Icarus Station, Solar Minor

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April 28, 2011 - 12:08pm
The name is a misnomer in that I need to come up with one yet
this thread is the fruit of a brainstorming thread:

plan is to work up a detailed bit of setting focused on the space stations in Solar Minor (F8)
Prevalent Race
Artificial Statellites
 Circe H/V Light A 1.0 20 RRS, ASS
 Ulysseus M
 Kir'-Kut H/V Light I 1.2 18 TS None 

Circe and Kir'-Kut were founded as mega-corp planets by SynthCorp for the purpose of experimenting with foodstuffs required by Humans and Vrusk.

SynthCorp provides the vast amount of natural and synthetic food, beverages, and over the counter pharmaceutical needs to the Frontier. It owns many agricultural co-ops, vast manufacturing facilities, and dozens of laboratories. Almost all independent agricultural and dairy operations deal with SynthCorp. Amazingly, they are all on very good terms and SynthCorp has the best reputation for fairness and quality of any mega Corp.
Headquarters: Synthtown, Inner Reach, Dramune
Chief Executive: Krondot (dralasite)
Subsidiaries: ByChem, thousands of small and middle sized companies

SynthCorp officers in charge in this system should be dralasites

With names like Circe and Ulysseus I'd expect that the discoverer and first human colonist were from Minotaur, Theseus which is 1 jump away.

Some of the same Vrusk Trade Houses from Dark Side of the Moon module are no doubt active here and even KLF terrorist group aught to have at least 1 cell or contact here.

Waller Nexus is 8 LY to the Galactic South; Liberty is 10 LT to the Galactice South by Southeast, and Sathar outpost #1 is 13 LY to the Galactic Northeast through the White Light Nebula

Need to decide if The ASS and the RSS are actually one station but just multiple rings around the same core. Name for the station runabout (a small priveteer ship) will be Dadelous (of Icarus and Dadelous fame)
if the RRS station is separate from the ASS then it could be named Xanidu- which would make a good name for a pleasure resort.

Trade station over Kir'-kut will need a name too.

The Big question will be, Is the Beyond the Frontier campaign future or past? I suppose its possible to write the material open ended to allow each GM to do what he will with that.

I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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April 28, 2011 - 4:43pm
I think for simplicity sake, Icarus Station should encompass both the armed space station and the rest and recreation station as two wheels on a single core. Since the station is to be called Icarus Station and the planet Circe has an agricultural economy I think that Circe should be closer to the star to make the planet like a green house- warm enough to kick start growing things but not too warm.

Kir'-Kut would still be in the habitable zone but colder thus the industrial code on its economy. Likely that SynthCorp does have some specialized ag domes and research centers there but the focus is on manufacturing of synthetic and refined natural products.

While the corporation's headquarters is in Dramune, this system will be managed by an important EVP since this star system represents SynthCorp's attempt to jump on the Corporate Owned system after PGC and Streel did so famously. The EVP in charge of corporate operations will be a dralasite.

Up till now I've viewed the trend of corporate owned systems as problematic- what are the rights of the inhabitants in a corporate system, who represents the corporate system on the Council of Worlds? I believe the inhabitants of the Frontier would have viewed with alarm the rapid establishment of corporate systems. New laws would have resulted demanding the right of determination for natives of a system, at least systems over outpost levels of population.

In addition, the comment, "SynthCorp has the best reputation for fairness and quality of any mega Corp". I think they will welcome self determination for the population of the system do divest themselves of financial responsibilities to provide basic services. No doubt significant infrastructure is still owned by the corporation, like star ports and space stations. Yet even here they may have leased out portions of the stations, like the RSS portion of the main station could be leased out to Star Play enterprises. after the discovery of Liberty system and the sathar being in this neck of the woods they may have signed over portions of the station to Space Fleet.

Basicly, I'm envisioning a patch work of authority in system. A civilian government, SynthCorp, some Space Fleet presence, Star Play corp (corporate security that is only concerned with the hotels, casinos and other attractions), A Star Law marshal or two.

Civilian Government: Type: ? not sure what it should be but needs to be something that can handle governing of 2 worlds- likely some form of democracy or oligarchy. Though the stations belong to SynthCorp the system government posts a "sheriff" to the stations. The position has little responsibility. Mainly the sherrif will interfer with corporate security during fellony investigations, advising and supervising and acting like he's the king fish, though that is not explicitly spelled out in the laws that he is the king fish.

SythCorp: a benevalent mega corp and major employer. Has maneuvered to shuffle off some security responsibilities on Space Fleet, basic service on the civilian government and arranged for favorable tax and legal environment for itself. Despite this maneuvering its image remains possitive and still commands a lot of respect having a good relationship with the local government. SynthCorp has heavily invested in Tachton's robotics and automation on many of its farms, factories and the stations. There is a whole host of robots that perform the menial police and security duties. In addition the corporation employs a small crack team (the PCs) to handle emergencies that may require creative thinking.

Star Play Security: only concerned with the reputation of their corporation and the smooth operation of their hotels and resorts. They dont want investigations to cause bad publicity and can be "un-helpful"

Space Fleet: may have depot on Icarus station and a dedicated ship birth for re-arming and minor repairs of ships HS6 and smaller. They'll have a laison officer on the station and a handful of techs and robots.

Star Law, will definetly have an office; 2-5 people but perhaps only 2 are marshals and the others are analyst and support. Star Law is only concerned with interstellar criminals and sathar agents so they wont pay much attention to station security.

The lack of a Militia: money is a factor here but Theseus has one of the largest militias in the Frontier 1 jump away and Space Fleet stages large patrol groups through the system all the time so while the station is armed, both the local government and SynthCorp are happy to let others shoulder the cost of defense. In reality the population of both planets is small and real military forces has not been neccessary.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!