Dark Side of the Moon

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March 16, 2011 - 8:07am
William Douglas is currently working on this module.
I've updated the docment.
Content of Digitally Remastered project

Remastering Status

This page will help track the status of the Digtially Remastering project.

If you want to work on a task, update the box to contain your name.  When the Published column is filled, we're all done!!! Text files can be either uploaded to the Download sections of this project or sent directly to (tom at starfrontiers.info) and I'll add them.  When a task is done, let me know I can keep this chart updated.


Grammer &
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 AD Basic Rules        
 AD Expanded Rules        
KH TOM        
KH Campaign Book        
Zebulon's Guide        
Ref Screen/Assault on Starship Omicron        
SF0: Crash on Volturnus        
SF1: Volturnus, Planet of Mystery        
SF2: Starspawn of Volturnus        
SF3: Sundown on Starmist        
SF4: Mission to Alcazzar        
SFAD5: Bugs in the System        
SFAD6: Dark Side of the Moon William
SFKH0: Warriors of White Light        
SFKH1: Drammune Run    CJ    w00t    CJ/w00t    w00t
SFKH2: Mutiny on the Eleanor Moraes        
SFKH3: Face of the Enemy        
SFKH4: The War Machine        
2001 - A Space Odessey        
2010 - Odessey Two        

Note: There are several OCR scans found in the Port Loren Public Library project. 

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