Meet Me at the Easy

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July 23, 2011 - 8:43pm
This is a work space thread where I'll just be jotting ideas as they come to me feel free to spout off, critique or suggest ideas.

Basic idea is to develop a few adventure encounters centered around the sites I developed from the as yet unpublished Laco article  but most of the material for that was drawn from here:

Setting is Mo's Easy, originally just a bar in the middle of no-where but now a small settlement in the middle of no-where. Well that statement isn't exactly correct. First there was a Royal Marine encampment here at the time of the First Sathar War just before they drew the sathar out of their trenches around the tetrarch ruins and destroyed them on the Battle Plain in the shadow of the pyramids. Then it was a Streel forward supply depot and base during Laco War. It was not long after that that Big Mo a dralasite rumored to have been a mercenary who fought for both sides in the corporate war opened Mo's Easy. The bar and the first buildings of this settlement were all temporary buildings left behind by Merco and Streel. Some limited new construction has gone on but most of it was cargo containers brought in by suttle and latter separated into individual rooms with doors and windows cut into the outer skin of the container.

Mo's Easy is located on a plateau on the edge of Devil's Basin. The canyons of Devil Basin are rumored to be the hide out of a pirate band. The Easy is also 34 Km from the tetrarch ruins (pretty much in the opposite direction from Devil's Basin. Doting the Plateau around Mo's Easy is a handful of mooring blocks used for mooring landed ships against the effects of the weather (sand storms and dust devils).

Mo's Easy is not on the list of stops for any organized tours. Its a hive of criminal activity.
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July 24, 2011 - 9:07am
A doodle Pad of plot ideas (RE: )

1. A Port In the Strom:
PC's group are travelling (probably to the tetrarch ruins) and a sand storm springs up. If they hunker down in their vehicle to wait out the storm have it go on for 12 hours, a day, just keep drawing out the time period till it seems that the payers are fustrated with the storm then allow an explorer vehicle to go by them (they hear it and possibly someone was looking out a window and saw it coming). Its moving at 20-30km speed and obviously going somewhere. ask them if they want to follow (they can still see the lights). The explorer is driven by a wild cat prospector and headed to Mo's Easy. Normally he would have stayed hunkered down himself but his pet flute flutter is injured to 0 STA and unconscious- he's hoping someone at Mo's Easy can help. The Storm is going to be a prolonged multi day storm with periods that will injure people attempting to stay out side during it, as per the rules for sand storms, and periods where they can run from vehicle to building or building to building.

The idea behind a port in the storm sort of encounter is that the "port" seems to be a safe haven from the storm but there is something there that can imperil the party. What sort of things could be there?

A. smuggler discovered secret cache of torpedoes left over from corporate war and has invited various interested parties for an auction. Not much adventure here for the PCs as they wont have much incentive to get invovled.

B. Something is killing people: classic horror film plot. What is it? Serial killer? Sathar suddenly released from his stasis module by an artifact raider who discovered a cache of sathar equipment left since 1SW. Perhaps the sathar is using hypnosis to get people to do his killing. This could equally be a xenomorph alien (like Alien the movie) or something else.

2. Better Late then Never
PC's arrive at Mo's EAsy and something is happening (explosions, fire, shooting, women wailing for their shot husband, etc) they go to investigate and the bad guys, pirates, steal their conveyance and make off into Devil's Basin headed to the canyon with their secret hideout.

3. Breaking and Entering
PCs propositioned to steal something- from pirates, from archaeologist, from PGC's corporate head quarters.

4. Clearing the Hex
Citizens of Mo's Easy have been plagued by the wild life- Lacosian Hounds and the Mawe and their offering a bounty for both creatures.

5. Delver's Delight
PCs have come to Mo's Easy for a drink and crusty old crazy guy says he's got a line on a treasure and will sell the information to them. It could be an unknown set of ruins or even an wrecked explorer at the bottum of a revine filled with stolen artifacts by the smuggler who died at the wheel.

6. Escort Service
PCs are hired by an scientist type to get him and his package safely to a star port and off this rock. thieves, pirates and other scum want the package.

7. I Beg Your Pardon
PCs have arrived in town and are suddenly attacked. Attacker's group is here to purchase something from smuggler and doesn't want to take a chance with competitors (assumes the PCs are).

8. Manhunt:
Wife wants her husband found- he's been lost in Devils Basin and overdue for a week now.

9. Ounce of Prevention
PCs are at Mo's Easy having a drink and overhear that a local smuggler is planning a raid of the archaeological site at the ruins to make off with the assembled artifacts. (works is PCs are part of the team working at the ruins)

10. Recent Ruins

The University of Zebulon's base camp at the ruins is suddenly empty- people all dead or missing. PCs need to investigate.

11. Troublemakers

A Pirate shuttle has just landed at Mo's Easy and the pirates are acting like pirates painting the town red. Trouble ensues.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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June 10, 2012 - 10:38am
These ideas can be used to expand chapter 2 of Mooks without Number
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!