dodging their corporation.