What the game needs

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March 6, 2011 - 5:56pm
Just a random list of ideas

1. I'm guessing that fan written hit location and or ablative damage rules that people have promoted to me aught to be used. add a little bit of realism but also a little bit more lethality too

2. not 100% sure PSAs are the way to go

3. need to sit down with the boot hill list of weapons and work out a AD style conversion of it. adding all sorts of options to the projectile weapons table. Bows, knives, and spears will convert easily.

4. a nice re-write of the resolution rules to compile a nice document for download.

5. photos and artwork- I've got some nicely painted minis of cow boys and I'll have to produce some photos for diagrams to illustrate points in the rules sections

6. campaign and senario section- likely can rip off movies and the old Boot Hill modules- think I have an old Polygon issue with a Boot Hill scenario in it.

7. possibly some Wild Wild West/ steam punk additions for those interested in that or do a suppliment for that

Debating whether to make it a skirmish wargame instead of an RPG- this means that you only need about 6 or so scenarios and the skill system can be very rudimentary.
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March 31, 2011 - 8:58am
I don't have a Boot hill handy, but IIRC the damage numbers were all rather low since the hits that can be recived were rather static and not connected to a level of experiance?
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