Where are the Campaign models?

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March 20, 2011 - 10:18am
As those of you have noticed, I've spoken about several Campaign models that I've already created for this system, but have not uploaded them here. The reason is simple, The Project as it stands is in its infancy, and I feel that I shouldn't continue to use up precious space that can be used elsewhere like the Star Frontiers (URS) project if this project doesn't take off as I had hoped it would.

The core rulebooks in the project like everything else I've put up are complete works not just a brief synopsis of how to make the changes to existing material, so they tend to be rather large PDF files with 100+ pages of material, so putting up three or more huge PDF's that might not be snatched up by the project members if this project doesn't catch fire, is 3 more PDf files that I can upload in the growing Star Frontiers (URS) project which is at the moment more popular than this side project and believe me is going to be the biggest project hosted at the revival If I'm allowed to put up all the material I have envisioned to support that rules set.

So for that reason I'm holding off on releasing the other Campaign Material until we see how this side project goes. I'll still be uploading the Expanded rules for this set just to have the complete rules set available, but you'll have to wait on the rest like me until we see if this project picks up or not. so please dont be disgruntled material is being worked on so this project isn't dead, it's just a slow riser.
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